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Coming crisis of spending and national debt

A report released this week puts front and center an issue that few politicians -- including presidential candidates -- are discussing. Yet this issue dwarfs the significance of anything else that has overtaken the national conversation. We're talkin ...

Top Democrat advisor 'cannot imagine the horror' if S.C. churchgoers were armed

It’s hard to imagine how the massacre at the Emanuel AME Church that left nine dead could have been worse, but a top Democratic strategist says the shooting would have been a “horror” if the black parishioners were armed. “Now I cannot imagine the ho ...

Oops! $3B misspent on Obamacare

The Inspector General reports that nearly $3 billion was collected from taxpayers to pay for other people’s medical plans under Obamacare — money that has been distributed to the wrong people or given away in incorrect sums. After the Department of H ...

Stealing and hacking in baseball? Say it ain't so

Seen the roster of the first-place Houston Astros lately? They've got a submarine-style pitcher who's pretty good, but that's not who we mean. Check out their talent in the positions of mathematical modeler and senior technical architect. And how abo ...

Still uneasy about Common Core? Wait until you find out who birthed it

[caption id="attachment_29685" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]Though implementation of Common Core is credited to – or blamed on - the Obama administration, an education analyst says the foundation was laid by Hillary Clinton i ...

Cable choice coming to Canada – why not the U.S.?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is receiving praise from a watchdog group in the U.S. for its ruling last week that cable and satellite providers must offer subscribers cable choice. The CRTC says the objective in its ...

Cotton's Iran letter turns tables on Obama

HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- Dodging raindrops and balancing bottled water and a bunch of power bars under one arm, a young man returned to his car at a Sheetz gas pump along old U.S. 40 in this western Maryland town, sandwiched between Pennsylvania and West V ...

Obama plan: Reward Iran, punish U.S. energy?

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has sought to curtail oil and gas production in the United States. Now he's seeking a deal with Iran that would allow that country to open the spigot on oil exports. It says much about this presidency that Obam ...

FL father goes public after school instructs son on Muslim prayer

A parent in Florida is concerned that his son was instructed to recite an Islamic prayer in a 10th grade history class. Lyman High School parent Ron Wagner has complained to local media after his son received a text from the history teacher reminding ...

U.S. a lot redder since '08: Study shows massive political shift

Ironically, after Americans voted a Democratic president into the White House in 2008, a sweeping shift to the Right has manifested from coast-to-coast — possibly signifying nationwide discontent with the Obama administration's liberal policies and g ...

  • "With respect to private colleges, there are but a handful that I know of that do not take federal dollars..." Comment by oygevalt
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  • "i often point that out to my anti-gun nut friends, but they always either dismiss it, OR say "its also..." Comment by ltuser
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