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Calif AG supports law license for illegal alien

By Fenit Nirappil

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - California's attorney general is supporting a 35-year-old Mexican immigrant who wants to be licensed as a lawyer, but has been living in the state without legal permission.

Durham resident Sergio Garcia passed the bar exam and has the support of the State Bar of California to become a lawyer. The California Supreme Court wants to hear arguments before deciding whether to admit him.

Garcia was brought to the U.S. unlawfully by his parents as a child. He applied for legal residency in 1995 but says the application is still pending.

Attorney General Kamala Harris' office says it supports Garcia because the state encourages illegal immigrants to become educated, productive members of society. Opponents say people who violate immigration laws should not be allowed to practice law.

The U.S. Department of Justice is expected to weigh in in early August.

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Calif AG supports law license for illegal alien, 3.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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  1. BillzillaComment by Billzilla
    July 20, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

    Insanity! There actually seems to be an epidemic of insanity afflicting this Nation! Now California’s attorney general has caught it!

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  2. liesmaComment by liesma
    July 20, 2012 @ 9:54 pm

    I’m not for people coming in illegally, but this guy has tried to become a citizen for 17 years since he turned 18. 17 years! What’s the hold up. He should have received an answer one way or the other years ago! No wonder people who try to do it legally tend to give up…

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  3. cascaComment by casca
    July 22, 2012 @ 2:58 pm

    To stop the smothering of America, free from Democratic and Republican dominance, then vote into office as many TEA PARTY candidates as you can? That’s all there is to it? By flooding the Senate and House of Representative, we will have a legitimate people’s party although it’s still part of the GOP. We must oust the Liberal Socialist “Tax and spend’ government, which currently have an agreement with Mexico in giving illegal aliens access to food stamps. Tell me would you want to go home, if you were encouraged to collect citizen’s welfare programs. Out with all those political party members that steal your dollars every year, to pay for wars and insure that the U.S. tax system remains the same, so that the friends and those entities who donate to campaign have pay little or no taxes at all. The American people have it in their power, to reject illegal immigration through voting into Congress, people who will not steal from us, reject the secret immigration of cheap labor from India and other locations created by the Republicans.

    Turn the tide of an unceasing Socialist experiment played by the Democrats and Liberals. The TEA PARTY will let free trade succeed, but will sanction countries as China who are manipulating their currency and cheating us. We cannot trust the Democrats who remain deliberately unconcerned with non-citizens voting. Both parties refuse to enact mandatory E-Verify (H.R. 2885), to eject illegal aliens from businesses, and a Birthright Citizenship law (H.R. 140), that allows a projected 400.000 babies a year who gain citizenship, without a parent holding U.S. citizenship status. With an unparalleled nationwide recession, the Democrats and Republicans have done nothing to reduce the 16 trillion deficits, that this country is now manacled too. The Democrats would rather harass Arizona, because they are the epicenter of illegal immigrants and migrants fleecing the state’s welfare coffers. Anybody who dares to go against the ultra left intent is relentlessly pursued, such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or former Rep. Russell Pierce. Incidentally—this country is a nation of laws, but it they are being calculatingly ENGINEERED to fit whatever issue is current, such as giving a illegal alien a right to become an attorney. THIS IS SERIOUSLY WRONG.

    Then we have California, a state labeled as a ‘Sanctuary state’ where illegal aliens are shielded from ICE agents. Never mind the Golden state is now tarnished with a $15.9 billion deficit and climbing, with Nevada following closely. This is not saying that any of the 50 states is not also in financial trouble as very few states are solvent. Over a hundred billion dollars ($ plus) is being “OKAYED” by politicians for foreign nationals, when we cannot even look after their citizens and permanent residents. Individual states have been forced by court unfunded mandates, to enact their laws, otherwise they would be overrun by economic illegal aliens. Investigate federal, state and county elected officials and vote them to the garbage dump, as they are not doing the people’s bidding. Surf the internet and use key words such as ‘Voter Fraud’ illegal immigration costs, sanctuary cities and every issue you can imagine. Join a local TEA PARTY or even survey the ideologies of the party, then you decide who’s best for the job of getting us out of this financial mess. Americans must kill big government, with hundreds of thousands of more workers to provide Obama care.

    Would any citizen ever have thought that they would be victimized, to pay for illegal foreigner’s health care? Why isn’t Mexico, a very rich resource country paying for their own people, instead of loading their poor on us? Why is any foreign nation driving their impoverished here, is it because of this NAFTA agreement. Hundreds of thousands of people from South of our border, were forced to enter our lands because the American businesses took their lands. Yet the Obama administration could alleviate much of the hurt, by adjoining with the Republicans to start opening up oil and natural gas locations. Reopen the coal mines and making America once again a credit nation and not owing the world’s investor’s money. Time is running out and our only chance to relinquish the steel hold of both parties is too vote for the Constitutional TEA PARTY leadership. They cannot stop the TEA PARTY people now as there are too many of us and still propagating. THE TEA PARTY has a long memory and those who have done this country wrong, will be remembered after this NOVEMBER.


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