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White House, senators launching immigration push

By Associated Press

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama will launch a campaign next week aimed at overhauling the nation's flawed immigration system and creating legal status for millions, as a bipartisan Senate group nears agreement on achieving the same goals.

The proposals from Obama and lawmakers will mark the start of what is expected to be a contentious and emotional process with deep political implications. Latino voters overwhelmingly backed Obama in the 2012 election, leaving Republicans grappling for a way to regain their standing with an increasingly powerful pool of voters.

The president will press his case for immigration changes during a trip to Las Vegas Tuesday. The Senate working group is also aiming to outline its proposals next week, according to a Senate aide.

Administration officials say Obama's second-term immigration push will be a continuation of the principles he outlined during his first four years in office but failed to act on. He is expected to revive his little-noticed 2011 immigration "blueprint," which calls for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants that includes paying fines and back taxes; increased border security; mandatory penalties for businesses that employ unauthorized immigrants; and improvements to the legal immigration system, including giving green cards to high-skilled workers and lifting caps on legal immigration for the immediate family members of U.S. citizens.

"What has been absent in the time since he put those principles forward has been a willingness by Republicans, generally speaking, to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform," White House press secretary Jay Carney said. "What he hopes is that that dynamic has changed."

The political dynamic does appear to have shifted following the November election. Despite making little progress on immigration in his first term, Obama won more than 70 percent of the Latino vote, in part because of the conservative positions on immigration that Republican nominee Mitt Romney staked out during the GOP primary. Latino voters accounted for 10 percent of the electorate in November.

The president met privately Friday morning with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss his next steps on immigration. Among those in the meeting was Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., who said Obama told lawmakers "immigration reform is his number one legislative priority."

That could bump back the president's efforts to seek legislation enacting stricter gun laws, another issue he has vowed to make a top second term priority.

The Senate immigration group is also pressing for quick action, aiming to draft a bill by March and pass legislation in their chamber by August, said the aide, who requested anonymity in order to discuss private deliberations. The Republican-controlled House would also need to pass the legislation before it went to the White House for the president's signature.

Senate lawmakers working on the immigration effort include Democrats Charles Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Robert Menendez of New Jersey; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Marco Rubio of Florida, according to Senate aides.

Democrat Michael Bennet of Colorado, and Republicans Jeff Flake of Arizona and Mike Lee of Utah have also been involved. It's not clear whether all those involved will sign on to the principles the group hopes to roll out next week.

Those principles are expected to include a process toward legalizing the status of unauthorized immigrants already in the country; border security; verification measures for employers hiring workers and ways for more temporary workers to be admitted into the country.

It's unclear whether the group will back the pathway to full citizenship that the president is seeking. Schumer and Graham have previously supported requiring illegal immigrants to admit they broke the law, perform community service, pay fines and back taxes, pass background checks and learn English before going to the back of the line of immigrants already in the system in order to legalize their immigration status.

Several of the senators negotiating the immigration principles are veterans of the failed comprehensive immigration reform effort under then-President George W. Bush. That process collapsed in 2007 when it came up well-short of the needed votes in the Senate, a bitter outcome for Bush and the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the Democrats' leader on the legislation.

Some Republicans still lament that result as a missed opportunity for the party that could have set the GOP on a different path to reach more Latino voters.

Rubio is a relative newcomer to Senate negotiations on the issue, but he's seen as a rising star in his party and a potential 2016 presidential candidate. As a charismatic young Hispanic leader his proposals on immigration have attracted wide notice in recent weeks. And as a conservative favorite, unlike McCain or Graham, his stamp of approval could be critical to drawing in other conservative lawmakers.

A Republican aide said that Rubio has made clear in his interactions with the Senate group that he couldn't sign on to proposals that deviated from the principles he himself has been laying out in recent media interviews, including border security first, a guest-worker program, more visas for high-tech workers and enforcement in the workplace.

As for the illegal immigrants already in the country, Rubio would have them pay a fine and back taxes, show they have not committed crimes, prove they've been in the country for some time and speak some English and apply for permanent residency. Ultimately citizenship too could be in reach but only after a process that doesn't nudge aside immigrants already in line, and Rubio hasn't provided details on how long it all might take.


Associated Press writer Luis Alonso Lugo contributed to this report.

