Warnings about global warming and the climate “crisis” have extended into the world of dogs, cats, turtles and other pets.

The Climate Reality Project, a group founded by former U.S. vice president Al Gore in 2006, has just issued a 20-page guide book for pet owners titled “Climate Change and Your Pet: How to keep your best friend safe and healthy in a warming world.” It warns of increased diseases due to more insects, plus heatstroke and pet trauma due to extreme weather events.

“Burning fossil fuels has created a climate crisis, one that puts many lives and livelihoods in very real danger. Like us, animals have evolved to live in the relatively stable climate we’ve enjoyed since the last ice age. And also like us, their worlds are being thrown out of whack as average global temperatures steadily increase at their fastest rates in thousands of years,” the group advises in its outreach.

Climate concerns and pets have been addressed before, most significantly in a recent UCLA study gauging the “environmental impact” of pet food, plus a Forbes analysis which warns of the increasing carbon “paw print” of the world’s pets.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gore’s group has a dire message.

“Climate change can feel like an almost overwhelming concern, one that inspires no small amount of anxiety. Especially when we start to consider how it’ll impact those we hold most dear — like our four-legged friends. But it’s vital to remember that this crisis is already affecting our pets, putting them at higher risk of vector-borne diseases like heartworm and Lyme disease, heat stress, injury during natural disasters like floods, and so much more,” the guidebook cautions.

It also includes a pitch to join the organization.

“Even if we can’t stop climate change in its tracks immediately, we can still act boldly and decisively to leave fossil fuels behind and prevent the worst of it. For us as well as our furry family members — and the families and pets of the future. That’s why we’re here to make urgent climate action a necessity. In politics. In business. In every aspect of our lives. Everywhere. Will you join us?” the group asks.

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