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Lt. Governor calls for impeachment of Obama

By Austin American-Statesman (TX)

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has ramped up his criticism of President Barack Obama by suggesting that the 44th chief executive should be impeached, raising the anti-government rhetoric in a GOP primary campaign that has increasingly focused on Washington and the federal government.

In an appearance at a Northeast Tarrant Tea Party candidate forum, Dewhurst said late Monday that Obama should be impeached for overreaching in his positions on immigration and health care and for lapses in the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Dewhurst, a former CIA officer who has served as the No. 2 state official since 2003, has previously criticized the Obama administration over the consulate attack.

Dewhurst is facing three GOP rivals in his bid for re-election, and all the candidates have blasted the Obama administration in recent months on a variety of issues as each tries to draw support from the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

Dewhurst, especially, is trying to shore up his tea party bona fides after losing the U.S. Senate race last year to tea party favorite Ted Cruz. Dewhurst had been favored to win that race, but he emerged from the campaign branded as a moderate and quickly drew three opponents to his re-election bid. No Democrats have filed for the lieutenant governor.

"This election is about protecting you and your freedoms, which are given to you by God, but which are being trampled on by Barack Obama right now," Dewhurst said at the tea party forum, according to a report by a Texas Observer reporter who covered the event. "I don't know about you, but Barack Obama ought to be impeached -- not only for trampling on our liberties, but what he did in Benghazi is just a crime."

"I think this president, Barack Obama, has disregarded federal law. He's tried to do things which are not authorized under federal law, such as with immigration, such as not following our federal drug laws," Dewhurst told the Observer after the forum. "He's created winners and losers out of Obamacare where he has no authority, such as allowing for the unions and big businesses to postpone their mandates for a year."

Whether any of that rises to the level of impeachment remains uncertain.

Over the past month, Dewhurst and his challengers, state Sen. Dan Patrick of Houston, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples have attended a string of tea party forums where they have competed for the title of most conservative on a range of tea party issues, from repealing the 17th Amendment's popular election of U.S. senators so that the job could be returned to state legislatures; to supporting states' right to nullify federal laws they don't like, to who most strongly opposes a state law that allows undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities if they are Texas residents.

"The tea party in Texas is different things to different people, as you can see here," said Marlene Bransman, a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, explaining the diversity of the crowd at a Clear Lake Tea Party forum earlier this month.

The crowd included senior citizens wearing National Rifle Association caps, bikers with "Boot Obama" buttons, clean-cut, Bible-carrying Christian activists lobbying for charter school reform, doctors and lawyers who oppose Obama's signature health care reform law, even a group of Texas nationalists -- several of whom insisted Texas should have remained a separate nation, rather than becoming a state in 1845.

"The only thing that brings us together is the 'tea' -- taxed enough already. We think government has gotten too big, too much," Bransman said.

For state candidates, the bigness of Washington's federal bureaucracy is an easy and frequent target. But Monday night, Dewhurst took it a step further, calling for Obama's ouster.

On Tuesday, Patterson said he also supports giving Obama the boot.

"I'm for any lawful means to remove Obama from office," Patterson said. "However, it's just political talk until we have the votes in the Senate (to remove a president). David successfully got a headline out of this. That's about it."

Staples' campaign manager, Cody McGregor, said Dewhurst's comments were predictable, but McGregor gave no hint of Staples' position on impeachment. "If I was responsible for making (Democrat and gubernatorial candidate) Wendy Davis a rock star, I'd change the subject and pick on President Obama, as well," he said.


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  1. whodunitComment by whodunit
    October 16, 2013 @ 7:43 am

    This impeachment is so overdue it’s ridiculous. Obama just keeps pushing the envelope, and getting away with more and more. No other president in history has gotten away with the things he has. He’s more like a dictator in a tribal third world country, than he is the President of the United States.

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    • mbmbcsComment by mbmbcs
      October 16, 2013 @ 9:01 am

      And who is letting him keep getting away with it?

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    • cxComment by genesal
      October 16, 2013 @ 9:24 am

      HeII, skip the impeachment and go right to the punishment. That’s why Gitmo’s still open, right? O doesn’t believe in using the Constitution anyway, he probably wouldn’t recognize due process. Why should he start believing in the Constitution now?

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    • inluminatuoComment by inluminatuo
      October 16, 2013 @ 9:39 am

      Talk of impeachment is a waste of breath until the Senate is recaptured in 2014. Then the real fun can start so let’s take aim on those Senate Seats that can get the job done right. Impeachment means nothing,,,,CLinton was impeached,,,Removal is what is needed. You don’t impeach a hemmorrhoid, or a cancer,,,,you remove it. Putting Dr. Cruz into the operating room of the Senate instead of Nurse Dewhurst was the first step in the right direction. All nurse Dewhurst could do before his political wakeup call was the standard party line anesthesiology to dull the pain. He has finally realized the necessity to learn how to sharpen his poltical scalpel having gone to school on Doctor Cruz.

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    • rrg51Comment by rrg51
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:54 am

      Yes, impeachment is warrented, but you’ll never get it to happen because no one has the stones to do it to the first black President.

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    • cgretiredComment by cgretired
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:54 am

      I agree. Impeachment is a waste of time, especially considering the current makeup of the Senate. It would never come to a conviction. It might make it to impeachment, but never to a Senate trial. Look at what happened to Clintoon. Nothing.

