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Poll: U.S. favors Netanyahu's strength over Obama's weakness

[caption id="attachment_7230" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption] The results are in. Americans prefer Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s boldness to defend his nation against Iran over President Barack Obama’s weakness in ...

Pro-jihad, anti-Israel attendees at Obama's extremism summit

Critics of this week's White House summit on violent extremism and terrorism argue it ended up being a shout-out on the Muslim faith – and an opportunity for the Obama administration to portray the Christian community as the enemy. President Barack O ...

Obama finally admits Egyptian men slaughtered on beach were Christians

President Obama has finally acknowledged that the Egyptian men slaughtered by ISIS terrorists last weekend in Libya were killed because of their Christian faith. "The people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church," the ISIS narrar ...

Minnesota uses outreach program to combat ISIL recruiting

Between 2007 and 2009, at least 22 young Somali-Americans left the Twin Cities after being recruited to join the Al-Shabab terror group in their homeland. More recently, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) launched another recruiting effo ...

Two threats: ISIS & Obama

The great debate of the age has become if ISIS is the manifest threat with staying power that its slickly produced and barbaric execution videos purport it to be or if it represents a short-lived ragtag band of Islamofascists increasingly able to att ...

Workplace violence it was not

[caption id="attachment_20985" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]The Pentagon finally seems to have acknowledged what most Americans recognized long ago -- that the 2009 Fort Hood shooting was an act of terrorism. The Army now say ...

Death by fire

Islamic State has turned snuff movies into a religion. This is war. Not only is Islamic State waging war on the free and not-so-free world, it is engaging in psychological warfare. There are many disturbing aspects to the movie of the murder of Jorda ...

Terrorist traded for traitor fighting again?

One of the five Islamic terrorist that President Barack Obama released from Guantanamo Bay and traded for United States Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is reportedly returning to militant jihadist activity in Qatar. Information gathered by the U.S. ...

The Silencing of the Soul

The massacre in Paris by Muslim militants at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office was about much more than freedom of speech. After all, militants also killed four hostages at a Jewish market, and that was not about freedom to buy kosher food. Both inci ...

Bill Maher blasts liberals' for denials re: Paris massacre

[caption id="attachment_5966" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]HBO's liberal "Real Time" host, Bill Maher, candidly spoke out Wednesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," blasting the Leftist media for skirting around calling the jihadist a ...

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  • "And one wonders, how much "Indoctrination into the LGBT lifestyle" those kids are having to suffer through at home." Comment by ltuser
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