Conservative radio host Mark Levin said the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report had the practical effect of exposing a different kind of “collusion” between “the Democratic Party, the media and the Obama administration.”

Mr. Levin excoriated the media this week after it was announced that no collusion happened between President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

“You have collusion — between the Democratic Party, the media and the Obama administration,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday evening.

“The Democratic Party is not a pro-American party,” he said. “They lost an election, they act like a Third World party. They want to destroy the president and the presidency. Listen to their candidates: anti-American, anti-capitalism, anti-liberty, anti-security, anti-immigration. This is the problem and the media is the mouthpiece.”

Mr. Levin who served as chief of staff to Ed Meese, President Reagan’s second attorney general, then turned his attention to Mr. Mueller.

“Did Bob Mueller subpoena the president of the United States to appear before a grand jury over obstruction? No, he didn’t,” he said. “Did Bob Mueller go into any court in this country to try and adjudicate the issue of obstruction? No, he didn’t. I keep hearing it said: ‘You either charge or you don’t.’ He didn’t. That’s the point. He didn’t charge on obstruction because there was no obstruction.”

Mr. Levin said that investigators were given leeway to “spent whatever money they wanted to spend,” and go “all over the world,” yet still failed to find evidence of collusion.

“It is time to focus on the Democrats in the House,” he said. “It is time to focus on the media and the Hillary campaign, the DNC, Barack Obama. This was Barack Obama’s government that did all this when the Russians were interfering with our election. … [The Obama administration] went after the candidate of the opposition party. They abused the FISA court system. They used opposition research!”

Democrats are now calling for the full report to be released to the public.

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