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    • gtimberlakeComment by gtimberlake
      October 16, 2013 @ 11:30 am

      The American Crisis and Dilemma

      A petty,  petulant,  punitive, and demanding people
      Proclaim a new order, made in their own image. - 
      Like a plague, a burst dam, the vile evil flows. …
      With tongues so sharp,
      Cheeks pumped, … inflamed to the full-
      And voices ever so shrill. ….

      All to tell the masses
      Why we are so wrong, misguided fools,
      Why we should bow down, step down,
      And accept with one accord
      A new and highly self-acclaimed, petty master.

      Should a new force rule our lives?
      And should we quietly acquiesce?
      Should we let these nefarious liars
      Tie strings and cords to our feet,
      Our hands, our heads, our tongues,
      Our hearts and our minds,
      And to our collective wills?

      Should we dance 
      To their chosen tune?
      Spin and bow,
      Spin and bow.
      They instruct and they command.
      Sing their song 
       Sing it now. – or else. …

      The Screechy  Voices have proclaimed
      We should give in and submit….
      To a new, self-proclaimed Master 
      Who gives no quarter and strips us ….
      Of our dignity and freedom of choices. …
      ……And liberty and posterity weeps.

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    • gtimberlakeComment by gtimberlake
      October 16, 2013 @ 11:57 am

      I  believe Obama wants a financial crisis so he can further manipulate public opinion against his ‘opponents’ and “enemies”. He has taken the never waste a crisis mantra to an extreme end. He causes the crisis for effect and manipulation.

      For Obama,… This is not all about healthcare. . . This is a ploy, a ruse. This is a power grab. He will do anything for power. His outrageous behaviors regarding unnecessary fencing and blockading of monuments, not taking care of our fallen soldiers’ families and refusing to negotiate with Congress is disrespectful and contemptible. He is punitive and petty and he does not look out for our interests. He refuses to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That oath he took was the law of the land. His words are worthless. He has done what has never been done by any of our other presidents for the purpose of bullying, misleading, making up new versions of history and economics as he goes. Mr. “thou shalt not bear false witness,” has yet to be a bastion of truth. Lies, shame, blame, slander, vilifying, discrediting endlessly.  What he insinuates is most true of him. -regardless of what others think or say. And he has contaminated all or most of his party – if they were not already stained to oblivion. Likewise the media who have conspired with him are most endlessly guilty and God will judge them. Be sure of it. “God is not mocked.” When you mock the truth and those  who are trying to do right, you do mock God- who is the author and repository of truth.

      A Leader takes personal responsibility, steps up, personifies dignity, is steadfast, does not hide from problems, does not make excuses, chooses the high road, redeems and validates people. People see this in Cruz. They do not see this in the people who rail against him any more than they see it in the President. 

      People want solutions that work. People want to be validated. People do not want to be dictated to or lied to. Or stolen from in the form of taxes and indebtedness for government waste and abuse and fraud. They are tired of a ****** economy due to reckless and foolish management. They are tired of being told they have to give up what they worked so hard for to someone who never worked and who sponges off of society. They are tired of seeing the country overrun by illegal aliens and criminals and terrorists while the President and Congress-persons defend the evil and lecture and defy the law-abiding citizenry. The people are squeezed and suffocated out of lawful and good businesses by overzealous agencies (EPA,  for one). The people are targets for the IRS and are concerned about the NSA. They have had enough. 

      People want ‘normalcy’ to return. People don’t want their schools or their children hijacked by those who would downgrade good education and ‘teach’ propaganda, and agitate the young against their parents and against moral and Godly authority. Some want to be able to homeschool without retaliation.  They want to be able to sing Christmas songs and wish “Merry Christmas” without condemnation, a witch hunt, an attack on Christians and on their Christian heritage. They don’t want to have to keep defending and refighting battles to keep their personal rights intact. Privacy, gun ownership, freedom to worship and to share the truth about their God with their neighbors and in their schools.- as has been done since the country began. People want marriage as God intended and spelled out. No more portraying homosexuals as ‘normal’ marital relationships. People want to stop hearing grand standing atheists who are always displeased and offended and raising another lawsuit. And many refuse to be forced to pay to murder babies in the womb. – Utter wickedness. – And now the tyrant class wants to force a new world order of healthcare and government control over our lives. They said,  ”No.” The people who pay the bills said, “No.” Ted Cruz listened and articulated the problem quite well. His party- ‘allies’ denigrated him and in turn the ones that elected them. This high-minded denigration is not well-received. They are now regarded as traitors and the same as the democrat funk that was denigrating them and ramming a bad law down their throats. Polls may be indicators, but polls don’t vote or pay the bills or fight the wars. People do. And there is a large (apparently invisible) army walking behind and in lock step with Ted Cruz.  And that’s a fact.

      Don’t quit. Don’t despair. No war was won in a day. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” google the quote. Well chosen words create a path for our future to walk on. If you are writing, you are moving. If you are reading works from past patriots and thinking and listening and then writing you are becoming a force that will have to be reckoned with. A drop of water is a small thing, but the multiplied contents of a broken dam are a wall that sweeps all contenders off their feet. It changes the world. Make sure it is the change you want. Write your concerns to your governor. Snail mail. Make it visible. Thousands of letters make a difference over time and the governor can get the ear of the senators and the media. It is the mass effect that will matter. Don’t give up. Mental anguish and frustation is better than bloodshed and words change minds and hearts. Napoleon was much more concerned about the power of words. They will make a person or undo that person. Thanks for listening.

