So it’s done.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a televised press conference with a message that surprised no one, said the Democrats are indeed going forward with impeachment.

The bigger surprise was her ability to keep a smile off her face while speaking of her love for the country and regard for the founders.

For any Democrat, that’s a remarkable feat. For Pelosi? For a pol like Pelosi who’s made a decades-long career out of tearing down the framers’ visions for the republic — who’s stretched a summer of resistance against this president into a three-plus years era of resistance? Well, for a pol like Pelosi, that’s simply breathtaking.

Quit-your-day-job-go-into-theater breathtaking.

“The president leaves us no choice but to act,” she said.

And by act, she means impeach.

What are the impeachable offenses?

Rabbit, meet magic hat. It’s whatever the House deems. Dontcha know.

But according to Pelosi, they seem to be something like “abusing power,” and “undermining national security” and “jeopardizing the integrity of our elections.” Yada yada, something, something.

The rest of the blanks will be filled in, presumably, probably, hopefully, at a date yet to be announced.

Hello 2010. We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill?

That was Pelosi on Obamacare.

We have to go forward with impeachment to find out what are the impeachable offenses — that’s Pelosi now on Impeach Trump.

“Sadly, with confidence,” she said.

“With allegiance to founders,” she said.

“With a heart full of love for America,” she said.

Democrats will “proceed with impeachment,” she said.

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Everybody wants to know when — and guesses range from before Christmas, to before the end of 2019, to sometime, perhaps, in February.

But really, the better guess is this: only when all the political capital is wrung from the impeachment cloth.

Democrats in the House know full well Republicans in the Senate aren’t going to convict. So they’re simply going to test political winds and sail impeach, impeach, impeach as a partisan message only so long as they can use it for political advantage.

When the funders tell them stop — they’ll stop.

When the voters vote them out — they’ll stop.

In the meanwhile, the American people will have to suffer the feigning of Democrats as they pretend love of country, somber regard for the Constitution, respect for founders and framers and — get this — unbiased and fair treatment of President Donald Trump. And every other bit of legislation or policy proposal that’s been on hold?

Oh well to all that.

Nothing else will get done, until Democrats get their impeachment win — or lose money or seats in the process.

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