The Department of Justice laid down the hammer today, right? They’ve indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers. Oh, we’re closing in on President Trump’s inner circle, right? Nope. These twelve people will never be in a courtroom. The charges lobbed against them will never be fleshed out or argued before a judge.

Once again, the DOJ reiterated that no American in these indictments committed a crime, or that any of these actions altered the vote counts during the 2016 elections. Was there interference? Yes. I think that’s not up for debate, but was our 2016 election hacked (i.e. vote count totals being changed by infiltrating voting machines)? No, that never happened, though a lot of Democrats think so.

Russian interference occurred during the Obama administration—and they might have well have done nothing concerning retribution. CNN’s Jake Tapper even mentioned that given what we know now, the Obama White House was a “little asleep at the switch” (via Mediaite):

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