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  1. Jota_Comment by Jota_
    January 26, 2013 @ 9:39 am

    Have a hard time understanding why it is so important to overhaul “the nation’s flawed immigration system” when they have no intention of fixing the problem, secure the borders

    The second thing which is hard to understand, why the illegals would want to be citizens, because there is little evidence they do.

    What is it about our way of life they want to adopt?

    Sure it is great now with everyone catering to their demands but once they become a citizen they will just become a donkey for the liberals. They could have got that in Mexico

    So a new identity card but same old way of life

    Which explains why the liberals jumped on Romney for saying “self deport” because they do not understand why the illegals are here. The liberals will fix nothing, but continue to make the problem worse

    Secure the borders and address the illegals motivation for being here.

    They did not come here to be a citizen, they came here to make a few bucks and when the liberals started giving them everything imaginable, to win their support, the illegals decided to milk it for all it was worth.

    What the liberals hope to change, since the liberals cannot afford to continue to share the plunder with them for much longer, is the need to make them donkeys, which they will remind them they need to be eternally grateful for being a donkey in America rather than Mexico

    Socialism gains power by convincing the majority they too can have it all at no cost to themselves, but only benefits a handful at the top

    The fact the RNC cannot see this makes me wonder about them

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    • my04301933Comment by my04301933
      January 26, 2013 @ 10:57 am

      Associated Press:

      “WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will launch a campaign next week aimed at overhauling the nation’s FLAWED(?) immigration system and creating legal status for millions, as a bipartisan Senate group nears agreement on achieving the same goals.”

      What a bunch of “LOADED” rhetoric…words like “flawed”, “bipartisan”, “same goals” (at least this is valid description…one can’t tell one party from the other, and both seek permanent re-election).

      The Associated Press is like reading “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich” and its description of the media propagandist.


      Get the bums out of that house of honor!

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    • nax777Comment by nax777
      January 26, 2013 @ 2:29 pm

      This time both parties are ignoring various Federal Department’s reports on the deadly consequences of mass net (legal and illegal) immigration. /

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  2. BobinmsComment by Bobinms
    January 26, 2013 @ 10:14 am

    There is nothing wrong with present laws. There is plenty wrong when decisions are made to not enforce them. That is an illegal act.

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  3. my04301933Comment by my04301933
    January 26, 2013 @ 10:32 am

    First…we have a very good immigration law…it is GOOD because it addresses tthe needs of America…

    NOT THE POLITICIANS!…they want it changed to attract votes for them to stay employed…

    Our POLITICAL elected are acting just like UNIONS…

    …Unions need the vote to stay in power and the money…

    Second…the government DOES NOT ENFORCE the current immigration law …

    NOW they want a NEW LAW that makes them popular to get as many votes as they can…AND TO REMAIN IN OFFICE…


    Yes…Obama shall be in office FOREVER…

    and your and my needs…and the country…go by the way side..


    AMERICA is no longer important…

    BUT THEIR JOBS ARE…and possibly they won’t enforce the new law either…

    THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING…but a dangerous beginning…

    …that leads to totalitarianism…

    …to SERFDOM,…


    And there is nothing you can do about it because we are disappointingly weak…and will do NOTHING to defend our nation…

    I will venture to explain why:

    One…we hire weaklings,and the greedy…

    …in our own image???

    Next, we don’t know what our Constitution says or offers…so we roll over and belly up…

    WE are thus ignorant, and just the type of persons OBAMA NEEDS to keep and capture votes…and HIS serfdom…

    …that is why he seeks the poorly educated, the limited thinkers, the morally unsound, the greedy and the lazy…much like him…

    Next…we just don’t care and we will let someone else take the appropriate action…

    …to defend our AMERICA…

    GOD help us…

    America…forget your political party…YOUR AMERICA and YOUR FREEDOM are the …

    PRIORITY!…it is time to reunite!

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  4. lwessonComment by lwesson
    January 26, 2013 @ 10:38 am

    It was funny watching Bobby Jindal with his stern face, his forceful male voice, yesterday, calling the Republican Party, “The Stupid Party”. Bobby did not come up with that by the way, he lifted it from another Republican who said it years ago.

