The federal government has been infiltrated by socialists and communists, but don’t take Joseph McCarthy’s word for it — ask Government Accountability Office auditor Natarajan Subramanian.

In a Project Veritas undercover video released Thursday, Mr. Subramanian, a self-identified communist and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, said he works on DSA projects during work hours as part of the anti-Trump resistance.

He also said he’s hardly the only DSA member employed by the federal government.

“A number of DSA people are federal employees,” he said on the video. “Like, a fair number of our chapter is just because it’s the biggest in the area.”

He added, “You see people from various agencies, usually executive branch.” One of his DSA colleagues is a Defense Department contractor.

“I have a friend who works as a contractor for the DOD, and he has a TS [Top Secret] clearance, and he’s really active in DSA,” Mr. Subramanian said, adding that his friend works on Syria “war-planning stuff.”

He said government employees can resist administration policies by foot-dragging.

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“You can slowball things to a degree,” and while you might be disciplined, “you slowed them down for a certain period of time,” he said.

Who belongs to the DSA?

“We have a bunch of communists, no prefix, and that’s basically me,” Mr. Subramanian said. “We have some folks who are Trotskyists or Leninists.”

GAO spokesman Charles Young said Monday that the department planned to investigate the questions about Mr. Subramanian’s activism raised by the undercover sting.

“We are aware of the video and investigating the serious issues it raises, and we have also communicated with the Inspector General,” Mr. Young said in an email.

Mr. Subramanian’s work for the the Metro DC DSA, a political organization that endorses candidates, would appear to violate rules that bar federal employees from working on political causes, much less engaging in activism during office hours.

Socialism is a constant struggle, one that must be accompanied by an anti-imperialist fight. As Americans, we must doubly keep this in mind as US imperialism constantly threatens democracy around the world.
— Metro DC DSA (@mdc_dsa) September 11, 2018

Mr. Subramanian said his union and some coworkers are aware of his DSA activism, and they’re “big fans,” but said he was deliberately vague about his involvement on federal disclosure forms, listing the group as a “social welfare” organization.

“I have informed them, I filed all the paperwork I needed to file, I was purposely a little bit vague about what kind of organization it is. … It wasn’t like [I said], ‘It’s a socialist organization and we want to destroy capitalists,'” he said on the video.

Mr. Subramanian acknowledge that he could be fired for working on DSA projects at the office, but it hasn’t stopped him.

“I’m in the clear, no one knows I spent six hours yesterday doing social media for DSA,” he told the Project Veritas investigator.

Other Project Veritas videos released this week as part of its “Deep State Unmasked” series have featured interviews with DSA activists employed by the State Department and Justice Department who also work on the resistance.

Project Veritas has long come under criticism for its undercover sting operations, while president James O’Keefe has defended the organization’s work as in the best traditions of investigative journalism.

“For years the public has been at most only nebulously aware of the permanent administrative state. Only recently have we begun calling it the ‘deep state,'” Mr. O’Keefe said in a statement. “And with this series, we’ve begun exposing who these individuals undermining our government really are.”

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