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Checking the Somali threat: A-s-s-i-m-i-l-a-t-i-o-n

Greater assimilation would make the Somali immigrant community in Minnesota's Twin Cities less of a recruiting hotbed for Islamist jihadis. Somalia's 1990s civil war enabled Saudi-funded Wahhabi clerics to displace Islam's moderate Sufi sect there, a ...

Get on with it!

[caption id="attachment_6144" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]It's time for the president to stop playing footsie with ISIS. When it comes to winning the war with this global threat to humanity, he needs to go big or go home whi ...


Liberals are literally scoffing at the professed desires of Islamists and jihadi radicals who want to murder in plain daylight hundreds of citizens for drawing a cartoon of the historical person Mohammed. They do so in the aftermath of two jihadis ha ...

Living in fear: Twin Cities a hotbed of radicalized young Muslims

A Messianic Jewish leader says Minnesota's Twin Cities are a "ticking time bomb" where many citizens live in fear of radical Muslims who have an increasing presence in the area. Authorities in Minnesota have indicted six men who they say attempted to ...

FBI-Mexico cover-up of U.S. border ISIS camp?

In response to a government watchdog report exposing the presence of an ISIS training camp on the Mexican side of the Texas border, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is collaborating with officials from Ciudad Juarez to come up with a “press strate ...

Report: ISIS camp just a stone's throw from U.S. border

A public-interest group is very concerned about what's going on at a terrorist camp just inside Mexico, not far from a major U.S. Army installation. High-level sources in Mexico have confirmed to Judicial Watch that ISIS is operating a camp about eig ...

On way to mosque prayers, Muslim youth attack, burn young Christian

A 14-year-old Christian boy was beaten and set on fire after being asked his religious affiliation by two Muslim youth who were on their way to Friday prayers at their local mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. Sustaining burns over 55 percent of his body, th ...

Sympathy for a terrorist is sickening

[caption id="attachment_24765" align="alignright" width="300"] (AP Photo/Federal Bureau of Investigation, File)[/caption]Spare us the arrogant editorials, preachy pundits and attention-seeking solons in Washington. The fate of convicted marathon bomb ...

Poll: U.S. favors Netanyahu's strength over Obama's weakness

[caption id="attachment_7230" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption] The results are in. Americans prefer Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s boldness to defend his nation against Iran over President Barack Obama’s weakness in ...

Pro-jihad, anti-Israel attendees at Obama's extremism summit

Critics of this week's White House summit on violent extremism and terrorism argue it ended up being a shout-out on the Muslim faith – and an opportunity for the Obama administration to portray the Christian community as the enemy. President Barack O ...

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