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    • susieqComment by susieq
      October 16, 2013 @ 2:11 pm

      What are we going to say – we being the operative word – when the USA goes to He__ in a handbasket and everyone just says – how did this happen?

      How did we let this Moslem unvetted guy in the Oral Office? Obozo doesn’t deserve to be the president of anything.

      Throw the guy out – the sooner the better. He’s malicious and sneaky. Get him out before he causes more irreparable damage to the US of A.

      Grow some cajones Republican Party…don’t try to please this phony-baloney narcissist any longer.

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    • Son Of ThunderComment by mcrank
      October 16, 2013 @ 5:02 pm

      I agree 100 percent. He is guilty of multiple impeachable offenses and he does deserve impeachment. As Inluminatuo has pointed, he has dedicated support in the Senate that will put up a roadblock.

      However, I think talk and action to that effect should continue because it sends a clear message to Capitol Hill that there’s enough of us out here who do not like Obama and who are informed and well aware of his unconstitutional acts. It interferes with his comfort level and it is something that will linger in the back of his mind.

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  2. pypypypyComment by pypypypy
    October 16, 2013 @ 8:47 am

    The problem is which GOP and Dem politicians would have the kahunas to stand with him? If there is a few, sadly it wont come to fruition

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    • 1american1stComment by 1american1st
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:46 am

      Jim Bridenstine, House Rep from Oklahoma, stood on the Congress floor & stated that Obama & Biden weren’t fit to lead our country. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Why didn’t the rest of the Republicans back him?

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    • ptbaaComment by ptbaa
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

      Sorry! Having had to work for a living today and then minister the truth of God’s Word to 3rd through 6th graders tonite at AWANA, I am a Johnny-come-lately to this thread.

      For those of you outside of Texas this may be about impeaching Obama. For me and my fellow Texans, this is about who is going to finally change the Senate in the Texas Legislature from being the place where conservative bills go to die to the place where our God-given rights are protected and bloated state government agencies are pared down to essential functions only.

      Since January 21, 2003, David Dewhurst has proved it won’t ever be him. Come on Texas Republicans, isn’t twelve years of this guy being the roadblock to real conservative progress in the state enough? Do we owe him the job?

      Last Saturday, I attended the “TEA Party” debate among the candidates for Lt. Governor in Tyler, Texas. David couldn’t make it. He had a scheduling conflict! So, Senator Dan Patrick, Commissioner Jerry Patterson, and East Texas Favorite Son, Commissioner Todd Staples addressed the issues presented by the moderators in this job interview in front of the voters of East Texas with an empty chair and a name placard for David Dewhurst.

      Well, Saturday night when I got home, I got on David’s website to see whatz up with this? Guess what the picture on the front page of the website was? You guessed it, David and wife at the UT/OU game in Dallas.

      Got your message loud and clear, David! The conservative voters of East Texas are not as important as you enjoying the perks of being wined and dined by the UT Lobbyists at the annual Red River Rivalry.

      I went into the debate leaning toward the leadership qualities of Commissioner Patterson. But he came across as a whiner and when at the end we found out that he had insisted on JoAnn Fleming, the titular head of the TEA party in East Texas not be allowed to be one of two moderators for the debate (or he would not participate) because she was “unfair” at the Clear Lake Tea Party debate, well, next! I’ve never been able to go on a job interview and ask for a different interviewer. Jerry, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the TEA Party kitchen!

      So, unless Todd Staples can come up with some reason to vote for him instead of against Dan Patrick, Dan’s the Man for me!

      Come on Texas Republicans, you are never going to get the progressive Republicans of San Antonio to boot Democrat Lite RINO Joe Straus (Dewhurst’s companion at the UT/OU game Saturday) out in his District, so we’d better get it right on the Lt. Governor race next March. Do your homework. This will be the most important and critical state-wide race in the Republican primary!

      What would happen if we started treating our public servants like servants rather than royalty! Maybe they wouldn’t act like they own their jobs but rather are stewards of that with which the public has entrusted them.

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  3. my04301933Comment by my04301933
    October 16, 2013 @ 8:55 am

    Yes…and it still is overdue!

    Dewhurst has only opinioned…he has not said “He will seek impeachment of the criminal in the Oval Office.”

    I have come to the opinion myself that there is NOT ONE SINGLE politician we have elected, or who is seeking office…WHO HAS THE GUTS TO SEEK Obama’s IMPEACHMENT…

    ..NO ONE!

    THE GOP is made up of WEAK SISTERS…BOEHNER should also be IMPEACHED because he is a coward, and has misrepresented us…

    …because of Boehner we will be stuck with OBAMACARE…he is GUTLESS, and at I time when we need someone who isn’t on the sauce or still influenced by “saucing the night before”. He has not even the decency much less the guts to push the envelope on Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, Illegal Immigration, etc.

    We are WITHOUT REPRESENTATION and had better get off our fat azes very soon and find a LEADER !

    We do not have a separate G.O.P….what we have is a “wing” of the Democratic Obama Dictatorship!

