Salon contributor Amanda Marcotte says Americans need to be on guard for the random “Merry Christmas” greeting in “Trump’s America” because it serves as code for “F— you.”

The left-wing publication’s op-ed, titled “In Trump’s America ‘Christian’ is no longer a religious faith — it’s white identity politics,” lamented the consistent support for President Trump among right-leaning Christians.

Ms. Marcotte used the reaction among evangelicals to a Christianity Today piece critical of the president to make the following case: “Anyone who defends Trump’s criminality at this point is not acting out of spiritual integrity, but the opposite — they’re people who have abandoned any semblance of morality or decency in their lust for power.”

The writer added that negative feedback to a previous Salon piece, “How Donald Trump Stole Christmas,” was further proof that “these people are taking what they supposedly believe is the birth celebration of their lord and savior and using it as a hurtful weapon.”

She then accused Fox News of spreading lies and warping its audience’s behavior.

“Conservatives have increasingly embraced the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ to mean, basically, ‘F— you’ to anyone that they’ve deemed less than legitimate Americans,” she wrote Monday.

The media watchdog NewsBusters rejected the idea.

“Talk about the man living rent-free in this lefty journo’s head,” the website’s Gabriel Hays wrote Monday. “Of course Marcotte played the victim even though she was the one who bashed the holiday she loathed, and the people who celebrate it. … So Marcotte can openly smear Christians and Trump supporters but not be able to handle the pushback? Guess we’re getting some snowflakes this Christmas.”

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