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    Excusing Hate Because of Color

    Let's be clear: The chilling, fatal shootings of WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward live on the air by former colleague Vester Lee Flanagan II are not a part of the national conversation finally happening about race, racism and black lives mattering as much as white lives. Yes ... Read More

    Police departments harassed over 'In God We Trust' motto

    A Christian legal group is challenging an atheist group's claim that displaying the official U.S. national motto, "In God We Trust," on department vehicles is unconstitutional. The Freedom from Religion Foundation recently contacted 17 sheriff's offices and police departments across the nation deman ... Read More

    New Planned Parenthood Video: Evidence of Profit Motive Overwhelming

    The latest undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress points to profit as the driving force in Planned Parenthood's harvesting of body parts from aborted babies. The latest video (see below) centers on CMP project lead David Daleiden, who is talking with StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer o ... Read More

    Ben Carson: #BlackLivesMatter misfire

    The idea that disrupting and protesting Bernie Sanders speeches will change what is wrong in America is lunacy. The "BlackLivesMatter" movement is focused on the wrong targets, to the detriment of blacks who would like to see real change and to the benefit of its powerful white liberal funders using ... Read More

    GOP elite suffer 5 stages of grief over Trump

    What if he wins? As pundits and politicians grapple with the possibility of showman Donald Trump actually becoming president, it's like watching the five stages of grief. First, denial: "Trump can't win." Then, anger: "This guy's a clown. He should drop out of the race." Bargaining: "OK, Trump will ... Read More

    Medicare, Medicaid key to cutting back federal spending

    If entitlement spending were a bomb, Medicare and Medicaid would be the two wires that would need to be cut because those programs drive up federal spending. Paul Howard, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and director of the Institute's Center for Medical Progress, says Me ... Read More

    The server controversy is not as funny as Hillary thinks

    Ah, that Hillary Clinton. What a sense of humor she has. Except she seems to be the only one laughing. Following a town hall meeting last week in Las Vegas, Hillary jousted with reporters over her email server. This followed the revelation earlier in the week that there were at least 300 work-relate ... Read More

    Another political pundit has Trump and his supporters all figured out

    On Devil's Night, the night before Halloween, in 1964, Barry Goldwater forecast a "stunning upset" for himself in the presidential election just days away, with the aid of "millions of unhappy and disgusted Americans." The Arizona Republican spoke to a rally in Pittsburgh's old Civic Arena, a day af ... Read More

    Political correctness: Dangerous abandonment of common sense

    Donald Trump isn't the first New Yorker to say things in an abrasive manner, but at least he's being honest about the world as it is instead of the world as we would like it to be – and a lot of folks find that attractive. Donald Trump says: "I think the big problem this country has is being politic ... Read More

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