    Basically they are the same…the subordinate “wing” to the Democratic Party is LYING to us…

    So America, look to TEXAS, ARIZONA, WISCONSIN, FLORIDA, look to their Governors who are true patriots and defend their states from Obama…

    BACK THEM…and select one for our next President…

    But select a PATRIOT…and one who has the guts and required body parts to kick azes…

    Never in the history of this country have we needed a NEW party so desparately as now…yes, there have been 3rd parties, but NOW WE ARE IN DIRE TROUBLE…we must!

    WE NEED A NEW PARTY…stop denying it and do it!…before it is too late.


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    • SnowyComment by Lena
      October 16, 2013 @ 9:38 am

      Lt. Governors can express their opinion but they have no role in impeachment.

      Rhetoric has it’s role but unfortunately it leads some in the grass roots to believe in impossibilities. Obama cannot be removed from office through the impeachment process as long as his party controls the Senate. If conservatives want to see him impeached then they must take over the Senate.

      Ah yes, a third party. The country is split down the middle. Now what would we have in a presidential election if we divided the right wing vote down the middle? Give or take a few points the split would be something like 25% GOP, 25% new conservative party and 50% Dems. Even the most frustrated among us should be able to see a problem with that.

      Conservatives lost the war when they dropped out of the GOP instead of staying in and fighting to throw the moderates out instead. It is very likely too late now, but I greatly admire people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. The only possible solution is to elect many more just like them.

      The party that controls Congress can largely control a president.

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    • 1american1stComment by 1american1st
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:54 am

      I found one!

      JIM BRIDENSTINE! The freshman House Rep from Oklahoma who stood before Congress & said Obama wasn’t fit to Lead our country & neither was Biden.

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    • paoldguyComment by paoldguy
      October 16, 2013 @ 7:23 pm

      The House has caved. Nothing accomplished. No impeachment petition has been filed. Obama care not defended. Government back to business as usual on Thursday. Apparently shutdown cost $24 billion for nothing.

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  4. rustypatComment by rustypat
    October 16, 2013 @ 8:57 am

    Yet, sadly too many people are ardent followers of party lines, rather than upholders of the Constitution. Obama is a deceiver, plain and simple. Put him under oath and he’ll have to either come clean to all he’s done or lie his butt off as usual.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to device.”

    Without a teleprompter or script writer to cover his trail … Obama will undoubtedly reveal himself for the liar he is. Any good interrogation already has a mountain of material to work with that will readily ensnare Obama unto his own bevy of lies for all to see. The reason that the vast majority of Americans don’t feel as compelled about Obama’s deceptiveness is because Obama speaks with the sleight of hand of that a charlatan … talk about this instead of revealing the truth about that … and people continue to fall for the kool-aid rather than vet the fallacy of his faulty logic.

    The impeachment process under oath with the ability to corral Obama into a collective and total revelation of his deceptions and lies will be the only way that the American people really understand the depth of his lies. Instead, he is a master of deflection (a form of deception) that temporarily appeases the media and the masses … time and time again. Meanwhile, he continues to do his dastardly deeds.

    Unraveling the web of lies easily reveals the volume of lies that Obama has told the American people. He is a liar and a deceiving propagandist with a socialistic agenda to “transform America” rather than fulfill his duties to lead our country’s Executive Branch of government in context as established by the Constitution.

    The Democratic party politicians sadly bow to the party line, rather than to their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. If the were truly defenders of the Constitution, the Democrats would have tossed Obama out themselves, or at least reigned him in from his anti-American agenda. So, there is a degree of reality that without the Democrats also voting to impeach Obama, it is not going to happen … until after the 2014 elections. If the people will vote for the Tea Party and Republicans, then the votes for impeachment can be garnered. Otherwise, the votes will never materialize.

    But, the party line is where politician place there loyalty, rather than their duty to the people they represent and the Constitution. While it might seem like after 2014 elections is “too little, too late” for impeachment … it will set the stage for repealing at least some of the damage that Obama has done to our beloved country.

    Obama-Nation is an Abomination.

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    • daveevad1Comment by daveevad1
      October 16, 2013 @ 9:06 am

      Constitution? Obama’s approach is that he don’t NEED no stinkin’ Constitution!

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    • usar4meComment by usar4me
      October 16, 2013 @ 11:09 am

      The Democrat Party no longer supports Constitutional rule… they crossed the line with the nomination of a Constitutionally unqualified candidate for President… Barrack H. Obama. The Democrat Party is antithetically opposed to Constitutional government. Their ideology has become that of an overt Marxist institution.

      Those individuals who continue to support the Socialist Democrat Party are supporting ‘FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION’ of our Republic. Fundamental being the key word in the transformation of America from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State, ruled by an elite socialist oligarchy (dictatorship). The Democrat Party opposes lawful Constitutional rule on nearly every major issue; they have engaged in overt actions designed to circumvent Constitutional rule; bypassing the separation of powers fundamental to our Constitutional Republic. It is past time that the public address the Democrat Party’s abuses of power directly. We must label them for what they are, as the enemies of our Constitutional REPUBLIC.

