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    Jeb Bush Apologizes... for Insulting the French

    The presidential campaign of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is on rocky ground. His poll numbers keep falling, and his lack of fundraising has caused him to cut staff positions. So... what does he do to inject new life into his campaign? He goes on the attack during the last debate by invoking one of ... Read More

    Another Case of False Racism... Caught on Video

    When Barack Obama said that "change" was coming to America, he wasn't kidding. Not only has he set race relations back several decades, he has created an environment where bad behavior (depending on race) is not only excused but also celebrated. This atmosphere has also created an environment where ... Read More

    GOP Debate: Media Loses, But Who Won?

    Is this a turning point? Have the American people (in the form of the debate audience) and the GOP (in the form of the presidential candidates) finally had enough of the obvious left-wing bias of the media? That's the number one question that emerged after Wednesday night's debate as the entire GOP ... Read More

    Reporter Gets Kicked Off of Campus... For Asking about Liberal Professors

    Times have certainly changed. College campuses were once known as havens for free thought, free speech, and free expression. It was that period when people were exposed to a host of new ideas, so they could form their own opinions. Those times are gone. Now, most colleges and universities push a lib ... Read More

    Fox News Takes Jab at Conservatives... Again

    In what has become an all-too-frequent occurrence, Fox News wasted no time taking a swipe at conservatives. We've seen it plenty of times now -- from commentators having meltdowns because their establishment candidate isn't the frontrunner to openly criticizing conservatives as out of touch or crazy ... Read More

    Do Christian Schools have a right to be Christian?

    Ah yes, we all knew this was coming, or at least we should have known. Christians can be run out of jobs, fined, imprisoned, and ridiculed, so it only makes sense that the assault would continue. Now we have a case of a Christian school that is being threatened with a lawsuit. Why? For standing up f ... Read More

    Muslim Parents of 'Clock Kid' Now Suing the School District

    Common sense (or lack thereof) and political correctness have combined into one single news story, and the result -- as you might guess -- is an abundance of stupidity. If someone makes something that looks like a bomb and brings it to school, what are school officials supposed to do? What would you ... Read More

    No Other Way to Put It... Democrats Support Murder

    We've seen it before. A politician is giving a speech, and he says one line that makes people's eyebrows go up. Maybe he compared the GOP to Nazi Germany or perhaps she claimed that a GOP ad suggests that it's ok to shoot another politician. Hyperbole is usually recognized and dismissed in politics. ... Read More

    Are Trump's Comments Any More Offensive than Rosie's or Carly's?

    As Donald Trump maintains his lead in the polls, his comments continue to come under scrutiny. No matter what he says, the media and the Republican establishment are quick to pass judgement. But what about the context? What about the fact that other people say the same kinds of things? Is a woman al ... Read More

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