Eric Holder — unbelievably — just slammed Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee who ended their investigation of Russia election shenanigans with a No Collusion conclusion as political beasts who set aside the truth for partisan reasons.

And all the comedians at “Saturday Night Live” go — we have our next skit!

Could Holder be any more of a political beast — and particularly egregiously so while serving as a supposed non-biased, nonpolitical, nonpartisan attorney general of the United States?

Here’s what Holder said, via Twitter, after House Intelligence Committee Republicans released their panel’s 150-page report on the Russia-President Donald Trump collusion allegations that have been swirling for more than a year — the report that concluded nothing to see here folks, go home: “Republican House Intell Comm shut down Russia probe before doing a complete job. This is a coverup and a lasting stain on the reputation of what used to be a bipartisan Committee when it was run by Republican [Mike] Rogers and Democrat [Dutch] Ruppersberger.”

What’s most interesting about the statement is that it comes from Holder, the king of lasting political stains of ill repute.

This is the same Holder of Fast and Furious gunwalking fame — the failed Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gun-tracking operation that resulted in the death of a Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ultimately, congressional contempt charges for Holder.

The same Holder of secret phone-record-seizing fame — the egregious Justice Department grab of two months’ worth of Associated Press reporters’ and editors’ telephone data.

The same Holder who called out Fox News’ James Rosen as an “aider and abetter and/or co-conspirator” to North Korea after secretly tracking the correspondent’s communications — spying on him, really.

Yet Holder has the gall to accuse Republicans of partisanship and politicking?

“Politics beat a desire for the truth,” he also tweeted.

Well, you know what? That’s a strange statement from someone whose own past seems to indicate a pure disdain for truth, a sure contempt for law and order, an utter failure to uphold and provide a stain-free governance.

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