      Massive hearings on Impeachment of a whole host of Administration officials should be undertaken. However, the Republican Party is apparently unwilling to act… they are either co-conspirators in the ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of America or believe they can ride the waive of change using the transformation for their own purposes… too, further their view of a ‘new world order’. Crisis brings about change and both parties appear to be working for fundamental changes to our form of Constitutional Government.

      The People must organize on a National basis… if they are to restore Constitutional government. It is time for us to rally in defense of our Constitutional Republic or too accept the fundamental transformation of our Republic as the Marxist consolidate their power by removing what little remains of our Republic.

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  5. daveevad1Comment by daveevad1
    October 16, 2013 @ 9:03 am

    Dewhurst is running for Governor in 2014 and every word off his lips is designed to get votes for himself, not to improve the country at large.

    We as conservatives should be rational enough to know that impeacment will never happen as long as Harry Reid runs the Senate – even if by some chance Boehner had the fortitude to allow it to happen in the House, a trial would never see the light of day in the Senate.

    Let’s marshal our troops and energies toward taking the Senate in 2014 and relegate Harry Reid to minority status. Then we have the wherewithal to deal with the Communist-in-chief.

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    • SnowyComment by Lena
      October 16, 2013 @ 9:48 am

      I was happy to give you 5 stars, daveevad1. Not only would we need to take control of the Senate but we would need a 2/3 majority in order to remove Obama from office.

      We should remember that while Clinton was impeached by the House, the Senate failed to muster enough votes to remove him.

      If America’s voters will send 67 conservative senators to the Senate, I’ll be all for impeachment. Without them we are just blowing smoke.

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    • ptbaaComment by ptbaa
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:55 pm


      Dewhurst announced he would run for Governor, then evidently the polls told him he would not win that primary race so, he has decided to exercise the power of incumbency to try to retain his position as Lt. Governor. Why go from being the one who can actually bottle up real conservative legislation in the Senate to just a cheerleader for conservative values as Governor?

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  6. my04301933Comment by my04301933
    October 16, 2013 @ 9:39 am

    You know what?…

    All of us have similar feelings…

    All of us here do a pretty good job of writing and posting our feelings and desires…

    All of us say “Throw the bums out!”…


    America did not come about with WHIMPS LIKE US!

    It is no wonder we are in trouble…


    BUT WE DON’T DO A DAMN THING…we just watch our ship SINK and blame someone else!

    I’m tired of my postings, my anger has reached its peak so much so WORDS are no longer useful or the right path to take…

    As for me I’m finding my postings and this forum a bit BORING TODAY…

    We are just like a bunch of little old women who just can’t wait to gather and talk about “Who Dunnit” to us…

    I guess God knows how pathetic we sound…and is saying, to effect, “shut up and listen…for I am GOD!

    As a bunch…we are a gathering of “do nothings”…and OBAMA knows it and is LAUGHING AT US as being humorous, docile, lazy, and…


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    • SnowyComment by Lena
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:00 am

      As for me I’m finding my postings and this forum a bit BORING TODAY…

      There are lots of forums. Choose another. Conservatives should never whine.


      Speak for yourself. You may deserve him but I don’t and the other conservatives here don’t either.

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    • Ollie_FanComment by Ollie_Fan
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:24 am

      I understand what you are saying my04301933. I have been whining and writing comments from the comfort of my home about Obama since he was the Democrat nominee in ’08. That does not mean a dang thing really. These comments just get sucked into the internet blackhole never to be seen again.

      But last week I was in northern Virginia and decided to encourage and cheer on the truckers and their convoy going to DC from an overpass with other TEA members. It was a visual act that actually made the news! Had a great time meeting like-minded people face-to-face and got a few email addresses and phone numbers and we are going to have casual coffee meetings once a week or so.
      My point is we need to be more visual. Sitting at home and not making the effort ourselves is not going to help whatsoever. I was discouraged to see a smaller than expected number of trucks, but we made a point. The problem is we are workers and time is valuable and that’s where they beat us. Obama supporters are mostly welfare receiving, do nothing zombies. For a cell phone or a pack of cigs, they can be bought to protest on his behalf.
      This is a long rambling rant, but I understand what you’re saying. We conservatives can write comments here until our fingers fall off, doesn’t mean **** other than venting, which I guess is good for the blood pressure.

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    • mvotano58Comment by mvotano58
      October 16, 2013 @ 10:49 am

      @my04301933 I have to agree with you. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and it is non-stop whining about Obama. I spend time talking about him and his shenanigans but almost all my friends are like-minded so who is actually hearing me but them. Any liberal Democrat “friends” I did have in my Facebook feed all unfriended me because of my support of Mitt Romney in 2012 so I am reaching no one and making no impact on anybody’s thoughts. So now to fill my time I go to Liberal forums and try my best to set the record straight. Of course I am called out as a troll but if they can do it so can I.

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    • sr999Comment by sr999
      October 16, 2013 @ 11:24 am

      To my###etc.
      I understand what you are saying & suffer the same frustration. What do YOU think we should do? If it requires a Senate majority vote to impeach the schmuck, that takes time, electing the right officials, etc. & all the Gov’t. red tape & B.S..

