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CBS journalist's computers hacked – real-life espionage?

A conservative media watchdog says the reported hacking of sensitive files belonging to an award-winning journalist critical of the Obama administration is the kind of thing one would expect in a totalitarian country. Sharyl Attkisson is a former CBS ...

Media Roundup: Ebola, Joe Biden, Black Activists Speaking Out, and More!

[caption id="attachment_35479" align="alignright" width="150"] Medical isolation tent[/caption]In this week's GOPUSA Media Roundup, we have the Obama administration making plans to bring MORE infected Ebola patients to the United States, Joe Biden fo ...

The Dred Scott of gay marriage

Some people are calling this week's Supreme Court decision, which eventually will impose sodomy-based marriage on the entire country, the Roe v. Wade of gay marriage. It's far worse than that. Don't be fooled by those who say the Court did not act. I ...

Poor pay the price for Obama's environmentalism

An overlooked aspect of the Obama administration's war on coal is that it's also a de facto war on the poor. Too many environmental activists choose to ignore this fact, pretending the high costs of their environmentalism will somehow lack consequenc ...

Caption the Photo -- Obama Bobblehead

If a regular picture is worth a thousand words, then this one must be worth an entire encyclopedia. Where does one even begin to explain what's going on here? Go ahead and give it a try. Jump in and give us your best caption. Keep it clean, and have ...

Caption the Photo -- Obama Magazine Cover

Here's what a Canadian magazine ran for its cover story. It appears Americans aren't the only ones unhappy with Barack Obama. What can you add to this cover? Jump in and give us your best caption. Keep it clean, and have some fun! ...

Who alleged 'walking around money vote buyers?' Dem Party chair in Mississippi

Rickey Cole is the chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party. During the run-up to the June 24 run-off election in Mississippi, between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel, Cole commented on what the Cochran campaign was labeling a “get out the vote” ...

First grader turns himself in for having toy gun, faces expulsion

A first-grader in Pennsylvania is facing expulsion after turning himself in for accidentally bringing a toy gun to school. According to 7-year-old Darin Simak's parents, Darin left his backpack at a friend's house and had to be sent to school with a ...

Caption the Photo -- Will Trade Obama

Now that Barack Obama has traded five high-level terrorists for a deserter, a small business has come up with an idea to get back Sgt. Tahmooressi who is being held in Mexico. What can you add to this sign? Jump in and give us your best caption. Keep ...

Politico is right: Gay marriage will destroy the Republican Party

Earlier this week Politico featured a David Lampo piece, "Gay Marriage Will Destroy the GOP." Politico is exactly right that gay marriage will destroy the GOP – but for precisely the opposite reason Lampo imagines. In his article, Lampo argues that i ...

  • "Nothing but steers and queers from Newfy and I don't see no horns on you." Comment by lewist
    Posted in Homosexuals in Newfoundland hit by 'astronomical' syphilis outbreak
  • ""Served the United States with honor and distinction."???????,,,,make that Served the pre-election OBAMA Administration with “Dishonor and distraction.”, to get..." Comment by inluminatuo
    Posted in Obama's Head Liar
  • "The Obama Administration is historic in regards to how much it lies to the American people. For example: ..." Comment by maghfada
    Posted in Obama's Head Liar

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