Last Updated:October 9 @ 12:21 pm

    No, not my sports! ESPN Joins Ranks of Left-Wing, Politically Correct Crowd

    There's something special about sports. The training, the sacrifice, the hard work, and the competition are all elements that few other areas in life can offer. It's also an escape. After a day filled with crooked politicians, slanted media, and the abandonment of common sense, watching ESPN used to ... Read More

    GOP Pollster gets 'Wobbly' from Listening to Trump Supporters

    Noted GOP pollster Frank Luntz -- the man behind those post-debate focus groups -- recently gathered together twenty-nine Donald Trump supporters to find out what makes them tick. The responses made Luntz's "legs wobble," and he said that what's happening right now in the GOP presidential races shou ... Read More

    Liberal Lunacy: People Who Steal from Wal-Mart Should not be Arrested

    You never know what is going to come out of the mouth of a liberal college administrator. Just when you think you've heard it all, some left-wing nut says something even stranger. The latest example comes in the form of a panel discussion in which one participant said that "police should stop prosec ... Read More

    Planned Parenthood Workers Harvest Organs From Baby that is Still Alive

    The latest undercover video which documents the activities of Planned Parenthood has been released. If there were any doubt as to Planned Parenthoods motives or its absolute disregard for innocent human life, this video clears it all up. In the 7th video released from The Center for Medical Progress ... Read More

    GOP Elites want Trump and his Supporters to Go Home

    The 2016 Republican campaign for president has certainly been surprising so far. We have seen candidates come out of the woodwork for their moment in the spotlight. We have seen a televised debate garner a record number of viewers. But we are also seeing a darker side. We are seeing what happens whe ... Read More

    Court Says Baker Can't Cite Religious Beliefs in Refusing to Make Gay Wedding Cake

    When I was growing up, there was an expression that all of us used. It's one with which you are all familiar. Whether you were joking around with friends or even having a discussion with your parents, out would come the response: "Yes, I can... it's a free country." Perhaps it was, but now is a comp ... Read More

    GOP Debate: Fox News Down; Cruz, Walker Up

    The first Republican presidential debate is now in the books, and there is plenty to talk about. From a bizarre line of opening questions to, at times, combative exchanges, the debate had a little bit of everything. Did Donald Trump maintain his front-runner status? Did anyone pull off a surprise? S ... Read More

    Citizens Step Up to Protect Military Offices; Obama Team Labels Them a 'Threat'

    Ok, here's a simple question. Well, at least I thought it was a simple question. Given a Muslim extremist terrorist and your average, gun-owning, American citizen, which would you consider a threat? If you ask the Obama administration, they won't even use the word "terrorist" to describe the man who ... Read More

    Selling Aborted Baby Parts... To Buy A Lamborghini?

    The story of Planned Parenthood was already a grand deception. Under the guise of "protecting women's health," the organization has created a culture of abortion for convenience and the devaluation of human life. Now, we see just how sick this organization is as another video has surfaced in which a ... Read More

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