      BEFORE the Gov’t. got too big & complex to handle, grassroots orgs. (aka Patriots) would have staged an armed revolution. I’m not at all opposed to it, but how far do you think such a thing would get? I, too, am sick of bitching about it & would like to do something! The question is: WHAT?? Seriously, other posters, WHAT do you all think WE should DO? I kinda like the French Revolution’s solution: “Off with their heads!” But realistically? Not likely to happen. I’ve sent out countless petitions calling for impeachment, but is that REALLY going anywhere? I feel powerless to do anything other than make my voice heard, attend rallies, & support others who feel as we do.

      What else is there? SERIOUSLY, I’d really like to know! ANYONE??????

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    • 1american1stComment by 1american1st
      October 16, 2013 @ 11:40 am

      Post on, the most Liberal fake news blog on the Internet, an absolute cesspool of Liberal MISinformation & lies on the planet.

      Unfortunately, AOL (my ISP) chose Huffington Post, which was (and still is) nothing but a Liberal Blog to become their news source. EVERY story is twisted & distorted to praise Democrats & project as much negative information, true or not, about Republicans & The Tea Party. Even the pictures they display are “wonderful” when showing a Democrat, but scowling and/or the worst picture ever taken of a Repub or Tea Party person.

      Liberals jump head first into every *** Liberal biased story & start spewing their lies, not to mention blubbering over Obama & The Worst Lady as if they are royalty.

      HP, like Obama, hates our military & regularly berates them.

      I try to counter their OUTRIGHT LIES, but I am only one Conservative. They do NOT believe in Truth or Facts. Any time you say anything negative about Obama, especially saying he is the worst or most inept or Economically Challenged prez in our history, you get an immediate barrage of counter posts calling you a Racist.

      I have said many times that I didn’t care if he was green, he is not qualified or capable of running the USA.

      Just remember, if you post on Huffington Post, you will be countered by a mountain of Liberal propaganda. HP will show you how devoted to Socialism these Liberals, especially the brain-washed younger generation, have become. It’s sad & bet their grandparents & great grandparents are rolling over in their graves.

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  7. justinphilpotComment by justinphilpot
    October 16, 2013 @ 10:21 am

    it is too bad the other politicians do not have the balls this guy has to stand up for America and it’s people.
    get rid of almost all of them(politicians) and start over with Christian Americans and get back to the good days America enjoyed before the new slavery(welfare rats) set in.

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  8. usar4meComment by usar4me
    October 16, 2013 @ 10:45 am

    Pres. Obama is not the GOVERNMENT… calling for the Impeachment of a criminal is not anti-government it is pro-government. This Pres. has no respect for the rule of law and especially Constitutional law. It is in fact pro-government to remove ANY malfeasant element of the government using the Constitutional process for such removal.

    The Impeachment of the President should not be based on ‘political ideology’. The House of Representatives should do their job by holding hearings on Impeachment and if there is sufficient evidence to justify Impeachment… IMPEACH. The House should pass Articles of Impeachment and forward them to the US Senate… IRRESPECTIVE of anyone’s perspective on what the Senate may or may not do with the Impeachment Articles.

    Let the people observe the actions of Congress ‘both houses’ regarding their DUTY to defend the Constitution against any criminal conduct by its officers and officials. Let the people hold the US Senate and House of Representatives for their actions… their failure to Impeach, too weigh the evidence impartially and take the appropriate action. Political party and ideology should be set aside when Impeachment becomes a necessary consideration.

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  9. relaymanComment by relayman
    October 16, 2013 @ 10:46 am

    I am a Texan and David Dewhurst finally got one right. Shows that even when you are dealing with incompetence, the law of averages dictates that you will do something right now and then. Let’s not forget he is a friend of big guvmint, a daring of the Bush family, and ran a dirty, mud slinging campaign against proven patriot Ted Cruz in the primary. His incompetence allowed democrat village idiot Wendy Davis to defend despicable late term abortions in a really stupid filibuster on the Texas Senate that caused a special session to deal with the abortion legislation.

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  10. davebnmComment by davebnm
    October 16, 2013 @ 10:51 am

    The Lame Stream Alphabet Stations & other Media were all over Clinton and his WH B*Js, yet they let the sitting clown get away with whatever he wants. B*Js trump Constitutional illegalities?

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  11. moonshineComment by moonshine
    October 16, 2013 @ 11:45 am

    I am not a Texan, but Dewhurst has gotten it right. Impeachment of Sheik Obama would be appropriate based on his numerous illegal actions and scandals, including the fact that he is not eligible to hold the Office of President. Its time we got rid of this cancer, and replaced him with a real American who will honor and respect the Constitution of the United States of America.

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    • elaineComment by elaine
      October 16, 2013 @ 12:55 pm

