Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blamed global warming for Hurricane Dorian and also implied Tuesday night that the storm was classist and racist.

The New York Democrat retweeted a video of the devastation the storm left behind in the Bahamas, where more than 10,000 homes were destroyed and five people killed.

“This is what climate change looks like: it hits vulnerable communities first,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

It was unclear how Dorian singled out “vulnerable communities” except in the sense that the Bahamas, like richer and whiter Florida, is geographically vulnerable to hurricanes. All of the Bahamas — rich and poor alike — was heavily damaged by the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded upon landfall.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez went on to acknowledge that people would criticize her for blaming the fourth named storm of the season — a below-average number by September — on global warming but said it didn’t matter because opposition to her Green New Deal will kill people.

“I can already hear climate deniers screeching: ‘It’s always been like this! You’re dim,’ etc. No. This is about science & leadership. We either decarbonize&cut emissions, or we don’t & let people die,” she claimed.

The attacks of “dim” came, focusing on a point scientists constantly make — that one cannot attribute specific events such as hurricanes or tornadoes (“weather”) to systemic “climate” change.

“Where are all the journalists who mock politicians for confusing weather and climate now? This is no better than a politician like Trump declaring that global warming is fake because of a cold streak, but AOC gets a pass because she has the right views,” lamented Twitter user “AG Conservative.”

Added Baylor Cook, the Content Director for the Trump Students Twitter account: “BREAKING: Hurricane hits coast first like it has for all of human history. Stop using a tragic event to push your climate change extremism. Your loud, ignorant assertions makes it hard to have an *actual* conversation on how to realistically address climate change.”

It’s also not the first time Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has blamed global warming for a specific and very precedented piece of weather.

In May, she blamed a tornado warning in Washington, D.C., on how “the climate crisis is real y’all … casual tornadoes in growing regions of the country.”

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