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    Do Christian Schools have a right to be Christian?

    Ah yes, we all knew this was coming, or at least we should have known. Christians can be run out of jobs, fined, imprisoned, and ridiculed, so it only makes sense that the assault would continue. Now we have a case of a Christian school that is being threatened with a lawsuit. Why? For standing up f ... Read More

    Muslim Parents of 'Clock Kid' Now Suing the School District

    Common sense (or lack thereof) and political correctness have combined into one single news story, and the result -- as you might guess -- is an abundance of stupidity. If someone makes something that looks like a bomb and brings it to school, what are school officials supposed to do? What would you ... Read More

    No Other Way to Put It... Democrats Support Murder

    We've seen it before. A politician is giving a speech, and he says one line that makes people's eyebrows go up. Maybe he compared the GOP to Nazi Germany or perhaps she claimed that a GOP ad suggests that it's ok to shoot another politician. Hyperbole is usually recognized and dismissed in politics. ... Read More

    Are Trump's Comments Any More Offensive than Rosie's or Carly's?

    As Donald Trump maintains his lead in the polls, his comments continue to come under scrutiny. No matter what he says, the media and the Republican establishment are quick to pass judgement. But what about the context? What about the fact that other people say the same kinds of things? Is a woman al ... Read More

    GOP Candidates Spar for Three Hours... But Who Won?

    The Republican candidates for president of the United States gathered in Simi Valley, California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in order to debate and give us, the voters, a chance to see where each stands on the issues. There were definitely some contentious encounters and a few solid so ... Read More

    Another So-Called Conservative Commentator Has a 'Trump Meltdown'

    Isn't it amazing that the more grassroots Republican voters get excited about a candidate, the more the GOP establishment starts to break out in convulsions and cold sweats. In their zeal to maintain the status quo and have GOP voters elect another establishment snoozer, pundits who claim to support ... Read More

    Football Players Who Attacked Referee Now Claim Racism... Are You Kidding Me?

    The lack of respect (and outright violence) that is being directed to police officers is not limited to our men and women in blue. It appears that thugs have no limits. Whether it's law enforcement officials, elderly or unsuspecting citizens in the "knock out game," or, in this case, a high school f ... Read More

    Stand Up for Religious Beliefs and Get Thrown in Jail... But What Law Was Broken?

    There has been much said and written about Rowan County (Kentucky) Clerk Kim Davis. Citing her Christian beliefs, Davis refused to issue marriage licenses with her name on them to same-sex couples. A judge took issue with this action and threw her in jail. This was a clear attack on religious freedo ... Read More

    Obama's America: Fast Food Worker Refuses to Serve Police Officer

    Welcome to Obama's America. An America where violence against police officers is not only condoned, but encouraged. When Barack Obama and others give speeches celebrating criminals and promote a culture where only certain lives matter, then we can only expect things to get worse. Why would anyone wa ... Read More

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