      ​The removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office must come under US Constitutional law Article ll Section 1 Clause 5
      Article II, Section 1, Clause 5
      5: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.
      The president of the United States must meet three eligibility requirements. He or she must be a natural born citizen, be at least thirty-five years old, and have resided within the United States for fourteen years.
      The first eligibility requirement is that the president be a natural born citizen.
      There is an obsolete way to meet the citizenship requirement. The office seeker could have achieved citizenship before nine states ratified the Constitution. With this proviso, the eight foreign-born delegates to the Federal Convention would be eligible. Before ratification could become a possibility, the Constitution had to make it out of the statehouse, so it was tactful to make every delegate eligible for the executive position.
      If a modern candidate is less than two-hundred and twenty years old, he must be a natural born citizen. Someone born inside the United States is a natural born citizen. Although some disagree, persons born outside the United States to United States citizens are considered natural born citizens. The first Congress in 1790 declared that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens.” The only reason this did not close the argument is that a Congressional statute cannot alter or clarify the supreme law of the land, but it certainly can be used to determine intent of the framers.
      What was the intent of the framers? It actually varied by individual, as it did on many issues. When they debated this clause, Benjamin Franklin said, “When foreigners after looking about for some other country in which they can obtain more happiness, give a preference to ours it is a proof of attachment which ought to excite our confidence and affection.”1
      Gouverneur Morris disagreed. “As for those philosophical ‘citizens of the world,’ I don’t want them in public councils. I do not trust them. A man who shakes off attachment to his country can never love any other.”1
      (The debates can enlighten on original intent, but in the end, it was the votes that determined what the Constitution meant.)
      The president must also be at least thirty-five years old upon taking the oath of office. Today, thirty-five seems young. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president at forty-two, and John F. Kennedy was the youngest elected president at forty-three. In 1787, thirty-five was not young. Alexander Hamilton was still five years away from eligibility. His fellow delegates Jonathon Dayton, John Mercer, Richard Dobbs Spaight, and Charles Pinckney were all younger. Even the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, was only thirty-six.
      The last eligibility requirement is that the president must have resided within the United States for fourteen years. Justice Story opined that “residence in the constitution, is to be understood, not an absolute inhabitancy within the United States during the whole period; but such an inhabitancy, as includes a permanent domicil in the United States.” Due to draft wording of this clause and the precedent-setting election of Herbert Hoover, it is generally accepted that the fourteen years can be cumulative.
      It is also interesting what is not included in this clause. There are no religious, property, hereditary, or military service requirements. Also, Fifty-five men framed a constitution that requires no amendment for a woman president.
      1 The Franklin and Morris quotes have been changed to first person from the third person used by James Madison in his notes.
      James D. Best is an author who writes historical novels and contemporary novels with a strong historical theme. Tempest at Dawn is a dramatization of the 1787 Constitutional Convention.
      This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am and is filed under Analyzing the Constitution in 90 Days 2011 Project, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, James D. Best. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

      - See more at:

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  12. dondehoffComment by dondehoff
    October 16, 2013 @ 3:11 pm

    I have brought up this issue some time ago, but it is so important, I am saying it again. If congress goes forward with impeachment action,like grizzly- bear hunting, they should go well prepared. He should be charged with every known or suspected offense, from day one, including issues that could result in follow-on or accompanying criminal action(s), Then we should add a “grossly poor judgment” issue and add about 50 or so items. Then,if he realizes he could be held criminally liable also, he just might “cop-a-plea” to the judgment issue, in return for not being criminally charged. While I would hate for him to get off “scot-free”, and just removed from office, but for the good of the country,that approach might lessen the possibility of “blood in the streets”. Also, his VP and the leader in the Senate should also be included in the action, as just removing him from office is not going to solve the “treason” problems.

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  13. jdonaldComment by jdonald
    October 16, 2013 @ 5:21 pm

    Much as I love the argument and agree with the postings on impeachment. by the time a non-Democratic Senate could be voted in the impeachment process brought to committee hashed out through the legislative process and brought to the combined legislature Mr. Obama will be long gone or at the very least a lame duck, if he isn’t that already.

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  14. shortstop1928Comment by shortstop1928
    October 16, 2013 @ 6:00 pm

    God Bless Texas!

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    • whodunitComment by whodunit
      October 16, 2013 @ 6:46 pm

      You can say that again!

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  15. gentlemanjimComment by gentlemanjim
    October 16, 2013 @ 7:05 pm

    Dang, criticizing O’Bummer? He mus be a raysis. Jus axe em.

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  16. oldsargeComment by oldsarge
    October 16, 2013 @ 8:44 pm

    Now Lt Gov Dewhurst is calling for impeachment of Obama for “overreaching his position,” If I was given a penny every time I heard that or similar statements about impeachment, I would be a billionaire by now. The history books may refer to this as “The Year of The Pipe Dreams.” Since he has three GOP challengers for re-election, I think this is just a brownie point fishing expedition. Just a quick review of the pipe dreams we have been reading and hearing about. According to Huckabee, Obama could be forced to resign from office over Benghazi. That didn’t happen. We also heard talk that the use of drones to launch hellfire missiles on a funeral procession in June, 2009 could become a major problem for the President. That fizzed out. Congressman Tom Price from Georgia wants to introduce a bill that will strip the IRS of any power connected with Obamacare. What happened with that? Nothing! House has voted to repeal Obamacare. Again nothing. Even if it passed the Senate, it would only have been a way for a few Senators, up for re-election in 2014, to make some well needed brownie points with voters. Obama would definitely veto it. I would bet the farm that you would not see two thirds majority of the House and Senate over ride that veto. In order to repeal Obamacare, the voters would have to elect a veto proof House and Senate in 2014. The chances of that happening are slim to none and Slim in getting out of Dodge fast. Then came aiding and abetting the enemy. Dead in the water. Next came the CR. Twenty-five RINOs voted against that. The Vitter Amendment went down in flames. Sarah Palin has also jumped on the impeachment bandwagon just the other day. Impeachment, the mother of all pipe dreams, isn’t going to happen. The RINOs in the House haven’t got the brass ones to start proceedings. Even if they did, it would never get past the Democrat controlled Senate. Even if the Republicans keep control of the House and take over the Senate in the 2014 mid term election, they will be afraid to do it. It would spark an uprising on a national scale that would make the Detroit and LA riots of the 1960s look like a Sunday picnic. We are stuck with him until 2016. If he can manage to get the Twenty Second Amendment repealed we may have him even longer. Seeing is believing. I will believe it if and when I see him being escorted from the White house for the last time. Preferably in handcuffs. Don’t hold your breath people. Needless to say, I am not optimistic at all about this. In my opinion, the voters had the last chance to remove him from the White House last November and blew it big time. “You have a Republic if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin.

