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FL father goes public after school instructs son on Muslim prayer

A parent in Florida is concerned that his son was instructed to recite an Islamic prayer in a 10th grade history class. Lyman High School parent Ron Wagner has complained to local media after his son received a text from the history teacher reminding ...

U.S. a lot redder since '08: Study shows massive political shift

Ironically, after Americans voted a Democratic president into the White House in 2008, a sweeping shift to the Right has manifested from coast-to-coast — possibly signifying nationwide discontent with the Obama administration's liberal policies and g ...

Incredible scenes as hundreds of thousands gather to protest against Charlie Hebdo in Chechnya

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered Monday in the Russian region of Chechnya to rally against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, as the magazine increased its print run to an unprecedented seven million copies - 120 times its normal pr ...

Court Calls it 'Legitimate Work' to Force Christian Firefighters to drive in 'Gay' Parade

A Rhode Island Supreme Court judge just delivered a ruling that forcing Christian firefighters to drive a fire truck through a “gay” pride parade route against their conscience is a “legitimate work assignment.” A Closer Look The ruling comes more th ...

It's time to stop demonizing the police

For the last few weeks I have been warning that the nationwide protests against police brutality have resulted in the demonizing of the police, as if cops in general have become the bad guys. Now, with reports that onlookers were "clapping and laughi ...

Congressional ace up the sleeve: Defund executive amnesty

[caption id="attachment_7540" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]An immigration enforcement advocacy group says if President Obama follows through on his pledge to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without congressional a ...

Plywood against a lawless mob

Did you, too, flinch when you saw recent TV footage of merchants in Ferguson, Mo., placing plywood panels over their storefront windows? It's a scene we see all the time up here, whenever a Nor'easter is about to blow through a community; those plywo ...

CBS journalist's computers hacked – real-life espionage?

A conservative media watchdog says the reported hacking of sensitive files belonging to an award-winning journalist critical of the Obama administration is the kind of thing one would expect in a totalitarian country. Sharyl Attkisson is a former CBS ...

Media Roundup: Ebola, Joe Biden, Black Activists Speaking Out, and More!

[caption id="attachment_35479" align="alignright" width="150"] Medical isolation tent[/caption]In this week's GOPUSA Media Roundup, we have the Obama administration making plans to bring MORE infected Ebola patients to the United States, Joe Biden fo ...

The Dred Scott of gay marriage

Some people are calling this week's Supreme Court decision, which eventually will impose sodomy-based marriage on the entire country, the Roe v. Wade of gay marriage. It's far worse than that. Don't be fooled by those who say the Court did not act. I ...

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