Here’s a college that has gone completely insane. Gone are any notions of common sense or true “inclusiveness.” At Evergreen State, far left radicals have taken over and if you are white or conservative, you apparently have no place on campus. Check out these two recent examples!


Washington’s Evergreen State College Out of Control

“I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns.”

That was how the president of Evergreen State College, a man with a PhD in Sociology, an MA in Criminology and the backbone of an incontinent weasel began his apology to the radical leftists who had terrorized his school, shouted racial slurs at a professor and other students, and driven an entire class off campus. Then he paid respect to the “elders past and present of the Squaxin Island Tribe.”

The university was once a place of reason and learning. It is now a sick, sad totalitarian joke.

From now on all official Evergreen State events must begin by stating that it is built on stolen Indian land.

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College melts down over plan for white people-free day on campus

After protesters at a Washington state college called for a day without white people, a biology professor says he no longer feels safe on campus — and student activists complain they’re being vilified by conservative media.

Evergreen State College students said racial tensions have been simmering in recent weeks, but reached a boiling point when a faculty member disagreed with their plans to protest what they say is institutional racism at the Olympia campus, according to The Olympian.

Students were particularly incensed by an email that surfaced on Twitter on May 25 between Professor Bret Weinstein and Rashida Love, director of First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services.

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