Trump Mocks Appearance of Cruz's Wife in Second Twitter Attack

Ted Cruz branded Donald Trump a "sniveling coward" Thursday as the feud between the Republican presidential contenders over their wives took a nastier turn. After an earlier and vague threat to "spill the beans" about Heidi Cruz, Trump stoked the spat on Twitter when he retweeted side-by-side images of Cruz's wife, with an unflattering grimace, and his wife, Melania, in a glamorous pose.

Rudy Guiliani: Hillary Clinton 'founding member' of Islamic State

Guiliani said Clinton's role as secretary of state in the Obama administration when the Islamic State rose to prominence in the Middle East made her complicit in the reign of the terror group -- also identified as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh.

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Alito steps up for the Little Sisters
There was another notable change during yesterday's oral argument: the role of the court's most vocally conservative justice, in which Scalia was cast for decades, was now being played by Justice Samuel Alito.

France arrests man in advanced stages of terror plot
A Frenchman in the "advanced stages" of a plot to attack the country was arrested Thursday northwest of Paris and security forces locked down the area during a major search, France's interior minister said.

Obama complicates anti-sanctuary effort in Texas
The Obama administration's switch to a less aggressive approach to working with local jails on immigration enforcement poses a quandary for lawmakers wishing to ban so-called sanctuary cities.

Fighting terror: Refugee realism
Days before the terror attacks in Brussels, the House Judiciary Committee passed legislation that would tighten the screening of refugees in the United States and transfer to Congress the authority on setting quotas.

The Primary of the Unbound Delegates
The elections to select the Republican presidential nominee are officially scheduled to end on June 7. That's a big day when five states vote -- California, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and New Mexico.

Obamacare coverage costs rising
Expanded health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's signature legislative legacy, will cost the government more, according to an official study released Thursday.

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'Bogus beggar' pleads guilty to fraud charges

Emory Univ. students 'scared' by Trump 2016 signs

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