    Why was Bobby so peeved? He was directing his glare at people who said the in your face obvious, and that is a mortal naughty sin. Mitt Romney after the so called election (see voter fraud) said that Obama won because he promised more free stuff to the half of the country that clamors for more more more… Bad Mitt, bad!

    Also, Romney dared to address our so called Border, and the teaming untold millions of illegal aliens, while still managing to be kind of jello soft. That is NOT what Lord Jindal wants to hear! No, The Stupid Party, is spooling up to counter the The Evil Party, in promising goodies, amnesty, more immigration, green cards… insuring MORE votes for The Evil Party. (The Democrats) Brilliant!

    Off on the side recently, also vying for the Republican Presidential Nomination, like Jindal, you have Rubio, The Castillian Cuban, along with Jack Kemp accolade Paul Ryan, nodding in bobble head approval, his amnesty plans. All so bright you have to wear shades! Treason Media is sooo, eating this up.

    Are there any plans by Republicans to re-industrialize America? Gosh golly, NO!

    What will all of this Pollyanna compassion talk do? Here, Stupid PartAy, let me help. Hispanic voters, still a small pie in total votes, will trickle a few more votes to The Republicans but of the 70+% that bother to vote, they will go to the Party that offers goodies. The 93% Blacks for Obama (is this racist?) will again head in mass to the Party that offers the most in special favors. Asians? A very small group, kind of identify with Strong Armed Government, akin to where they come from. No change. And remember, voting, voting often, voting for the DEAD is a duty, for Hope & Change. This crime will continue.

    Even worse than this, The Stupid Party will have brilliantly managed to alienate, piss off more of, Fly Over America. WOW! Ingenious! The Stupid Party cannot expect anything more but greater flaccid support from White voters. (note: it seems that Hispanic, Black, Asian can be freely talked about, no?)

    There is one more problem for The Stupid Party. I know, you would think that the imbeciles have enough on their plate. The Stupid Party is where The Evil Party wants them as they are terrified like Elephants looking at mice, of being called names, like Nativists, Racists… as this slaps them into hanging their heads down, shuffling feet, screaming denials, and offering The Evil Party more… . Now that is wickedly genius, Evil Party. Well done! Bravo!

    And all of this RNC wondering around like ping pong balls in a box is being done while His Majesty and his sycophant minions are disregarding the The Bill of Rights, buying more ammo, asking Generals if they will obey orders to shoot We the People, avoiding the crimes at Benghazi and Fast & Furious… Again, genius Stupid Party. We are sinking faster.

    Oh, and thank you Bobby Jindal.

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    • mysticComment by mystic
      January 26, 2013 @ 5:18 pm

      *clap* *clap* *clap* Well posted! Yes!

      I’ll add the very simple idea: Use existing laws with one small addendum to the mix: You came here illegally by not going through our process and laws to attain a green care/residency card on a path of possible citizenship…then you NEVER get to be a citizen! Period, end of story.

      What do we do with 12 million illegals? Easy… register them (if they can do it to guns why not people) grant them a legal residency card and deny them ever gaining citizenship. This goes for their children and anyone else they drug over with them.

      Legal residence does offer this group allot. One can work and pay taxes. You can buy property. You can gain a loan and start a business. You can in essence live the American dream. You just won’t be allowed to EVER, EVER, EVER be a United States Citizen. Why? Because you jumped the line and didn’t want to follow our laws.

      Consequences to Actions… that is all that needs to be applied here. It won’t cost a dime extra either and does not grant wide spread ‘amnesty’ to those who don’t care or are hoping their ‘plight’ is sad enough that we won’t care and hand them on a silver plate everything they think they are ENTITLED too.

      ….oh…one more thing: This ‘residency’ status only keeps these people off the doles, public programs, federal and state doles as well as holding their feet to the fire in having to follow every single law we have on the books. You screw up ONCE…YOU ARE GONE! Immediate deportation. Look at Sweden, Norway, Finland, most of the EU…this is how their immigration laws work..and no one is throwing their left shoe at them for it now are they? *><*


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    • my04301933Comment by my04301933
      January 26, 2013 @ 6:02 pm

      Good…but what would you advise…? We have among most who read and post a mixture of parties I suspect, at least at one time or other we may have voted Dem…etc…

      But now we all seem to fear that we are in deep manure, and MUST DO SOMETHING more than share our thoughts…

      So, where do you think this is all going, and what do you think we will do about it…?

