After being sued, San Diego school officials are defending granting “unprecedented power and influence” to the recognized Islamic terrorist organization, CAIR – a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood – including letting it edit classroom curricula and teach students.

“[The complaint is] barred, in part, by principle of non-intervention into academic affairs, as the decisions at issue rested on bona fide academic judgments,” school officials argue in the lawsuit waged against them on behalf of concerned parents, according to WND. “[San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) must be reimbursed for legal costs by parents who were alarmed over the alleged illegal religious indoctrination] as all applicable decisions by the Board of Education of SDUSD were good faith management decisions.”

Getting to the bottom of Islamic indoctrination

Just over a week ago, the legal firm filing the suit on behalf of parents, the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF), issued investigative subpoenas to the California chapter and local San Diego office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – a front group of the internationally and FBI-recognized Islamic terrorist group championed by former President Barack Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The subpoenas are part of FCDF’s federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of SDUSD’s ‘anti-Islamophobia initiative’ – the multi-year program developed under the direction of CAIR as a ‘holistic’ plan to supposedly protect Muslim students and their families from bullying and discrimination,” FCDF reported. “As part of the initiative, staff and students must be taught by CAIR officials ‘how to become allies to Muslim students,’ and CAIR is empowered to revise school curriculum to portray Islam more favorably.”

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And what do the subpoenas set out to uncover?

“FCDF is seeking communications between CAIR agents and SDUSD officials, as well as documents tracing the Islamic organization’s strategic process for gaining inside access to impressionable schoolchildren,” FCDF announced. “CAIR’s national director testified that proselytizing to schoolchildren is a ‘religious obligation,’ and the purpose of CAIR’s educational outreach – which includes passing out religious propaganda to students during class – is to ‘create a religious educational environment.’ CAIR is notorious for its ties to Islamic extremism, and it is designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.”

Far beyond so-called “tolerance” or “anti-discrimination” instruction, CAIR was given express permission to take Islamic indoctrination to new levels in San Diego schools – a move by school official that worried and infuriated parents to the point of finally filing a lawsuit.

“The lawsuit was brought on behalf of several families in the district after officials adopted a program that, according to the plaintiffs, singled out Muslim students for special privileges and called for school curricula changes to make it more favorable to Islam,” WND’s Bob Unruh recounted. “It also allowed the activist CAIR into classrooms to teach students ‘how to be allies’ to Muslim students, [as] the district paid thousands of dollars for CAIR’s recommended teaching materials – which were distributed to classrooms along with instructions for their use.”

CAIR- Islam’s Trojan Horse

FCDF President and Chief Counsel Charles LiMandri is determined to expose CAIR’s Trojan Horse, which was allowed to infiltrate San Diego’s public schools as tolerance training for students.

“Through deliberate manipulation, CAIR has gained unprecedented power and influence over San Diego Unified’s superintendent and school board,” LiMandri contended on his firm’s website. “These subpoenas seek to answer questions about the extent of CAIR’s infiltration into the District.”

LiMandri insists that the blatant religious training in Islam – as seen by the fact that CAIR’s revisions of SDUSD’s curriculum is spearheaded by the wife of a local imam – is against everything America stands for, as the Muslim group’s teachings also downplays Islamic terrorism.

“Allowing a radical religious organization to indoctrinate our public schoolchildren defies common sense and undermines the very history and logic of the First Amendment,” the legal expert continued. “We hope these subpoenas will shine more light on SDUSD’s unconstitutional relationship with CAIR.”

It is argued that SDUSD has been allowed to unconstitutionally give CAIR permission to indoctrinate children under the false pretense of needed anti-bullying instruction – which is not even a problem for Muslims in the Southern California schools.

“Simply because San Diego Unified’s school board wants to address bullying does not mean they are free to discriminate on the basis of religion to achieve it,” LiMandri asserted, according to WND. “Moreover, there is zero evidence that the bullying of Muslim students is even a compelling issue.”

Despite their elaborate and expensive taxpayer-funded anti-Islamophobia program, SDUSD officials concede that the discrimination of Muslims is not a problem on their San Diego campuses.

“The district, [LiMandri] said, admitted there is no evidence of any anti-Muslim bullying,” Unruh pointed out. “He said records disclose that CAIR was the “principal architect” of the school’s pro-Islam campaign to address bullying.”

In fact, such an indoctrination program is argued by legal experts as being in violation of the United States Constitution.

“SDUSD cannot rely on good faith to demonstrate that singling out a particular religious sect for favorable treatment is constitutional,” LiMandri impressed.

In all, SDUSD’s implementation of CAIR’s anti-Islamophobia program defies common sense.

“CAIR officials were even invited by the superintendent to edit and finalize the initiative’s so-called ‘Action Steps’ for implementation,” FCDF stated, according to WND. “Despite the lack of any evidence of a bullying problem and in the face of widespread outcry by the school community, the district justifies the initiative as being an academic decision made under the sound judgment of the Board of Education.”

FCDF Executive Director Daniel Piedra says that the SDUSD and CAIR have run their politically correct program in the face of both the U.S. Constitution and precedent set by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

“The District asking the Court to defer to their judgment on a program that is fundamentally at odds with the Constitution, but instead of promoting ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion,’ school officials are setting up a student community divided into religious blocs – which would only escalate religious hostility and conflict,” Piedra explained, according to Charisma News. “The Supreme Court has long held that people should be treated as individuals – not according to the gods they do or do not worship.”

The program – flying under the flags of multiculturalism, tolerance and anti-Islamophobia – is argued to incite racial tensions and divisions … not avoid or deter them.

“The superintendent and school board are claiming that discriminating among students along religious lines will promote school harmony and student wellbeing,” Piedra pointed out. “Tellingly, the segregationist school boards argued the same thing about race in the 1950s.”


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