For a party that claims to want to reach out and appeal to the faith-based voters who abandoned them in 2016 and voted for Donald Trump, the Democrats have done a pretty good job offending and mocking those same Americans for offering prayers to the victims of this week’s mass shooting in Broward County, FL.

The constant refrain of “thoughts and prayers aren’t enough” and “thoughts and prayers do nothing” came raining down on cable news and social media within the first hour of Wednesday’s shooting. While students were still trapped in their school and bleeding out on their classroom floors, Democrats couldn’t wait to ignorantly shame people of faith in an effort to push their anti-2nd Amendment legislative agenda.

Let’s clear a few things up about “thoughts and prayers” after a tragic event.

First, we are actually offering our prayers. The politically correct culture that has been thrust upon us over the past several decades have forced us to say “thoughts and prayers” rather than just offering our prayers because, apparently, atheists felt like they weren’t included in our sympathy by our prayers. Never mind the fact that we Christians often pray for non-believers, we were shamed into adding “thoughts” to our prayers so we accommodated.

Now, about those prayers. When Democrats scream “thoughts and prayers do nothing” they are implying that we Christians are so stupid that we believe that if God hears enough of our prayers he will push a magic button and stop all gun violence in America.

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It may surprise you that we are not actually praying to stop gun violence and we are not praying to stop murder and we are not praying to prevent further mass shootings. That’s not what the prayers are about at all.

When a tragic event happens we pray so that those who are dealing with grief might find comfort. When innocent lives are lost we are praying for the souls of the victims. When survivors are still living in fear and will be spending months or years overcoming the physical, mental and emotional trauma associated with the horrible event, we are praying for their recovery and their strength.

We are not, let me repeat this, we are not praying to stop future murders. That kind of prayer would demonstrate an ignorant and unbiblical understanding of what prayer is for, what it accomplishes, and God’s role in our lives here on earth.

Which perfectly explains why Democrats and liberals continue to get it wrong.

Actually, prayers do a lot. And when you proclaim loudly that prayers do nothing or that prayers are not enough, you are not only offending every faith-based American who relies on prayer to get through the challenges we face every day, you also display your total ignorance of us and our culture.

And despite the insults that you continue to hurl at us, we will continue to pray for you. That’s just how we are.

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