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Build a church... go to jail?

Here's a story that's bound to get your attention. A man in Phoenix has been arrested, convicted, and is now starting his jail sentence. What did he do to warrant incarceration? He built a building on his property where he holds a weekly Bible study. ...

Barack Obama... Outsourcer in Chief

A few weeks ago, I pointed out how MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell was party to one of the biggest "news" frauds that I have ever seen. She reported on Mitt Romney supposedly being "out of touch" by using video footage that was cut, edited, and spliced in su ...

Dem Chairwoman is Pretty Happy with Private Sector. Are you?

I have some advice for Mitt Romney. Just stop campaigning. Save the money. It turns out that each time Barack Obama or one of his stooges speaks, the world gets so much easier for Romney. Obama and his surrogates are helping Romney more than helping ...

Atheist Sues Restaurant over Church-Going Discount

A restaurant owner should be able to set his or her own promotions, ads, discounts, or incentives... right? Not according to one atheist who has filed a complaint against a family-owned restaurant because of the restaurant's Sunday promotion. What is ...

A Sign of the Times? Lifeguard Rescues Man, Gets Fired

More and more often, regulations and fear of litigation seem to rule the day. The two are certainly trumping any common sense that was once held by seemingly intelligent people. Just check out the case of a life guard who journeyed outside his jurisd ...

City Council: American Flag is Clutter

A Texas city council has voted to ban American flags from a local cemetery. Why? Because these people want to keep the cemetery free of "clutter." That's right... according to these "leaders," the American flag is "clutter" and cannot be placed besid ...

Chief Justice Roberts Switches Vote... for Politics?

Could the 5-4 Supreme Court decision which upheld Obamacare have turned out differently? According to news reports, the answer is a resounding YES. The liberal group of justices were set, conservatives like Thomas, Alito, and Scalia were set as well. ...

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