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Rush Limbaugh: Obama impeachment is 'never going to happen'

Rush Limbaugh said the GOP needs to give it a rest with the push to get President Barack Obama impeached because it's "never going to happen." "There isn't going to be any impeachment because there isn't any political will," said Limbaugh on his radi ...

Sign of the Times? Boy Allowed to Play on School Softball Team

AZUSA - The Azusa High School girls softball team will include the state's first transgender student-athlete, district officials said Thursday. A senior, Pat Cordova-Goff, 17, is a member of the school's cheer squad and played on the school's basebal ...

Caption the Photo -- Obama Dogs

America is facing tough times, but you wouldn't know that from seeing how the Obamas wine and dine. Even the Obama dogs are living the good life. So... what are they thinking? Jump in and give us your best caption. Keep it clean, and have some fun! ...

Why work when Obama gives you so much?

GRANITEVILLE -- When people who have been unemployed for years get jobs, their problems don't always end. Many face a whole new set of challenges. The dilemma is this: While out of work they have been receiving government benefits. By going back to w ...

The search for Obamacare squealers

In 2009, the Obama administration conscripted citizens to join the government in helping to monitor the emails, casual conversations and activities of their neighbors, friends and co- workers by reporting "misinformation" about Obamacare. Creating th ...

White House panics as millennials wise up

President Obama is making a sudden push to win back millennial voters, who have grown disillusioned over his failed "Hope and Change" campaign that left them without jobs, living in their parents' basement. Even though he has run his last race, the p ...

The angry Democrats and their scorched-earth strategy

On Thursday, the FBI indicted Dinesh D'Souza, maker of the hit documentary "2016: Obama's America," in what appears to be a Hugo Chavez-style payback. Mr. D'Souza is accused of making illegal campaign contributions to a U.S. Senate candidate in New Y ...

Obama's Pen Versus the Constitution

President Barack Obama has now revealed that he unilaterally plans to use executive orders to "bypass" Congress. His shocking words were: "We are not just going to be waiting for legislation ... I've got a pen and I've got a phone. And I can use that ...

Liberalism, Mental Disorders and the Maryland Mall Shooter

If the Maryland mall shooter had lived, he would not have faced the death penalty. That’s because the “progressives” running Maryland have eliminated capital punishment. Maryland also has tough “gun control” laws, but those didn’t stop the murders. A ...

Supporters of Wendy Davis fall to new low

AUSTIN -- Sen. Wendy Davis faced a new flap in a difficult week when a conservative group released a video purportedly showing her supporters making disrespectful comments about her expected general-election foe, Attorney General Greg Abbott, using a ...

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