Talkers Magazine — a primary industry source for the talk radio realm — has issued the “Heavy Hundred,” an annual list naming the most important talk radio hosts in America. The emphasis is on “important,” the judges say. The news organization bases judgment calls on a mix of factors which include courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent and uniqueness.

The talent pool is huge. There are literally thousands of hosts around the nation, from syndicated national heavyweights to those laboring in “relative obscurity.” They hail from AM, FM and satellite outlets — but all must have a regularly scheduled professional show to be considered.

“Our editorial staff works very hard to consider all of the numerous personalities who qualify, and then whittle it down to just 100 — a difficult task. This list is admittedly subjective to one degree or another but we take the task very seriously,” says Kevin Casey, executive editor of Talkers Magazine.

Without further static, here are the top 20, and some selections from further down the list.

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In first place is Sean Hannity with Rush Limbaugh in second. Dave Ramsey is No. 3, followed by Mark Levin, Howard Stern, Michael Savage, Joe Madison, Laura Ingraham, Thom Hartmann and Mike Gallagher to round out the top 10.

Then it’s on to Glenn Beck in 11th place, followed by George Noory, Michael Berry, Joe Pagliarulo, Lars Larson, Howie Carr, Brian Kilmeade, Hugh Hewitt, Jim Bohannon and Dana Loesch in 20th place.

Further down the line is Alex Jones at No. 26, Larry O’Connor — a columnist for The Washington Times, is 29th. Michael Medved is found at No. 33, Dennis Prager is at 35. Former presidential hopeful Herman Cain is at No. 55, National Public Radio’s Terry Gross is at 58. Former “Saturday Night Live” star Joe Piscopo is No. 69, Larry Elder is at 71 and Aaron Klein is 100th.


“Deep Media.”

Behold, a handy new term put in use by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to designate those news organizations which appear sympathetic or cooperative with the “deep state.” Mr. Limbaugh used the term Monday while addressing the ongoing Russian collusion investigation, and whether it affected the 2016 presidential election.

“There isn’t a shred of evidence for it. And everybody except the deep state, the deep media, some in the Republican Party — to this day there are Republicans that believe the Russians colluded, the Russians hacked. I mean, to the extent that they were able to shape the outcome of the election, I simply don’t believe it’s possible,” Mr. Limbaugh said.


A moment of truth for the national Libertarian Party, which has reclaimed its most important founding document.

Libertarian National Chairman Nicholas Sarwark reports that the original “Statement of Principles,” typewritten on plain paper by John Hospers at the party’s first convention surfaced in an unlikely place.

“The existence of this original document was unknown until it turned up on an eBay listing, was purchased by a Libertarian Party member, and then donated to the party,” Mr. Sarwark says.

“The seller said that her parents were early activists in the California LP and as she was disposing of their estate she found this document hidden behind a framed picture of Ayn Rand, where it has likely been for decades,” he continues.

The simple document has since been properly framed and will be on display at the 2018 Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans next month, then returned to the party’s headquarters just outside the nation’s capital for safekeeping.


Best-selling author and talk radio host Eric Metaxas believes that the press deliberately chooses not to understand or accept President Trump’s style of communicating or use of language, parsing every single syllable.

“I think that the secular mainstream media has willfully insisted on reading him that way,” Mr. Metaxas told PJ Media.”They’re almost in love with being unable to understand him.”

The practice does much, the author said, to drive dangerous polarization, or rob Americans from hearing good news about their nation. He also suggests Mr. Trump wield his folksiness with care — and predicts he’ll do just that.

“I remember the viciousness toward Ronald Reagan — it was vicious. I remember the viciousness toward George W. Bush,” Mr. Metaxas added. “None of that can even compare to the way Trump has been treated by the media.”


“The Democratic National Committee DNC has just posted its worst April of fundraising in a midterm year since 2006, ensuring the Democratic Party’s money woes will extend into the 2018 elections,” notes Michael Ahrens, the rapid response director for the Republican National Committee.

How much money are we talking here? The Republican National Committee raised $13 million in April, has a record-breaking $184.5 million in the treasure chest and no debt. The Democrats raised $7.9 million, have raised $95.6 million and have $5.3 million in debt.

The GOP, meanwhile, is set to invest $250 million on their midterm election strategy and made 15 million voter contacts, according to committee chair Ronna Romney McDaniel.

“We’re preparing for a battle,” she told the GOP’s spring meeting earlier this month.


• 57 percent of U.S. voters say that China is an “economic threat” to the U.S.; 64 percent of Republicans, 53 percent of independents and 56 percent of Democrats agree.

• 19 percent overall say China is not an economic threat; 19 percent of Republicans, 18 percent of independents and 21 percent of Democrats agree.

• 40 percent overall say that China is a “military threat” to the U.S.; 46 percent of Republicans, 37 percent of independents and 37 percent of Democrats agree.

• 34 percent overall say China is not a military threat; 34 percent of Republicans, 30 percent of independents and 38 percent of Democrats agree.

• 26 percent overall don’t know if China is a military threat; 20 percent of Republicans, 34 percent of independents and 25 percent of Democrats agree.

Source: A Morning Consult/Politico poll of 1,992 registered U.S. voters conducted May 3-5 and released Tuesday.

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