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Will You Join Our Kids4RTroops This Memorial Day in raising $25,000 for military families across the US?

Letter from President of Kids4RTroops

Hello, my name is Jordan Hayley, I am 15 years old. Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about Kids4RTroops! It's hard to believe we are approaching our fifth year. It has been an exciting and challenging adventure and I never knew that I would meet so many wonderful patriotic kids that love our troops and their families and other kids that share the same feelings of patriotism for our Military.

We started with 10 kids here in Houston and now are connected to kids groups all over the US. Our experiences with our Wounded Warriors have changed our lives and spending time with the Houston Texans has been thrilling. We made history when we escorted our Warriors on the sidelines of the Texans game with both President Bush 41 and 43.

If you have a love for America and want to make a difference in the life of our Military and their families, then Kids4RTroops is the place for you. We hope you will support our 2013-2014 initiatives. Thank you and God Bless America!

Jordan Hayley, President, Kids4RTroops

troops1 Kids4RTroops has joined hands with Camp Bandina Christian Youth Camp and Military Community Youth Ministries to raise $25,000 for Military and Youth at Risk Kids to attend summer camp. Will you join hands with us too?

Kids4RTroops organized in 2008 as the first ever USO Kids and formed into Kids4RTroops in 2011. Founded by a group of patriotic kids in an effort to promote patriotism and freedom in and around Texas and ultimately across the United States. Jordan Hayley, President of this awesome group of kids wanted to show that teens and kids have a heart for America and a love for our troops. She says, "We all agreed that we wanted to play a vital role in supporting our troops and their families and promoting patriotism and their love for America, its history and the Constitution. " Angel Morales, Tyraka Dixon, Emily Weichers, Jordan Hayley, Derek Dobbs, Hannah Blang, Leland Cannon, and Edward Campos JL

Our kids mission is three-fold:

* We stand for the traditional values our Founding Fathers intended,
* We inspire patriotism in everyone we meet, and
* We bring resources to help our military men and women and their children.

Kids4RTroops has wonderful support with many other organizations that support our troops. Will you join hands with us too?

"As a former senior commander, military father, and follower of Jesus... I applaud the efforts of Military Community Youth Ministries (MCYM), fighting on behalf of military teen and families around the world. Equally, I honor Kids4RTroops... reaching out in so many ways to honor and support the military that supports each of us."
-- Robert F. Dees, Major General, U.S. Army Retired

troops1 Help us send Kids to Camp

This Memorial Day we are trying to reach our goal of raising $25,000 for kids to attend Bandina Christian Youth Camp, the largest summer youth camp in Texas. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to sending kids to camp. Donations made for the 2013-2014 initiative are tax deductible.

Click for a list of Activities We Have Participated in Since 2008:

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Please contact us at: email

Phone: at 832-698-9513


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