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    McCain Happy that House is Pushing Amnesty

    Sen. John McCain, one of the leading pro-amnesty legislators in Washington, has offered praise to the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Why? Because, like the Senate, GOP Republicans are now beginning to cave in as well. McCain welcomes the GOP plan to grant legal status to illegal aliens ... Read More

    Common Sense Alert: Catching the bad guy without a description?

    There once was a time when Americans had common sense. That time appears to be long gone. Just look at the recent uproar at the University of Minnesota. Some students and faculty members are petitioning to have race not mentioned in the campus police alerts when looking for the bad guy. They feel it ... Read More

    Liberals Go Crazy over Huckabee Comments on Women

    Here we go again.... You are about to read a story about a non-story. Why? Because that's what those on the left do when they can't debate real issues or come up with real solutions. They grab on to a story, pretend to be offended by it, and then scream that all Americans should be offended too. Tha ... Read More

    Knockout: It's a crime, not a game!

    Here we go again. It's another case of black on white violence, and it's another case of teenagers who have absolutely no direction or discipline. In this case, not only is an older white woman attacked, but the whole incident is caught on Facebook for the attacker's friends to see. As reported by T ... Read More

    Colorado Shooter Labeled a Socialist... Oops... Not Really

    Gone are the days when a person could watch a television newscast or read a story in the paper and get the facts. "Journalism" as a profession is dead. In its place is a career built on misinformation and half-truths designed to steer a reader or listener toward a particular agenda. Just look what h ... Read More

    Political Incorrectness: Elementary School Bans Red and Green, Christmas References

    Political correctness has simply gone too far. Now, an elementary school in Texas has not only banned any reference to Christmas from its "winter" party, students are not even allowed to wear red or green. What is happening to this country? The story takes place in Frisco, Texas at Nichols Elementar ... Read More

    Using Race as a Weapon

    In a case that has garnered national attention, we see a clear example of using a claim of "racism" as a weapon. It happens all the time in politics... criticize Barack Obama, and those on the left will immediately call you a racist. But in this twisted case, those doing the accusing were the offend ... Read More

    This commercial is too controversial for the NFL?

    Have you ever heard of Daniel Defense? If not, you won't be learning about them at this season's Super Bowl either. The company submitted a commercial to be broadcast during Super Bowl XLVIII, but the NFL has rejected it. What's so controversial about it? Take a look, and judge for yourself... As re ... Read More

    Media Silent While Obama Makes New Power Grab

    With all the talk about the failures of Obamacare and dismal economic numbers, something happened last week that you may have missed. On Friday afternoon, which means it was overlooked by most members of the media, Barack Obama issued an executive order which could bring sweeping new power to himsel ... Read More

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