      Serious business, here

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    • mysticComment by mystic
      January 26, 2013 @ 6:37 pm

      For my04301933: What would I advise? Put it out there fairly decently I thought.

      Next step? Well since I am not an elected official..and no one person can DO anything to FIX this issue…all that can be done is to share the idea’s that will work most effectively; fax/call/meet with your local and state/fed reps…and walk away. it is all someone like you or I can do.

      What else can we do? I suppose we could group up state by state (we watched what happened to the Tea Party on that score) We can launch a national 50 state coalition and hire us a strong lobby (which who can afford 150 thousand dollar salary for each one..and that’s cheap.) WE can call the White House day in and day out and make a total nuisance of ourselves (and the men in black will nicely show up at our door and tear us a new one like Joe the Plumber.)

      What else can be done on a private level? What would you suggest?


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  5. koranalystComment by koranalyst
    January 26, 2013 @ 11:04 am

    While I have believed that Senator Rubio will be a rising star among Conservative Republicans, I must disagree, vehemently, with one of his cardinal philosophical positions on the matter of the estimated 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants. He recently appeared on FOX, with Greta Van Susteren, and made this statement, referring to the 11 to 12 million: “They will be with us forever”.
    That conclusion COULD be valid, IF we accept it as the ONLY option we have.
    I consider the unsolved problem akin to a pernicious state of war against the people of the United States, and IMO, if it is not dealt with swiftly and decisively [as opposed to the endless bickering and internal governmental internecine warfare we have suffered] our already catastrophic socio/economic posture will be further exacerbated to the point of potential vigilantiism.
    In the past when we were faced with potential threats to our domestic safety, we took decisive action. In retrospect, those internment actions were extreme and unfair, and we learned from the mistakes we made, albeit from WW II hysteria. We apologized and properly made reparations, and learned from the experience. I am not suggesting that we repeat the excesses of the past. However, IMO, the socioeconmic posture of the USA is continuing to be sabotaged in an ever accelerating manner, while all we seem to be able to do is TALK ABOUT IT.
    I believe that this is becoming a truly existential problem for this country, just as a cancer would for a host’s body. The offending “disease”, many times, must be subjected to harsh treatment, if the host is to survive with vibrant health, and so it is, IMO, with 11 or 12 million illegal aliens. They must, IMO, be quickly removed from the “host”, familial difficulties and anchor babies, notwithstanding.
    I do not believe this situation lends itself to the necessity of a worldwide apology, for our lack of “human compassion”. In being decisive, we WOULD be compassionate, by enabling ourselves to help our OWN poor and destitute citizens.
    Flame suit is on. I expect ad hominem attacks on the order of “racist latino-phobe” and “neo-nazi/facist”. I prefer patriotic US American.

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    • vevaComment by veva
      January 26, 2013 @ 7:16 pm

      Agree, all who came “illegally” can never become citizens! They never qualify to VOTE! That’s the whole liberal reason for wanting them here. Join with and support, a legal, investigative org. whose records show there has been, and is, much fraudulent voting. There were MORE ballots voted in some counties of Ohio, then there were PEOPLE OLD ENOUGH to vote! How could that happen? Did it affect the presidential election outcome? And BTW, a survey of voters was conducted, on election night, by “Public Opinion Strategies”, showing: “A majority of voters (61%) favor laws requiring local law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of people they reasonably suspect of in being the country illegally. Some 43% strongly favor such laws, while 23% strongly oppose. Interestingly, 40% of Hispanics support this Arizona-style enforcement approach to illegal immigration, which is 13% more Hispanics than supported Romney! This seems to undermine the politically-correct crazy talk by some that conservatives should now embrace amnesty to appeal to the “Hispanic” vote.”

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  6. shafawnComment by shafawn
    January 26, 2013 @ 11:24 am

    All that really means is .. Obama is going to have an open border policy and everyone from any country who wants to come to the United States is going to flood in like a tidal wave more than before. Everyone who illegally snuck in will now be an automatic U.S. citizen and entitled to join the free stuff crowd.

