In the wake of Donald Trump’s upset over his Democratic challenger for the White House, Hillary Clinton, hoards of college students across the nation are demonstrating their outrage and grief – with the encouragement and support of school administrators – through numerous campus revolts.

Going out of their way to accommodate far-Leftist students, colleges and universities are rolling out the red carpet to let upset youth use their campuses to not only set up demonstrations for vitriolic anti-Trump and anti-conservative protests, but to cater to students who are emotionally distraught over the election results.

“Some are setting aside ‘election processing spaces,’” WND reports. “Others options include counseling for students, vigils and even sharing of suicide hotline numbers.”

Such progressive outreaches were witnessed in the Wolverine State – which went to Trump at the ballot box – where the University of Michigan Law School scheduled a therapy event featuring Play-Doh, which was subsequently cancelled.

No progressive sympathizers here …

One college campus – which is recognized as one of America’s best-known traditional schools — refusing to give in to Left-leaning campus politics is Michigan’s Hillsdale College.

For 172 years and running, officials at Hillsdale have refused to accept any federal money. The higher learning institution does not stop there, as money granted to students via federal loans is not accepted there either.

A top official at the prestigious school contends that administrators’ actions nurturing the Left on campuses nationwide are totally out of line.

“These are really the predictable consequences of an entirely politicized environment in higher education,” Hillsdale Provost Dr. David Whalen told WND.

He argues that today’s educational institutions have drifted away from their original missions to teach students how to think – and instead have resorted to indoctrinate young adults in what to think – so that they are molded to reflect progressive campus politics in schools.

“For a long, long time now, higher education has been entirely political,” Whalen insisted. “It has forsaken its original purpose to foster a keen-sighted intellectual awareness on the part of students – and instead indoctrinate them politically.”

The provost contends that the current school politics permeating student bodies across American college campuses is making “snowflakes” out of students who turn into emotional and over-sensitive wrecks when confronting any kind of opposition that comes their way.

“This is what you get – you get what can only be described as an infantilized student body,” Whalen asserted.

Stick to instruction – not politicking

Whalen says that designating “safe” places encouraging students to stage emotional demonstrations to project dissatisfaction with election results or alleged discrimination – and making them commonplace on America’s college campuses – is not the way to go. He also maintains that the route administrators are taking to respond to students’ dismay over political differences is detrimental to everyone.

“If the student is in your face – shouting and bellowing demands – you have failed that student in some fundamental way,” Whalen points out. “The most important thing at this moment is not publicity, but what you can do to restore the student to a receptive educational context.”

He is adamant that teachers should know and respect their own – and students’ – place on campus.

“You’re a teacher … That’s a student – the student needs you,” Whalen stressed. “The student needs to be informed by you in some significant respect. Don’t forget that’s your primary role.”


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