If she can bear the thought of heeding a Republican’s sound advice, it would behoove Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to, in Abraham Lincoln’s words, remain silent and be thought a fool than open her mouth and remove all doubt.

One of the most discouraging political spectacles of recent times has been watching this New York rep’s meteoric rise from tending bar in the Bronx to lambasting Congress at the age of 29.

Now she’s on a kick to abolish the Electoral College, alleging it’s a racist scam. Please, someone needs to tell her she’s embarrassing herself, though it’s unlikely she’d listen. Why listen when you’re convinced you already have all of the answers?

Too bad she couldn’t have met the late Kevin Cassidy, a great friend here who could have given her a wonderful example of what the Electoral College means to voters who would otherwise be disenfranchised.

Kevin was a veteran of Vietnam, a political conservative who always felt marginalized here in Massachusetts, where left-wing loopiness seemed to always prevail.

Upon his retirement as a letter carrier he bought a rustic farmhouse high in the mountains of New Hampshire, where he would experience one of his greatest thrills on that November night in 2000 when George W. Bush and Al Gore were virtually tied as the presidential votes were tallied.

“I’m watching the returns,” he said, calling near midnight to share his excitement. “Bush is ahead, then Gore is ahead, and then — boom! — they give New Hampshire’s four electoral votes to Bush!

“That’s all we had, just four, but without them Bush wouldn’t have reached the magic number of 270.

“My vote mattered! Take away the Electoral College and people like me wouldn’t have mattered. Places like Pennsylvania, California and Texas would have called the shots.

“I’ve been studying the maps all night and it seems the whole center of the country, all across the heartland, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Idaho, voted the way I did. This is where our farms are; these people go out and break their backs every day.

“Take away the Electoral College and no one would have cared about people like them, people like me.”

And so it was that in one of this country’s most historic races — a race in which Florida’s “hanging chads” played a key role, remember? — Kevin Cassidy’s vote was heard.

The letter carrier’s opinion mattered, thanks to a system Ocasio-Cortez insists is a racial scam.

What a joke she is.

The bad news is, the joke’s on us.


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