ike President Trump, the conservative brand — the identity, traits and causes of those who espouse this ideology — has been under attack by the news media, along with liberal pundits and educators, Hollywood, progressive strategists and PR shops. This relentless team has created a negative shorthand about conservatives that suggests they are heartless, archaic, racist, etc. — and it has reinforced the rigid polarization between Americans.

Well, yes. Should conservatives adopt efficient lettered coding to designate themselves, like other communities? “LGBTQ” comes to mind. Just imagine: Start with master C for conservative, then embellish with FC (fiscal conservative), PL (pro-life), P (patriot), SA (Second Amendment), TV (traditional values), MAGA (Trump fan), SD (strong defense), TP (tea party), SG (small government), LL (libertarian leaner), CC (compassionate conservative), and so forth and so on. So are you a CPLSACC with a little SG?

Others, however, have suggestions for pushing back against the monolithic conservative image.

“The word ‘conservative’ or ‘conservatism’ has, as a brand, been destroyed. I see evidence of it every day when I endeavor to read things in non-conservative media and elsewhere. And it’s shocking. It is literally shocking. And it’s beyond my ability to comprehend what people out there, particularly college students, literally think when they hear the word ‘conservative,'” Rush Limbaugh told his 14 million listeners, suggesting a moratorium on the “conservative” label because so many people are conditioned to shut down with alarm when they encounter the dreaded conservative.

“My thought is to stop using the term. Stop describing yourself as a conservative, proudly or otherwise. Don’t label yourself at all,” he advised. “If instead of being seen as a conservative because you never identify yourself as such, you instead focus on solving problems. The left is obsessed with problems. They genuinely don’t solve them.

“Most people want problems solved, and conservatism is actually about that. It’s about solving poverty. It’s about solving racism. It’s about solving bigotry. But look at what the branding has said of conservatism, that conservatism is racism, that it is bigotry, that it is bias, that it is discrimination. Yet the truth is, we want to solve all those problems. We want to wipe them out. We want a color-blind society. We want everybody to be as content and happy as they can be. We want everybody, as many people as possible, realizing their human potential,” Mr. Limbaugh noted.

He also had a clarification.

“I never said back down, and I never said not to get in their face. I simply said do not use a term to describe yourself that makes it impossible to have any kind of solution with these people. That’s all. I’m not saying don’t be a conservative,” he told an irate caller.

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