Oregon citizens might return their lawless “sanctuary state” to a state that follows federal laws.

Oregon became one of the first states to publically proclaim it was protecting illegal aliens from arrest and deportation, but a ballot referendum to repeal that status will appear on the November ballot.

If passed, the ballot measure would repeal a 1987 law that prohibits law enforcement from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, backed the campaign that gathered 111,039 signatures by a July 6 deadline.

Despite being a liberal “blue” state, Oregon could witness the law being defeated in November, predicts FAIR spokesman Ira Mehlman.

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“Just a few years ago they managed to get an initiative on the ballot to repeal a driver’s license law that the state legislature and the then-governor signed into law,” he recalls. “And it actually never went into effect because it was voted down by more than two-thirds of the voters in the state of Oregon.”

Fox News reported in 2014 that “immigrant rights” groups outspent their opponents 10-1 to defend the state law but the ballot measure passed 66-34 to cancel the allowance for illegals.

“We’re talking about a solid blue state,” Mehlman says of that effort four years ago. “And it is not incomprehensible to think that they would also object to sanctuary policies that turn criminal aliens back onto the streets when they could be deported.”

OneNewsNow reported in an August 2 story that Portland’s mayor refused to send police officers to help at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in the city when far-left activists rioted outside the building in recent weeks.


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