    Glut the system with more moochers and strip the wealth from those who earned it. Teach the youth that people with money don’t deserve it and they should give it up so the uneducated and unemployed can be comfortable.

    If you want to see how pearls look on pigs look at the Obamas

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    • BobinmsComment by Bobinms
      January 26, 2013 @ 12:49 pm

      Well, not exactly “everyone”. Only those likely to vote Democratic.

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  7. SAnnComment by SAnn
    January 26, 2013 @ 11:48 am

    How do we recall these Senators? They took an oath of office which they do not seem to understand. We have all the illegals that have entered our country ILLEGALLY breaking our laws and we have Senators listed that are working on a way to allow them to gain AMNESTY and become a LEGAL citizen of our country. What is wrong with this picture? Guess! Because they have continually been voted back into office by who????? How foolish the people of this country have become and how arrogant the politicians are.

    By the way if you believe it is only 11 to 12 million illegals in this country everyone who believes this is in for a rude awakening! It is now closer to 30 million who are here to take your tax $$ and use it to support themselves. Do you believe that the Senators that are giving our country away will say that they must be able to support themselves and will not be given any help whatsoever? Not in this life time!

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    • koranalystComment by koranalyst
      January 26, 2013 @ 2:27 pm

      RE: the 30 million estimate. What is the data source for this estimate?

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    • mysticComment by mystic
      January 26, 2013 @ 5:28 pm

      From Wiki (I know I know…but hang with me) Illegal immigration to the United States is the act of foreign nationals entering the United States, without government permission and in violation of United States nationality law, or staying beyond the termination date of a visa, also in violation of the law.

      The illegal immigrant population of the United States in 2008 was estimated by the Center for Immigration Studies to be about 11 million people, down from 12.5 million people in 2007.[1] Other estimates range from 7 to 20 million.[2] According to a Pew Hispanic Center report, in 2005, 56% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico; 22% were from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America;[3] 13% were from Asia; 6% were from Europe and Canada; and 3% were from Africa and the rest of the world.[3]

      So from the Pew Hispanic Center Report from 2005 to 2007 we have anywhere from 7 to 20 million illegals just from South America. This does not take into account all the other cultures, Russian, Ukrainian, Asian, African (gee, like Obama’s family tree who keeps popping up here and there.) It is not a hard stretch to add another 5-7 million of those cultures over staying a student visa or visit visa..and usually they do over stay until found or caught ten or fifteen years later.


      “There are currently 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country by many estimates, but the real numbers could be much higher and the numbers increase every day because our borders are not secure (no matter what the politicians tell you – don’t believe them for a second)”.

      and from the same site:CNN’s Lou Dobbs, a highly educated authority on the illegal immigration crisis in our nation regularly uses a figure of “20 million” when discussing the number of illegal aliens on his broadcast “Lou Dobbs Tonight”

      These are 2004 numbers… 2004! Holy Flying Frogs!

      I could go on and on and on…and most numbers we have are 2008 or further back. 2010 Census shows a wide vary number of as low as 15 million all the way up to 33 million.

      Please don’t take my word for it…look it up. Google, it’s your friend.


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  8. arwenusaComment by arwenusa
    January 26, 2013 @ 12:12 pm

    Could the plan be:

    1. Overrun the country with non-Americans, but force Americans to support the non-Americans in numerous ways (free schools, free medical care … we all know the drill).

    2. Increase federal taxes on Americans until they cannot pay them; then have the IRS confiscate their homes.

    3. Sell the confiscated homes to the only people who will still have money to buy them: Chinese and Muslims.

    4. Bingo! No more white/Christian/American middle class in America (or whatever name they are using for this country by then – North Mexico? West Arabia?). Plus a bunch of money paid to the feds. Perfect!

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  9. BobinmsComment by Bobinms
    January 26, 2013 @ 12:39 pm

    You can bet your a$$ that citizenship will be last thing the Republicans approve because the illegals will vote democratic and vote them out of office. You can rest assured they will take care of themselves and the voters can do the same.

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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      January 26, 2013 @ 4:49 pm

      I wish I could agree Bob. Sadly, the Republicans, aka via Bobby Jindal, The Stupid Party, has been cramming cheap labor from 3rd World countries as if crazed sausage makers. The more the merrier, Jack Kemp style.

