The best and brightest that Beverly Hills has to offer went on full display just recently, as President Donald Trump touched down in Los Angeles and headed to the community for a Republican event.

And by that, it’s meant: Angry protesters waving Mexican flags and demanding impeachment took to the streets and waved around anti-Trump signs. Angry protesters with no clear message, no clear purpose.

It’s “welcome to our state, Mr. President,” liberal style.

“The demonstration featured a giant inflatable Trump doll, holding a missile; a Mexican band; street theater performers; and a small group of pro-Trump counter-protesters who braved the hostile crowd,” Breitbart wrote.

Yes. ‘Cause nothing says political dissent like a good street theater performance, right?

And that right there is the problem with these anti-Trump protests — all of them, since the dawn of presidential campaign time through present-day politics. They’re scattered in focus, unclear on message.

Nobody knows what the heck they’re protesting.

“Make America less of a s_hole again,” one sign carrier blasted. The sign also included: “#MALSA.”

Another: “F— You PUTO.”

Another carted the same message in red ink marker on an orange umbrella.

Others denounced Israel; still others, announced support for the LGBT movement; and more, “Vote for Change 2018.”

Political protests are great; they’re oft-effective ways of communicating dissatisfaction with the status quo and governing class. But they should have a real message and purpose.

They should say something more than F— you.

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