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    • gtimberlakeComment by gtimberlake
      October 16, 2013 @ 11:59 pm

      In that case we will have to get democrats to get sick of their guy and vote him out. When enough democrat voters and financial supporters lose jobs and businesses and incomes they will smell the coffee. Money and misery changes attitudes. I don’t care how hard and seemingly impossible it is. It is time for Change. – - to use Obama’s words correctly. Don’t quit.

      OK. It feels like the republicans in the senate and some in the house sold us out.  So what? Get tough. We will retake the republicans as voters for the cause or retake their seats. We will find democrats that will learn to listen and turn around. We will win over some of the media. Sound like fiction? Sound like a tall and impossible order? Yes. And so what. We will not quit. We will learn to tell the story better. We will learn to be compelling. We will pray for God’s favor and guidance. And we will work as if it was all up to us while praying like it was only up to Him. – because actually it is. But God expects us to work and listen to him just like David in the Bible did. Don’t quit. 

      General Patton did not win battles because it was easy. He planned. He prepared. He strategized. And it was hard. He believed in prayer, but he was never soft. Never. Same again for General George Washington. Same again for Abe Lincoln.  (General Patton instructed his chaplains to pray more and to encourage the men to pray- and they did. Google General Patton.) Same again for Abe Lincoln. They believed in prayer and practiced prayer. They were not weak. Winners don’t crack when it gets tough. They expect it to be tough. They relish the fight. Don’t quit. 

      Don’t quit. Get tougher. Get smarter. Use your words better. Know your history and patriots better. Know the story tellers and great statesmen of the past. What did they say and why? Use good judgement. Write thoughtful and insightful letters to your governors and congressmen and senators. Use snail mail and e-mail. Remember: your governors have a big stake in the outcome of all this and they are influential in high places and they can talk to the guys that go to DC and tell them what is really going on. If the governor is getting thousands of letters a day-  not just crazy talking foolish dribble and threats, but intelligent letters –  it will get his attention. And it will get the attention of those he talks to. We can do this. We have to. We have to convince tens of millions to ‘enlist’ in the cause. The citizens battled multiple fronts in WW 2 and won the war after great and awful losses. We are their children and grand children. Winning is in us. It is what we do. We are America, not the defeatist, communist USSR. We don’t quit. We just keep on coming. We are the home of the free, the land of the brave. Know your birthright. Live it.

      What is the cause? Obama care – ACA is an important part, but it is more than that. It is cutting fraud and waste and bloat and debt and living within our means. It is making room for jobs and businesses instead of penalizing them and killing them with disincentives. It is protecting our people and maintaining our borders. It is one identifiable and legal vote per living US citizen. It is expecting the Executive branch and the Attorney General to perform their oaths of office and fulfill all of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. – - not pick and choose or ignore. (That is treason.)  It is taking the hands of tyranny out of our schools, our work places, out of our homes, out of our worship assemblies, out of our communications. The government agencies have reached into every level of society to dictate what we can say or not,  what we can do or not, where we can go or not, what we can think or not, what marriage is and is not, who we can employ or marry or not at our houses of worship, what truth is or is not, what is relevant or is not, how we educate our children and what we can and cannot tell them. We are told how to identify our children’s sex or not to do so. (Don’t  say girl or boy. You might conflict or confuse them.)- and another sex person can go into their restroom. The concept of forcing us to pay for abortion (planned murder of babies in the wombs) – over a million babies per year is Ludicrous and utterly evil. It is against nature and God’s will. – Explain that one to your forefathers. We are boxed in from so many angles that we forget what liberty and freedom is. Do we know what cause we fight to protect?

      Conservative means what? What are you conserving? How about truth?- the first casualty of war. How about freedom of worship? – that means you can wear your cross,  put it on your wall, read your Bible,  put it on your desk,  say Merry Christmas, sing ‘unrestricted’ Christmas songs in school and in the public square, and put up Nativity scenes,  and keep the crosses and Ten Commandment monuments that were planted by those before us and not being restricted from planting them today.- – and you can tell about the Christ and God, the Father freely.-without persecution or opposition. -All this and much more without being sued, assaulted, attacked by opposing zealots, insulted atheists and government goons backed up by a police force.-All of whom have never-ending grudges against Christians and are always offended. It was a dedication to God and Christianity that brought settlers on the Mayflower. And  created this union of states and bought our liberty and freedoms and established our rights under God. And it is only through the keen preservation of this allegiance to God and Christianity that we may keep it. We need to preserve our God given rights- the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

      Long read. Thanks for listening. Don’t quit.

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