MSNBC host Joy Reid warned Tuesday that “wealthy, white Christian” Americans will use the South African apartheid model to stay in power.

“No country is an eternal democracy,” the “AM Joy” host said during a panel discussion in Washington, according to a clip highlighted by Grabien editor Tom Elliott.

“Democracy is extremely fragile, and multiracial democracy is so fragile we’re practically the only one that’s pulled it off,” she said.

Ms. Reid made the comments during a panel on “Civic Participation in an Age of Democratic Peril” at an event for the American Federation of Teachers union that featured keynote speaker Hillary Clinton.

During the discussion, Ms. Reid credited her father, who grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and her mother, who grew up in British Guiana (now Guyana), for giving her a more realistic view of minority rule in America and the dangers of tribal leadership.

She said, “When you have a very determined minority, in this case, wealthy white men and wealthy, white Christian men and Christian Americans who are of the fundamentalist variety, who are very clear that no matter what happens if they have to pull the South Africa model to maintain power forever they will do it, and they’re not afraid of it and they’re increasingly open about it.

“And Donald Trump is merely the avatar for this, he didn’t create it, he simply benefited from it,” she continued. “I think the sooner that the majority, the actual numerical majority in this country figures that out and stop treating these elections as just foregone conclusions that you can fix it with just a simple election and that it will be free and fair, the sooner that we will wake up and actually have majority rule in this country.”

Fox News notes this isn’t the first time Ms. Reid has used the word “apartheid” to criticize Republicans. In July, she tweeted the term to describe the Trump administration’s treatment of illegal immigrants.

This is apartheid.
— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) July 25, 2019

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