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    Ted Cruz criticizes Lynch, skips vote

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz delivered an impassioned speech on the Senate floor against confirming Loretta Lynch, calling her unsuitable to be attorney general. Then he was the lone senator to skip the confirmation vote. "We have a nominee who has told the United St ... Read More

    Benghazi panel calls Hillary to testify

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of a House committee investigating the 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on Thursday called former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to testify at a public hearing next month, setting up a high-profile showdown over Clinton's use of a private email ... Read More

    Dead hostage's wife: US efforts to rescue husband 'disappointing'

    The wife of an American hostage killed by a US drone strike in Pakistan has placed blame for his death at the feet of both the “inconsistent and disappointing” efforts of the US government and her husband’s al-Qaida captors, who she says “will have to face their God to answer for their actions”. War ... Read More

    David Petraeus sentenced to probation for sharing classified information

    David Petraeus, the retired US army general and former CIA director responsible for the development of the hugely influential “counter-insurgency” strategy used in Iraq and Afghanistan, was sentenced on Thursday to two years’ probation and ordered to pay a fine of $100,000 for sharing highly classif ... Read More

    Who's the raisin thief?

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- A post-World War II-era program that forces raisin producers to give part of their annual crop to the government could soon be a relic of history. Several Supreme Court justices expressed doubts Wednesday that federal officials can legally take raisins away from farmers without fu ... Read More

    Michael Brown parents sue city of Ferguson in wrongful death lawsuit

    The parents of Michael Brown on Thursday sued the city of Ferguson, Missouri, and the police officer who killed their son, in a wrongful death lawsuit seeking financial damages and a court order against racially biased policing. Related: Michael Brown's family sues city of Ferguson – read the full l ... Read More

    N.C. Appeals Court overturns student's weapons conviction

    RALEIGH -- The North Carolina Court of Appeals on Tuesday reversed the 2013 conviction of then High Point University student Anna Huckelba on weapons charges resulting from her arrest at a university office on Christmas Day 2012. The three-judge panel, by a 2-1 vote, remanded the case to Guilford Co ... Read More

    Obamacare has led to growth in food stamps in some states

    CHICAGO (AP) -- President Barack Obama's health care law has had a surprising side effect: In some states, it appears to be enticing more Americans to apply for food stamps, even as the economy improves. New, streamlined application systems built for the health care overhaul are making it easier for ... Read More

    US drone strike kills American and Italian hostages

    WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Two al-Qaida hostages, one American and one Italian, were accidentally killed near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border by a United States counterterrorism drone strike, the White House said Thursday. American aid worker Warren Weinstein, an al-Qaida hostage since 2011, and Italian ai ... Read More

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