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President of Pa. charity linked to abuse resigns

By Kevin Begos

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The youth charity at the center of the child sex-abuse charges against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky received donations in recent years from hundreds of corporations, community groups and individuals — including the judge who arraigned Sandusky earlier this month.

On Monday, The Second Mile's president resigned, saying he hoped his departure would help restore faith in its mission. The group also announced it had hired Philadelphia's longtime district attorney as its new general counsel.

Jack Raykovitz, a practicing psychologist, had led the group, which was founded by Sandusky in 1977, for 28 years.

Raykovitz had testified before the grand jury that indicted Sandusky on 40 counts of child abuse. The panel said Sandusky found his victims through the charity's programs.

Annual reports show how widely popular the charity was before the scandal hit. Hundreds of corporations, community groups and individuals donated each year.

Among them was State College District Judge Leslie A. Dutchcot, who set Sandusky's bail earlier this month. She and her husband donated between $500 and $999 to The Second Mile in 2009, and she volunteered for the group, according to annual reports and her website.

The judge set bail for Sandusky at $100,000 unsecured — meaning he did not have to post collateral to be freed but would have to post $100,000 if he ever failed to show up for a hearing.

Dutchcot did not immediately respond to a question on whether she will recuse herself from the case because of those past ties to The Second Mile. She has also removed the mention of The Second Mile from her website.

Major companies and their foundations also have given to The Second Mile. Between 2008 and 2010, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Highmark Foundation, The Hershey Company and State Farm Companies Foundation all gave $50,000 or more to the charity.

Raykovitz said in a statement Monday that he hopes his resignation would mark the beginning of a "restoration of faith in the community of volunteers and staff" at The Second Mile.

Tax forms indicate that Raykovitz's wife, Katherine Genovese, was executive vice president of The Second Mile. She has been with the group since 1984. It's not clear if she still works at the charity, as the staff biography page has been removed from the website.

The Second Mile has said that its youth programs serve as many as 100,000 children a year.

Sandusky, who retired from Penn State in 1999, informed The Second Mile board in November 2008 that he was under investigation. The charity subsequently barred him from activities involving children, charity officials said.

The ex-coach allegedly assaulted eight children over a 15-year span. His attorney has said he's innocent.

Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and Senior Vice President Gary Schultz were charged with perjury. Both have denied wrongdoing and have left their university posts.

The scandal led to the departure of university President Graham Spanier and the dismissal of legendary head coach Joe Paterno after law enforcement officials said they didn't do enough to stop suspected abuse when it was reported to them in 2002.

The Second Mile also announced a new general counsel on Monday. Lynne Abraham is replacing Wendell Courtney, who resigned last week.

Abraham served as the top prosecutor in Philadelphia for nearly two decades, during which she was known for her no-nonsense approach. The city's first female district attorney, she earned the lasting nickname "one tough cookie" from former Mayor Frank Rizzo. She decided not to run again in 2009 and became a partner at the Philadelphia office of the Archer & Greiner law firm in early 2010.

The Second Mile board also said that it would conduct an internal investigation to assess policies and make recommendations regarding future operations. They hope to have those findings by the end of December.

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  1. lwessonComment by lwesson
    November 14, 2011 @ 2:02 pm

    For all of those Republicans that get squeamish over social issues and harp on and on that it is just about making a buck, here is some uncomfortable news about our SOMA, our drug called football and of course the ever lovely homosexuals.  Firing a coach led to riots!  You rock Penn. State!  Lead the way… .
    Of course this would all be a mute subject if one and all just simply caved into the Homosexual Agenda.  Pawing off little boys would be legalized.  The North American Man Boy Association can tell us so many many things.
    It is interesting that at least the pimping of little boys at least gets some national attention where as the murder, rape… from illegal aliens gets little to none as we are gagged with “Compassionate Conservationism.” a kind of mental narcotic that ceases all higher mind functions.

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  2. The BobsterComment by The Bobster
    November 14, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

    Read the gruesome Grand Jury report that details just exactly what Paterno and the Penn State higher-ups tried to conceal.

    It looks like something incredibly sinister was going on at Penn State—respected Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden has reported the rumor  young boys were being systematically pimped out to rich donors.  Each passing day, we will learn more damning details of just what was going on in the community known as “Happy Valley.”

    But November 9, 2011, the date of Paterno’s firing, is also notable as the date when we learned exactly why college football is accurately described as the Opiate of America. Thousands of Penn State students, almost all white, took the streets to riot as the news became public.

    They didn’t riot over the fact that Philadelphia is now home to some of the most violent Flash Mobs in the country. They didn’t riot over the hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt they will rack up in earning a degree that will get them a job serving tables. No—they rioted over the firing of a coach who concealed the raping of boys by a pederast whom the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) probably considers a hero.

    Steve Sailer jokes that “aggressive rich men manipulating college football [is] a fine substitute for manipulating the USAF into bombing your relatives’ tribal enemies for them.”

    But, although I’m a serious football fan, I don’t take a benign view of it at all. Students and alumni living vicariously through the exploits of their particular college football teams, deriving their identity and happiness in life by what transpires on a football field on fall Saturdays, is a sickness in our society.

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  3. lynComment by lyn
    November 14, 2011 @ 2:51 pm

    It is easier to look the other way when one sees acts of homosexuality because: there are now gay clubs in our high schools, “pride parade” photos in our media, Supreme Court decisions accepting homosexuality, 
    open homosexuals allowed in our elite military, and a president (no capital “P”) who promotes the gay lifestyle and will not defend DOMA ( male and female marriage only) but endorses same gender marriage!
    There is no such person as a homosexual- those who claim this sexual orientation are certainly not born that way-but enjoy the pleasures of  disgusting, disease spreading sexual acts!

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