      Bush the Younger seemed agonized to do ANYTHING about The Border. He even helped dump thousands of Somalis into, get this, MAINE! There was no STOP on importing more Muslims…

      This goes on and on. Bush in some long winded whiny speech talked of home ownership per minorities. Humm? Where did that go? Lets talk about changing mortgage rules…

      No, something is broken at the core of The Republican Party. And sadly, very sadly, kind of like the Titanic, we cannot board another ship, get a new Captain, and there is no help large enough to save us. Bobby Jindal, Rubio, Ryan are not the answer but rather MORE of the problem.

      Just what to do? We need someone that is not afraid to discuss the issues irregardless of what Treason Media thinks, what the Evil Party (Democrats) thinks. We need someone that can resist the temptation of money, and fight for the Re-Industrialization of America. We need someone who thinks of America First, PERIOD! If not, it is game over and it will get ugly post game.

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    • BobinmsComment by Bobinms
      January 26, 2013 @ 6:03 pm

      lwesson. We don’t disagree…..I think. I’m saying they may get amnesty and some other things but won’t get citizenship because that will give them the vote and even the Republicans can figure out what that will do to them. But it won’t matter, the Democrats will haul them to the polls in droves anyway.

      Tina Turner may have the right idea. Did you see where she is becoming a Swiss citizen and renouncing her US citizenship?

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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      January 27, 2013 @ 11:00 am

      No I missed that Bob, Switzerland is allowing Tina Turner in? Really? The Wife & I have mused about places that we would fit in. She likes New Zealand, no, LOVES, New Zealand but it is too much for me to become a SUBJECT. Switzerland was my choice.

      It is something to think that people are actually looking elsewhere to live, per Nations. WW2 Dad, would be flabbergasted, but it he were here now…

      Funny, amnesty is like a gateway drug. Once in, the Evil Party will constantly push for citizenship via the plea for compassion, bla bla bla. But like you say, illegals are hauled to the Polls to vote anyway! And the Dead too. No wonder there is this huge Zombie infatuation in the US. Cheers Bob!

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  10. wmaggComment by wmagg
    January 26, 2013 @ 3:00 pm

    Why is there no mention of eliminating the votes cast by illegals or deporting those who have committed criminal acts while in this country by this administration, could it be that this **** knows that without the votes cast by illegals and their illegal families that he would have never been illegally returned to the office he has never legally held. No perhaps it is just a case of birds of a feather, “criminals protecting criminals”.

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    • mysticComment by mystic
      January 26, 2013 @ 5:34 pm

      In the now infamous words of SOS Hilary Clinton “What difference does it make?”.

      Illegals are gonna vote for the party who is going to not only allow them to stay, but is going to give them a free pass at the all you can take buffet bar. Big Red Trucks DuH!

      I posted early, and I’ll post it again… make them all resident status only…which takes away all the freebies and voting rights. Residency allows for the American Dream in everyway with the exception of federal and state dole handouts, have to work and pay taxes and no voting. This goes for their family they dragged here too… you didn’t sign the guest book, you didn’t follow our laws? We will register you, give you a resident green card and the minute you break one are gone! GONE!

      Now that’s something that costs no money to implement, and sends a very clean and clear message to those who have used and abused our laws and thinking we are the never ending all you can take salad bar.


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    • lwessonComment by lwesson
      January 27, 2013 @ 11:09 am

      I am hesitant to ever grant any kind of resident anything to criminals. Think of Paroles, and just how many crimes are committed with the parolees Free Ranging about, with out ANY cost to The Parole Board. Once in, this huge mass of people will be that much closer to citizenship. A change in political climate, someone signing an Executive Order…

      Keep on hearing this amusing phrase with great imagery. “Allowing the camel’s nose under the tent”. This must be something that creates havoc in the Middle East.

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  11. juicyfruit56Comment by juicyfruit56
    January 26, 2013 @ 6:28 pm

    The Democrats who I now refer to as the plantation owners, want to do to the Latinos what they have done to the blacks in our country – make them slaves to their party. Keep them down, keep them uneducated, give them handouts but make sure they do not better themselves, because if they do they will be unfaithful to their plantation owner. Most countries would round these people up, put them in prison or send them home. But wait a minute, most of those countries are Communist countries. Our country is going in that direction, but since we are not fully Communist yet, the Democrats and Republicans need these people illegal or not. Once we get to the Communist status then we can put the hammer down. Food for thought all you Latino’s and other illegals in this country. You are entering what you have always tried to run from.

