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    Krauthammer predicts final three GOP contenders

    For the time being, a best-selling author and commentator says one of three men is likely to win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Real Clear Politics has been the go-to source for political pundits, with its compilation of various presidential preference polls. On the GOP side, former Fl ... Read More

    Obama working with U.N. to create Palestinian state

    Working diligently to put together a motion with a United Nations Security Council to establish an independent Palestinian state, the Obama administration has reportedly already been busy mapping out its new boundaries. The move is said to be payback for Israel’s right-wing cabinet and for Israeli P ... Read More

    Irish baker on court fine: God calls us to be faithful

    A bakery owner in Ireland, found guilty of discriminating against a homosexual customer, is standing on his faith as he considers the next legal steps. "We know we took the right decision before God and we have no regrets by what we've done," bakery owner Daniel McArthur told The Christian Institute ... Read More

    Justice who loves gay marriage may force it on those who don't

    A conservative legal organization is calling for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse herself from deciding the marriage case now before the court. "A judge should avoid the appearance of impropriety as much as possible," says Roger Gannam, senior counsel with Liberty Counsel. Ginsbur ... Read More

    Two sound gun rulings

    Late Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. ordered Washington, D.C., to stop enforcing a provision of the district's onerous gun-permitting system that required those seeking concealed-carry permits to show "good reason" to carry. It was last year that the same judge ruled as un ... Read More

    Leaders with Moral Compasses

    ALIQUIPPA -- Sometimes the view of American society through the prism of social media and cable news is incredibly disheartening. We shrug off -- or, worse, defend -- cheaters in professional sports; we not only accept but often praise awful jobs reports; our children and grandchildren have dropped ... Read More

    Obama: We must change how America thinks

    During President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Georgetown University, his message to students was quite simple  — that progressives like himself must mold how America thinks and make the media report things the way they want. “[W]e’re going to have to change how our body politic thinks, which means ... Read More

    ACLU declares war on the Pelican State

    In the ACLU’s utopia, sex offenders hand out candy to children; family-friendly parades feature songs glorifying sexual violence; boys wear prom dresses... At odds with anything smacking of America’s religious and cultural heritage, the American Civil Liberties Union has issued a revealing series of ... Read More

    Obama blasts Israel, touts lifting Iran sanctions in Saudi paper

    Soon after Saudi Arabian Premier King Salman snubbed President Barack Obama’s invitation to attend a Gulf leaders summit at Camp David, the commander-in-chief interviewed for the first time with an Arabic media outlet — blasting Israel for its conflict with the Palestinians and promoting his nuclear ... Read More

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