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    NRA, others: Obama not done with unilateral moves on gun control

    The aggressiveness of the Obama administration in its war on guns already this year has surprised even the National Rifle Association. Unloading his latest round of gun-control legislation, President Barack Obama's executive fiat is poised to stop Americans from buying and selling a traditional form ... Read More

    Media desperate to protect Obama from Rudy's criticism

    We've got a very serious problem in America when people, including a former mayor of New York, can't criticize the president without being publicly condemned. Rudy Giuliani's comments about President Obama at a private dinner last week in New York kicked up a firestorm of controversy on Twitter and ... Read More

    Pro-jihad, anti-Israel attendees at Obama's extremism summit

    Critics of this week's White House summit on violent extremism and terrorism argue it ended up being a shout-out on the Muslim faith – and an opportunity for the Obama administration to portray the Christian community as the enemy. President Barack Obama hosted the three-day "White House Summit on C ... Read More

    Political Science Scholars rank Obama among worst presidents

    He's smart, articulate and by all appearances a loyal husband and father. Yet, President Barack Obama may rank among history's worst presidents. That's not our opinion. Rather, it is the finding of a survey by the Brookings Institution -- a liberal-centrist organization ranked by the University of P ... Read More

    Is Obama setting himself up as 3rd-term commander-in-chief?

    Apparently apprehensive about packing his bags to exit the White House in less than two years, President Barack Obama is at it again trying to lock his successor into carrying out his policies. American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel David French has seen this pattern demonstrated by the ... Read More

    Netanyahu's True Electoral Rival

    If Netanyahu's speech is a success, Obama's foreign policy will be indefensible. Officially, the election on March 17 is among Israelis. Depending on how we vote, either Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will remain in office and form the next government led by his Likud party, or Isaac Herzog and T ... Read More

    Founders created accountable judiciary, not demigods

    The Founders made clear that federal judges did not have lifetime appointments and were to be accountable for their behavior while on the bench. A State of the Union message is a constitutionally-mandated duty (Article II, Section 3), and for those who respect the Constitution, this address is serio ... Read More

    FL father goes public after school instructs son on Muslim prayer

    A parent in Florida is concerned that his son was instructed to recite an Islamic prayer in a 10th grade history class. Lyman High School parent Ron Wagner has complained to local media after his son received a text from the history teacher reminding him to complete an assignment about Islamic praye ... Read More

    Alabama chief justice schooled CNN host, says professor

    An author and philosopher says CNN host Chris Cuomo needs a remedial lesson in American history after suggesting that America's laws come from man, not from a Creator. Cuomo made the comment February 12 during a testy interview with Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court justice who is defying a feder ... Read More

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