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  12. freedomfighterComment by freedomfighter
    January 27, 2013 @ 12:28 am

    A scenario for thought.
    You have a family, which you have worked for years to better up. You have struggled hard to get your family where it is in a comfortable position, you live well within your means, and even manage to put a few dollars into savings, and some sane investments.
    All is great, you are keeping your bills paid, food on the table, and educations for your growing kids, who are about to leave the nest and make lives of their own.

    Then that dreaded phone call comes. Your cousin who has been in prison for a few years now has gotten out, but because of his record, cannot find work and he and his family have no place to live. He has called because he is your Cousin, Family, and you should help him out because he cannot make it on his own.
    They are willing to live in your cellar, until they can get on their feet, and amply take care of themselves. You really don’t like the idea, but your Father says you should take them in and help them out, as it is the right thing to do.
    So, being the good American citizen you are, you agree to see how it works out, and tell them to come on over and you will get them settled in as best you can.
    They have three small children, and of course the Husband and Wife. They have no money, no transportation, no food, and their clothing is barely wearable.
    You have the wife pick up some clothes, but then the man and the wife say they too need clothing, to look for work, etc, so you cave in and buy them all clothes. They eat every meal with you, and they consume a lot, and do little to help around the house, or in the kitchen. They tell you you must give them some money for spending, in case they need extra stuff, so you shell out a couple of hundred a week. The kids complain that they have nothing to do, or play with, so you end up having to cough up for phones, ipods, etc so that they will not feel left out.
    Between the free food, clothing, spending money, and all the utilities, you are really feeling the pinch, but then they ask for a car, so that they can get around. Taking kids to school, looking for work, etc.
    As far as you can tell, they never look for work, and if they do, they certainly do not find any, so you are completely supporting them now. Now your American dream is turning into a nightmare, with no resolve in sight. Between the costs of keeping your own family and theirs fed, clothing, spending money, utilities, and a extra car payment, along with your usual out lay, you are becoming upside down. You are not being able to keep up with all the expenses, so you begin burrowing money from whomever will loan you any. Your credit rating is starting to slip, and you now owe even more than you take in. You have used all of the money you had managed to save, along with the investment returns you were getting until you had to sell off all your investments.
    You complain, but it seems no one has ears any more. Your father who talked you into taking them in, will not help wit the expenses, and says you cannot just throw them out into the streets, so you will just have to put up with it and get by as best as you can. Life is not fair sometimes is his answer to everything.
    Now even the Government has turned against you, and says if you throw them out, that you will be violating their rights, and that as long as they continue to be without income, it is your duty to see that they are not without whatever they need.
    The very worst is now happening. You complain to everyone, but the result is always the same. You owe them. Your house is now in foreclosure, your cars have been repossessed, your credit is caput, and you are all being asked to leave the premises. The Cousin tries to be helpful, way after the fact, and says that there are organizations which will help you out of rough times, but you find out you do not qualify for any of those handouts, but the Cousin and his family do.
    Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be toooo helpful, and correct by others standards.
    You may find this amusing, but this is exactly what is happening in our Country right now with all the Illegals coming in like locusts, consuming all our resources, and not putting a single potato into the pot.
    Is it any wonder our Country is on the verge of Bankruptcy, and owes more than they take in?. The problem, and the solution seem quite clear, to all but those burrowing money from other Countries to keep paying those free bills.

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  13. my04301933Comment by my04301933
    January 27, 2013 @ 4:00 pm

    Comment by mystic

    What else can we do…???

    I like in part the state by state coalition concept…and yes the cost is something most aren’t geared to handle…unless a reasonable number of same-thinking readers from each state can suggest ways such efforts are commonly supported, it would be unable to survive…

    On the other hand, there are very qualified people out there who would be willing to advise such a group as that…who would welcome their endorsement…that might work

    But this forum here is not the platform for that type of effort..we can just share some ideas…and maybe some one will run with it and make it happen better…no soliciting is allowed here…I mistakenly got carried away a comment or two back and was cautioned against SPAMing

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