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New U.S. economy: Part-time and temp jobs

By Washington Times (DC)

The new economic reality in the United States is this: The workforce has shifted from full-timers to part-timers.

On top of that, more Americans receive food stamps than work full time, Fox News reported.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that an estimated 28 million people in America now work at part-time jobs. And as the Washington Examiner noted, a record level of workers in the nation now hold temporary positions -- about 2.7 million -- that are obtained through a job placement service.

The American Staffing Association reported that in the first quarter of 2013 staffing agencies employed about 2 percent of non-farm workers in the nation. That's up by 2.9 percent from the similar quarter in 2012. And comparing June 2013 with June 2012, the number of Americans working at positions obtained through temp agencies jumped 6.7 percent.

"Nearly one-fifth of all jobs gained since the recession ended have been temporary," said Ashe Schow in the Examiner report.

At the same time, full-time jobs decreased by 240,000 positions.

"The recovery, or lack thereof, is being fueled by a shift from full-time to part-time work," Ms. Schow said in the Examiner.

And one more statistic related to the United States' new economy, as reported by Fox News on Tuesday: Nearly one in six Americans is on food stamps. That's more than are employed in full-time jobs, Fox News said.


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  1. Scruffy-USN-RetiredComment by kerryp
    July 11, 2013 @ 6:04 am

    The obama couldn’t be happier over the damage and corruption to the U.S.A., that he and his “Obama Islamic Jihad” has created. If the democrats are left to perform their destructive agenda, this country will self destruct. You can’t continue to reward and support those who will not work and discourage and overtax those who will work.
    Obama should be put in prison for his obamacare destruction.

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    • bna42Comment by bna42
      July 11, 2013 @ 10:59 am

      “The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that an estimated 28 million people in America now work at part-time jobs. And as the Washington Examiner noted, a record level of workers in the nation now hold temporary positions — about 2.7 million — that are obtained through a job placement service.”

      The “fundamental transformation of America” as promised.

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  2. gimmesometruthComment by gimmesometruth
    July 11, 2013 @ 8:55 am

    All Obama has done is to continue the “Free Trade” NWO agenda of Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43, which transfers manufacturing jobs overseas to low-paying, non-union countries, and in return we get a disappearing middle-class, high unemployment, unsustainable massive federal debt, a crumbling infrastructure, and a reserve currency that is increasingly being rejected worldwide. What a bargain!

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    • FreeDameComment by FreeDame
      July 14, 2013 @ 8:09 pm

      I agree with everything in your statement except the first word, “All.” While Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 certainly got the ball rolling, Obummer has taken wrecking the economy – his personal quest – to a whole new, devastating level.

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  3. cxComment by genesal
    July 11, 2013 @ 9:09 am

    Apathy is a Country killer.

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  4. mvotano58Comment by mvotano58
    July 11, 2013 @ 11:25 am

    I own my company, a consulting firm in the oil and gas business, but I still keep an account with a job finding website. Back during the Bush years every day I got at least one notification from them typically with 20 to 25 new jobs listed. Sometimes there might be three in a day. For the most part they were direct hire positions in a variety of functions from operations to accounting in the energy sector.

    Then somewhere in the early part of 2009 they stopped coming daily. I usually got them 1 to 2 times per week. Then it was about 1 a month. Then it got down to none for months. This has continued until today. There were about 2 weeks in April that I received 3 of those notices but it didn’t last long….The last notice I got was over a month ago.

    Most of the positions that are advertised now are through temporary agencies for every position from welding to general manager’s, including positions such as engineers, all types, which require a degree.

    I live in Texas and the economy is strong here but soon, because of Obama’s energy policies, we are going to start feeling it. The sequester is starting to put a hurt on the Corpus area because of the Navy yard down there. And the illegals are taking the few jobs that don’t require any skills or education.

    I try to keep a positive attitude about all of it though. I’m one of those kind of people that will thrive despite the nonsense some fool on a hill keeps heaping on us.

