With a population of 1.14 million, Fairfax County, Virginia is the largest county in the Washington DC metropolitan area. It is the home of government workers, administration officials, media personalities and, lately hordes of MS-13 gang members.

Tuesday Fairfax County chose the MS-13 gang members and other criminals who have systematically and routinely broken immigration laws as well as other laws in the county over the legal, law-abiding citizens of the Northern Virginia enclave. And, the politicians responsible for the move appear to be pretty proud of their move:

Sheriff Stacey A. Kincaid said her department will still share information on people booked into the jail with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But it will not hold them beyond their regular release time, she said. She gave ICE 120 days’ notice, meaning the new refusal policy will kick in May 23.

“We found it expedient to no longer have an agreement that required us to extend our resources beyond these obligations,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Kincaid is a Democrat.

This is not the first time Fairfax has flirted with the idea of “sanctuary” policy. Just last year the county danced right up to the line of declaring themselves a sanctuary county and then, in light of several high-profile gang-related deaths in the area, decided against it.

The move is clearly a brazen political attack on the Trump Administration and an intentional smack in the face of all residents who wish to have basic law and order enforced in their neighborhoods. After all, that’s exactly why they pay their taxes.

There will be cries from activists that more needs to be done in Fairfax to “protect” illegal aliens from deportation. Indeed, activists yesterday showed typical ingratitude by demanding more.

“This is a victory for the immigrant residents in Fairfax County,” said Michelle LaRue, director of the Virginia office for CASA, a major immigrant-rights advocate. “This is step in the right direction and a way to restore trust within the immigrant community.”

But let’s be clear here: This is a victory for criminals, pure and simple.

This has nothing to do with the bogus arguments promulgated by illegal alien activists who claim that sanctuary status provides a safe place for illegal aliens to interact with law enforcement without the fear of deportation. This has, literally, nothing to do with that.

The Fairfax County Sheriff has decided to not cooperate with ICE with regard to illegal aliens who are in custody for committing other crimes having nothing to do with immigration. When an illegal alien is arrested for solicitation or drug crimes or shoplifting or grand larceny, they will be released rather than handed over to ICE.

The Sheriff of Fairfax County is protecting criminals. At the expense of law-abiding citizens. In other words, Sheriff Kincaid is a rising star in the Democratic Party. Next stop, the United States Senate.

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