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    Hide Your Wallet!

    If you work for a living, Barack Obama is looking to rob you -- again. This time he and his Democrat kleptocrats are after your 529s. Those are the states' college-savings plans, where you can invest money you've earned (and paid taxes on) into mutual funds for your children's college educations. Th ... Read More

    LA Gov. Jindal draws thousands to prayer rally, calls for spiritual revival

    Thousands of Christians gathered at Louisiana State University’s basketball arena Saturday for “The Response” prayer rally, hosted by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who called for a spiritual revival — not politics — to heal America. Putting his faith before politics, Jindal bypassed an invitation ... Read More

    Sheriff urges New Yorkers: 'Throw gun renewals in garbage'

    Gun control advocates in New York State’s bureaucracy are requiring firearm owners to send in renewals for their gun registrations, but one Fulton County sheriff is advising state residents to “throw them in the garbage.” Back in 2013, anti-gun establishment officials in New York successfully pushed ... Read More

    Wedding planner: I will stand my ground and not be bullied

    Despite negative business reviews and unfair treatment by the media after turning away a lesbian couple, a Christian wedding planner in Florida is vowing to stand for what she believes and not be bullied. More than 26 years ago, Lana Rusev left Ukraine to escape the very religious persecution she is ... Read More

    Better Army motto for atheists: 'For a Godless country'

    A group fighting for the religious freedom of military chaplains says it is disappointing that the U.S. Army caved to the demands of an anti-Christian zealot. The sign on a sandwich board outside an Army recruiting station in Arizona included the phrase, "On a mission for God and country." The sign ... Read More

    Weep for the IRS

    Come let us sympathize together. A big federal agency is having to cope with a budget cut this year. And we're supposed to worry if its usual tip-top service to the public will suffer. The department on short rations is that sentimental favorite, the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is having to ma ... Read More

    Iran, Obama, Boehner and Netanyahu

    The role of an Israeli leader is to adopt the policies that protect Israel, even when they are unpopular at the White House. Iran has apparently produced an intercontinental ballistic missile whose range far exceeds the distance between Iran and Israel, and between Iran and Europe. On Wednesday nigh ... Read More

    Obama continues to cozy up to U.N. gun ban treaty

    President Barack Obama is continuing his push to disarm Americans as he arms himself with the United Nation's Arms Trade Treaty – a treaty the NRA says would undermine the constitutional protection under the Second Amendment that guarantees U.S. citizens the right to bear arms. The National Rifle As ... Read More

    GOP's Lindsey Graham for prez? Not likely, says analyst

    A Christian political science professor says South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham stands little chance of securing the GOP presidential nomination should he decide to throw his hat in the ring next year. Graham recently told NBC's "Meet the Press" that he has set up a "testing-the-waters committee" ... Read More

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