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  5. shafawnComment by shafawn
    July 11, 2013 @ 11:55 am

    Wow devastating news! Our economy is actually crumbling now.

    So what is GOP prepared to do in response?

    Will the Republicans cry for impeachment now?


    Didn’t think so

    You’re great about giving us the bad news .. not so great about any solution for it. I guess you’ll wait until what’s left of conservatives are in the ditches fighting for our lives in George Orwell’s prophetic visions of America and then you’ll say ‘gee maybe we should impeach’?

    What exactly is my responsibility in this? I voted conservatively..
    I’ve called.. I’ve written congress..
    I’ve signed petitions until I’m blue in the face.
    I joined true the vote and followed their instructions for my community at election time. I’ve commented on any forum I can to try and help make some small contribution towards freedom .. what little it is in exercising free speech.

    But I know this so you must also know .. if something doesn’t DRASTICALLY change every single one of us who have commented on these forums will be on a list of names who are ‘combatants of the king’ or whatever they will call it because freedom of speech will die a quick death before the 2nd amendment hits the floor.

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    • darralComment by darral
      July 11, 2013 @ 4:02 pm

      Impeachment must come from the Senate The senate is controlled by the Democratic Party The democratic party supports the agenda to destroy America and turn America into a dictatorial controlled Government controlled by the Democratic party Obama is their Puppet

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    • bna42Comment by bna42
      July 11, 2013 @ 5:52 pm


      Article 1, section 2 of the Constitution says “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and SHALL HAVE THE SOLE POWER OF IMPEACHMENT”. Article 1, section 2 of the Constitution says “The Senate SHALL HAVE THE SOLE POWER TO TRY ALL IMPEACHMENTS. . .When the President of the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present”.

      So the HOUSE can file articles of impeachment and probably persuade enough Democrats who are sick of Obama to join with them. Then the Senate would be FORCED to hold a trial to determine his punishment which could be anything from a sap on the wrist to removal from office. This is exactly the procedure that took place with Bill Clinton for lying under oath. Rather than removing him from office, they opted to slap him on the wrist and accept surrender of his law license for a number of years.

      Notice that the Constitution does not call for a super majority of Representatives in order to impeach Obama, and notice that the Constitution does not require a two-thirds majority of ALL Senators, only “a two-thirds majority of the members PRESENT”. Consider the number of Senators who are campaigning for another term and just might want to avoid showing up that day in order to prevent their having to take a stand one way or the other. The Senators are set up on a rotating basis meaning that one-third of them are up for re-election every two years, so how many of those might just be fed up enough with Obama to avoid attending the Senate trial.

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    • shafawnComment by shafawn
      July 12, 2013 @ 9:58 am

      I’ve emailed several members of the House and spoken to one of their aids. They usually won’t even comment on impeaching Obama and the closest I got to an answer was that it would be a waste of time to start impeachment proceedings because it would not pass the senate.

      That is rotten reasoning. Can the police arbitrarily determine among themselves which crimes are more or less punishable in their determination to apprehend a suspect? The House are the political watchdogs of the country and are supposed to best reflect the grass roots considerations of we the people and control the other 2 branches from getting out of control.

      So if push comes to shove… the HOUSE is to blame because they are doing NOTHING to stop the carnage done to the constitution. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed in the GOP.

      They are too concerned with their own individual positions of political power. They are too concerned about the threats to their political careers if they stand against the Obama administration. What does that really mean???? They love MONEY more than they love the people of the United States or standing up for what is right.

      Let me share with you some quotes that should be taken to heart.

