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    Voters poised to hit brakes on Obama, Dems

    Midterm elections are the political equivalent of a gas pedal or a brake pedal. This will be a brake-pedal election, centered on competency and trust -- from the launch (disastrously) of the website, to telling Americans (incorrectly) that if they like their health-care policy they ca ... Read More

    City of Houston alters controversial subpoenas: 'speeches' instead of sermons

    Attorneys representing the City of Houston in a lawsuit by local citizens have modified their controversial subpoenas that targeted five local pastors. Alliance Defending Freedom, which is defending the pastors, tells OneNewsNow that the city-hired attorneys dropped "sermons" from their demand. But ... Read More

    A little panic may be helpful if it prevents spreading a deadly disease

    WASHINGTON - Now, now, let's not panic. Yes, we have a second Ebola patient infected after treating the Liberian man who apparently concealed his exposure to this often- fatal disease, but this is no reason to panic. Indeed. It's actually terrible news to the other 75 health care workers who treated ... Read More

    The infection has spread

    The infectious failure of the Obama administration is claiming another victim: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The public health arm of the federal government -- long considered a bastion of scientific integrity and political neutrality -- has been compromised, and fatal consequences ... Read More

    Houston's lesbian mayor changing tune on pastors' sermon subpoenas

    The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the city's lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, and her city attorney, David Feldman, are changing their tune on subpoenas the city issued against five city pastors opposed to Houston's equal right's ordinance. The proposed "bathroom bill" ordinance passed 11-6 in Ma ... Read More

    Superintendent: Let us professionals decide if your child is a 'purple penguin'

    Classroom materials intended for a Nebraska public school district are allegedly part of an agenda to indoctrinate impressionable students. That accusation comes from Dave Bydalek of the Nebraska Family Alliance, who says much of the material intended for Lincoln Public Schools comes from the Gay Le ... Read More

    Are same-sex 'marriage' states ridding themselves of Christians?

    With 30 states now legalizing same-sex “marriage” — 11 court decisions overturned marriage protection amendments this month alone — many are fearing that Christian wedding vendors may become extinct as quickly as the 20 remaining states that still honor marriage as a union only between one man and o ... Read More

    Let me see your sermons: Lesbian mayor subpoenas the First Amendment

    The lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, is going after local pastors who have spoken against homosexuality. Mayor Annise Parker and two homosexual city council members pushed through a non-discrimination ordinance  that protects homosexuals and lesbians. The proposed "bathroom bill" ordinance passed 11 ... Read More

    When will law abiding citizens demand an end to Ferguson protests?

    Brian Fletcher loves Ferguson. He brags about it, he rattles off historical facts about it and, as the former mayor, he feels the urge to stick up for the city and its people. And right now, he says people are tired of the constant protesting, tired of the noise and tired of feeling intimidated. Tha ... Read More

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