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Republicans hit Justice Department on voter ID

By Henry C. Jackson

WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressional Republicans are striking out against the Justice Department, saying its decision to contest several state voter ID laws shows the agency isn't concerned with the integrity of the vote.

GOP Reps. Trent Franks, of Arizona, and Steve King, of Iowa offered withering criticism during a congressional hearing on Thursday. Franks says the Justice Department's decision to contest several voter ID laws under the Voting Rights Act is particularly galling because the Obama Administration hasn't done enough to protect the right to vote of members of the military serving abroad.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez is defending the Justice Department. He says the department is justified in enforcing the Voting Rights Act and says the department's doing more than ever before to ensure that every American service member can vote.

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Republicans hit Justice Department on voter ID, 9.5 out of 10 based on 64 ratings

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  1. billwvComment by billwv
    July 26, 2012 @ 1:15 pm

    The [Justice; don't know what kind -- Department] won’t rest [under Holder] until all the [nation's cemetaries] are registered to vote Democratic [doesn't matter the political affiliation of the deceased]. Does kind of look ‘suspect’ to voter fraud by the very agency sworn to protect Americans against it.

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  2. jamessheridanComment by jamessheridan
    July 26, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

    The more that the liberal left tries to push their agenda, the more desperate they become. I guess the didn’t expect over 80% to fight back and crush their weak, foolish attempts to over run us. TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS ARE ALWAYS VICTORIOUS!

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  3. bna42Comment by bna42
    July 26, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

    “He says the department is justified in enforcing the Voting Rights Act and says the department’s doing more than ever before to ensure that every American service member can vote.”

    That about like Janet Napolitano saying the “border is more secure than ever”. Every U.S. citizen has the opportunity to vote IF they are registered, but Voter ID laws are aimed at safeguarding the integrity of our national elections by prohibiting non-citizens and the dead from voting.

    The current administration has no integrity so they are not concerned about the integrity of our elections because fraud helps Democrats.

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    • midwestbillComment by midwestbill
      July 27, 2012 @ 6:41 am

      You are so correct! And don’t forget in some states dogs and cats have been getting voter regestration forms.

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  4. JDZComment by JDZ
    July 26, 2012 @ 4:28 pm

    Eric Holder is the poorest excuse for an Attorney General in our history. This guy is just a Chicago style political hack and henchman for Obama and is committed to advancing the socialist/Marxist agenda of the Obama administration at any cost. Fair play and individual rights, which are traits of real Americans, does not exist in the Obama administration. The behavior of the DOJ with their war on state rights on immigration and voter ID is embarrassing for most Americans but these guys do not care what Americans think and just do whatever they want.

    Look at the Fast and Furious fiasco and how Holder has stonewalled Congress for months even to the point of being held in contempt by Congress. He and his boss could care less about our Constitution as they “pick and choose” which laws to enforce and which to ignore as they continue to implement their expansion of the federal government at the expense of state sovereignty and our individual rights.

    These guys need to be run out of Washington on a rail. They are anarchists and egomaniacs. They are poison for our country.

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    • BobinmsComment by Bobinms
      July 26, 2012 @ 6:00 pm

      Amen, JDZ. You have nailed it.

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  5. Ronnie BrantComment by Ronnie Brant
    July 26, 2012 @ 5:05 pm

    They know they cant win without the illegal votes! period!

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  6. jmccarthy1Comment by jmccarthy1
    July 26, 2012 @ 6:08 pm

    This is not surprising comming from obama’s DOJ. The same DOJ that “arrested” a dozen Russian Spy’s and only charged them with being “Unregistred Lobbyists of a Foriegn Government” (Communist Russia) and NOT for Espionage. The same DOJ that dismissed charges against the New Black Panthers for White Voter Intimadation AFTER they had been convicted. The same DOJ that refuses to inforce Immagration Laws. The same DOJ that classified the Fort Hood shootings as “Work Place Violence”. The same DOJ who’s policy is NOT to prosecute “Black on White” crimes. The same DOJ that gave hundreds of weapons to Mexican drug gangs resulting in Border Agent Brian Terry’s death along with hundrads of Mexican’s…………. THAT DOJ?

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  7. azretiredComment by azretired
    July 26, 2012 @ 6:39 pm

    here in west PA. news said, in philidelphia there could be around 800,000 people affected. really ? philly has near a million people that don`t drive,never been in the military,never received any gov`t assistance, never had a traffic ticket or got on an airplane . why do i find this a bit hard to believe ? probably never had a job either

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  8. jen68Comment by jen68
    July 26, 2012 @ 10:50 pm

    Sissy Holder is Obama’s puppet….

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