      America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within. – Joseph Stalin

      If you pay people not to work and tax them when they do, don’t be surprised if you get unemployment. – Milton Friedman

      A claim for equality of material possession can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers. – Friedrich Hayek

      Socialism is a new form of slavery. – Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville

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  6. JDZComment by JDZ
    July 11, 2013 @ 12:04 pm

    The question on the table for America is “Is this the America we want?”. Do we want one out of three Americans on welfare, over 50 million on food stamps, fewer Americans working then on welfare, and over 20 million unemployed and in distress. Do we want the federal government continuing to borrow 42 cents of every dollar it spends skyrocketing the national debt from $9 Trillion to $17 Trillion under the Obama administration? Do we want a huge unsustainable bureaucratic and dictatorship style government that picks and chooses which laws to enforce and who to enforce them against? A Chicago style thuggery government that has had more major scandals then any administration in our history and getting away with it because our chief law enforcer (Eric Holder) is in the bag for Obama and his radical socialist agenda. An administration who continues to enforce racist based policies in the DOJ and other arenas and in public incidents. A President who would rather take a vacation and play golf then stay on the job during extremely sensitive world incidents like Benghazi and Egypt. An administration that used the IRS to suppress the ability of Romney to raise money and gather voters in the last election. ETC.

    President Obama has implemented the most destructive set of economic policies in our history, which has totally suppressed the ability of our private sector where 90% of the jobs are created and maintained in our economy, to recovery and create the badly needed jobs of the 20 million still out of work.

    It is criminal what is going on whether it is intentional or due to massive incompetence at unprecedented levels, but regardless, it is there for us to see, and the American people have a choice to make. Do they want this Obama vision and reshaping of America and Chicago style thuggery government or… return to the truly American style of representative government that our Founders created for us?

    The choice is there to make and should be obvious, but I thought it was obvious in the 2012 election, but the American people re-elected a failing President to a second term and we are worse off for that decision as our problems are getting worse and more embedded by the day.

    The moves are clear. The conservatives must take control of Congress in 2014 by taking back the Senate and building even more members in the House and stop Obama from doing any more damage to our country. Then, we must elect a true American leader who believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights into the Presidency. Someone with true leadership skills and intellect that knows how to turn around this huge and growing mess our government has created.

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    • FreeDameComment by FreeDame
      July 14, 2013 @ 8:18 pm

      Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans will vote for the first name on the ballot that they recognize, if they vote at all. As long as they live indoors, eat regularly, have heat and A/C and Cable TV, they will continue to say smugly, “I don’t pay attention to politics. It’s just all so dirty.” Then they’ll change the channel to “American Idol” and go back into their coma.

      People will not wake up until they are moved sufficiently out of their “comfort zone.” And by then it will almost certainly be too late, if it isn’t already.

      God is our only hope.

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  7. KBBComment by KBB
    July 11, 2013 @ 5:01 pm

    I read when every regular full-time job is changed by an employer to part-time or temporary, the new job status is counted as a NEW JOB in the “number of jobs created this month” report. We already know that the jobs reports do not distinguish between full-time, part-time and temporary. They’re all reported only as NEW JOBS. So we’re also given the impression that they are additional jobs, when in fact they may not be.

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  8. rzraickComment by rzraick
    July 11, 2013 @ 8:48 pm

    All the talk about food stamps, the economy and jobs, misses the point entirely. Our country is broke. Just as broke as those in Europe and for the same reasons.

    We have been decimated by the western Rothschild banking crime family, which has looted the wealth for the western world.

    Have you noticed that the wars across the globe have one thing in common, for the most part. It is countries under the Rothschild banks vs. countries outside of this corrupt banking system.

    Libya, had its own bank and the first thing to go after the murder of Gadhafi was the honest banking system to be replaced with a Rothschild bank.

    Most Islamic countries use the banking system of Islam, which considered interest or usury to be a sin, and therefore it is a threat to the western banking system, which uses interest to loot the wealth of all peoples in all countries they control.

    Syria is another country which has an honest banking system of its own.

    When you finally realize that the Western Banking system is the most evil and criminal force on the planet, you will be one step closer to knowing what must be done.

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  10. bowler1hatComment by bowler1hat
    July 12, 2013 @ 12:06 am

    Obama would be beside himself with joy if he could give every American and illegal alien part-time-temporary jobs so government can rule a free people. Obama’s job is a full time temporary job that he puts less than half the effort into. The other half of his effort is in his back swing!

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