Rep. Scott Taylor says the left-leaning media need to stop playing into President Trump’s hands by overanalyzing his every tweet and start covering some real news.

Mr. Taylor, Virginia Republican, told CNN host Alisyn Camerota on Monday that journalists are overreacting to a video Mr. Trump tweeted over the weekend, showing him body-slamming WWE CEO Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania in 2007. The decade-old footage was doctored so that CNN’s logo was superimposed on Mr. McMahon’s face, ramping up the president’s feud with the network and causing some journalists to cry foul.

“I think you guys are getting played, man,” Mr. Taylor said. “I think every time he does this, you guys overreact, and I say ‘you guys,’ I mean the media in general, and you play right into his hands.”

“I’ve watched your segments, and you keep talking about this,” he told Ms. Camerota. “There’s tons of news out there. Let’s talk about real issues.”

Mr. Taylor disavowed Mr. Trump’s tweet and agreed that the president should use better judgment on Twitter, but complained that CNN reported on the tweet “over and over and over again” and neglected real news in the process.

“You’re actually falling into a trap by covering tweets all the time,” he said. “There’s a lot of news out there. There’s a lot of focus on health care, a lot of focus on veterans, a lot of focus in the South China Sea. There’s a lot of news out there to cover.”

Republican representative @Scotttaylorva says media overreacts to Trump provocations:

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