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    The Pop Tart Gun is Still Making Waves

    Last year, a story that gained national media attention was one of an elementary school student who was suspended for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun and playing with it. It was a classic case of overreaction and lack of common sense. But the story goes on. Now, the parents of the boy are ... Read More

    Pledge of Allegiance Under Attack... Again!

    That's right... the small percentage of those who don't believe in God are on the attack against the vast majority who do. This time, the target is the Pledge of Allegiance which is being recited by students in the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District in New Jersey. I guess it doesn't matter th ... Read More

    Are you living in a Constitution Free Zone?

    It's sad to see what's been happening with our government in recent years. Slowly, but surely, our rights and freedoms are being taken away. We thought our Constitution would protect us. After all, it was written to shield Americans from the abuses of government. But believe it or not, there are pla ... Read More

    Isn't the entire country a free speech zone?

    We are seeing something quite disturbing going on in this country. Each day we are losing our rights, and most people don't even realize it. The problem is accelerating. We see more and more blatant actions by the government, and people must stand up and do something. The latest action is the establ ... Read More

    Is it time to start banning knives?

    No one saw it coming... at least not the students at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA. But just as the day was beginning, so was the rampage that would terrify the school. A high school sophomore brandishing two knives ran through the hallways stabbing anyone in his path. Many were i ... Read More

    Should Troops be Armed on Homeland Bases?

    We are talking about our fighting men and women. People who are taught to use firearms as part of their daily lives. And yet, whenever a member of the military is on a base in America, he or she is not armed. They are prohibited from carrying a weapon. Considering what happened -- AGAIN -- at Ft. Ho ... Read More

    Obama Administration: 'Free' Cell Phones for Prisoners

    You've heard of the "Obama phone" -- the so-called "free" cell phones given away to people at the expense of taxpayers. Now, the Obama Administration through Attorney General Eric Holder has a new plan: "free" cell phones and bus money. That's right. Become a convict and get free counseling, phones, ... Read More

    Feminist Professor Charged with Assaulting Pro-Life Teen

    Once again, we see a perfect example of how liberals operate by a different set of rules. They preach tolerance, yet are intolerant of any opposing views. They advocate free speech, as long as the speech proclaims left-wing ideals. Just look what happened when a pro-life group set up signs on a coll ... Read More

    Should Principal be Fired for Requiring English at School?

    What does it mean to be the great American melting pot? Does it mean anything anymore? In previous generations, people came from far and wide to this country, and they came not only for a better life but to BE an American. Now, all that seems to be lost as "diversity" rules the day. At one school, a ... Read More

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