The GOP ruling class is thunderstruck. Dumbstruck. And flailing. The one thing they should get down on their knees and be grateful for, they resent. Petulantly.

The Reagan Democrats are back and they love Trump. Trump’s popularity in blue states is giving him added horsepower, and is making him unstoppable.

The Republican intelligentsia hates this.

Conservative ideologues cringe at the thought of Trump — uncouth, unprincipled, unrefined. He won’t be wearing a bowtie to their CPAC post-parties.

In cahoots with their fellow Georgetown cigar bar dwellers in the media, they did their best to stop him.

They called him a rapist, a racist, a sexist. They made connections to Nazis, Mussolini and “Fat Tony” Salerno.

In recent days, they transformed their establishment candidate of choice — safe, wet-behind-the-ears Marco Rubio — into a third-rate Andrew Dice Clay who tossed his usual stump speech and took to dissing Trump about his “small hands” and spray tan, as he tried, pathetically, to trump Trump with his own lame version of Trumpisms. Rubio’s “Shecky” act included everything short of “Yo Mama” jokes.

In the wake of Super Tuesday, it’s going to be curtains for Rubio and the establishment, and encore time for Donald Trump.

Expect Hillary Clinton to pick up the GOP establishment’s banner and position herself as mankind’s only chance to stop the hated Donald.

The current phenomenon does not bode well for her, though. The more Trump is attacked and piled on by conventional pols — the ones on both sides of the aisle who have let down the voters again and again — the more popular he gets.

It may look like the world against Trump. But we’ll see that in fact the world — the real world — is with him.


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