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    School funding canard: Money isn't the answer

    For all the empty rhetoric during state elections over public school funding and demands for more money, a Cato Institute analysis provides a fresh perspective on the correlation between state spending and SAT scores over the past 40 years. And that correlation? There is none -- certainly not one th ... Read More

    Democrats have a white-vote dilemma

    LAUGHLINTOWN, Pa. -- Sitting on the back of his truck, a homemade turkey wrap in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, Mark said the Democratic Party he grew up with is vastly different from the one that exists today. Mark, who didn't want his last name to be published, works on a Western Pen ... Read More

    More foreign aid is no answer to border problem

    To attack the "root" of the ongoing border crisis, the U.S. needs to make a larger investment in Central America -- say, about $2 billion more, says Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina. That would be "more profitable than investing it on border security or on border control with Mexico," Mr. Moli ... Read More

    The new minimum wage: Government as provider

    Fast-food workers are staging protests for a minimum wage of $15. An Associated Press article quoted a woman who was forced to move herself and her two daughters into an apartment with two other adults when her hours at McDonald's were cut from 40 a week to about 24. " 'I don't think $15 will make m ... Read More

    The GOP seniority system has run it's course

    The party of the next guy has no next guy. For more than two generations, the Republican presidential nominating process has had an immutable internal logic to it: The next guy in line gets the nomination. That's how every Republican president of the post-Eisenhower era has won his party's nominatio ... Read More

    A victory, for now, for religious freedom: Navy will allow Bibles during review

    The spokesman for an organization that promotes religious liberty says he is grateful the U.S. Navy has reversed its decision that removed Gideon-placed Bibles in naval base hotel rooms. Ron Crews, executive director of The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, says he was pleased with the U.S. N ... Read More

    Does anyone care about black on black crime?

    I was in Michigan last week, and the lead story in the Detroit papers was the trial of a 55-year-old man who was awakened at 4:30 in the morning last November by somebody pounding on his door and walls. He didn't have a land line, and said he couldn't find his cellphone, so he grabbed a shotgun from ... Read More

    Dems labeled 'hypocrites' for underpaying minorities, women

    A conservative black leader isn't surprised by a report revealing that Democrats have been caught paying black campaign workers 30 percent less than they pay white employees. The Washington Times reports a study by the New Organizing Institute found that black campaign workers are paid noticeably le ... Read More

    Hillary has sudden case of amnesia, says 'Blood Feud' author

    A New York Times bestselling author says Hillary Clinton's recent criticism of Barack Obama's foreign policy shows the animosity between the Clintons and Obamas as she prepares to run for president. During an interview with The Atlantic, Hillary Clinton said that the "failure" of the Obama administr ... Read More

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