Much hay has been made over the last several weeks out of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “momentum” in the 2020 Democratic primary. Left-wing party activists have been swooning and dusting off their “She Persisted!” memes, but a theoretically softball interview that went disastrously awry at the end of May should remind voters of her obvious weaknesses.

Maybe that’s why the senator’s “surge” into a weak third place, far behind two elderly white men, has leveled off and she’s currently battling it out in the high single-digits with Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris to be considered the official second runner-up.

Warren’s polling numbers started ticking up in early May, earning her headlines like “New national polls suggest Warren gaining momentum in presidential race,” (The Boston Globe, May 1, 2019) and “Warren shows signs of momentum after slow start,” (The Hill, May 3, 2019).

Breathless Democrats credited her continuous stream of extreme policy proposals for her slight rise in the race: Green New Deal, a wealth tax, reparations, free college, loan forgiveness, free daycare and preschool, Medicare for all, and the list goes on.

Liz continued to desperately court media attention in the following days, very publicly turning down an invitation to appear on Fox News, calling them a “hate-for-profit racket.” Vox news and Twitter blue-checks gushed over her manufactured viral moments, with one Vox headline in late May claiming that “‘Elizabeth Warren called me!’ is turning into a Twitter meme.”

As the kids say, “Narrator: ‘It’s not.'”

Daily Intelligencer staffers even published a whole discussion in which they wonder hopefully, “Is Elizabeth Warren a Serious Contender After All?”

This is all pure progressive wish-fulfillment. And all it took to expose the farce was one skeptical host on a hip-hop morning radio show who happened to ask Warren an obvious question about her past claims to Native American heritage.

Clearly Warren expected a friendly reception for her litany of policies, and she got one, but somehow she was still stymied by the same queries she’s been getting since her Native American claims were first reported by the Boston Herald’s Hillary Chabot in 2012.

Host Charlamagne tha God of the show The Breakfast Club apparently totally stumped Warren by bringing up the story again, asking her when she found out she wasn’t a Native American (a fair question, since she posted a whole video about being really, truly Native American just a few months ago,) and finally comparing her to disgraced racial activist Rachel Dolezal, who famously pretended to be black.

“You’re kind of like the original Rachel Dolezal, a little bit,” the host told the stunned senator.

Charlamagne tha God managed to do the vetting that seems to escape most of the professional pundit class, and expose the real Elizabeth Warren with just a few pointed remarks. Elizabeth Warren may “have a plan for that” but her plans aren’t running for president, she is.

And who she is is a thin-skinned, aloof attorney who traded for years on pretended ancestry and has now failed repeatedly to produce any sort of explanation or meaningful apology for her behavior.

Her dogged persistence may be enough to squeak into third place, but it will not be enough to get her to the White House.


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