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Get Your 2014 Obamacare Tax Forms!

As a service to concerned Americans throughout the nation, Americans for Tax Reform has kindly and painstakingly put together a projected 2014 Tax Form that all Americans will be required by law to fill out and return to the IRS, along with large sum ...

Obama's State of the Union = "Built to Last"?

President Obama's speechwriters have to stop ripping off television slogans for their "big idea" themes. First it was years of Bob the Builders's "Yes, We Can!" And with apologies to GMC trucks, tonight's State of the Union address will usher in the ...

Obama Borrows More Than All Previous Presidents Combined?

At $4.24 billion dollars worth of borrowing PER DAY, President Obama is now on track to be the President to beat all previous Presidents in the spending and borrowing departments. According to a recent report, by the end of Obama's term in Janary, 20 ...

The Mad Hatter and Chewbacca at the White House.....secretly?

In the darkest times of the Obama Recession in 2009, a super secret event took place in the inner rooms of the White House. Directed by Hollywood super-director Tim Burton and aided by Star Wars godfather George Lucas, the Obamas decided to throw a l ...

Go on Welfare, Live Large at the $1.2 Million Lake House

Must be nice. A Seattle couple is on welfare, food stamps, disability and housing assistance, and is living in a beautiful $1.2 million Lake Washington home. The couple received more than $1,200 in housing assistance meant for public housing vouchers ...

The Entitlement Generation -- "Somebody Needs to Pay for All My Children"

Yes, Angel, somebody does.  Take a good long look in the mirror. Gone are the days of shame for having children out of wedlock, taking responsibility, getting married, being gainfully employed, getting your housing situation ready and then having chi ...

While Abroad, President Chats About U.S. Educational Malpractice

President Barack Obama trotted over to Australia this week and while visiting a school, unloaded about American schools. About how schools are failing children, poor children in particular, and when they are young so that when they do reach elementar ...

Redistribution Lottery

We have another WINNER!   That's right folks!  And guess what, it is a Kennedy! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s "green" company, BrightSource, received a $1.4 billion dollar bailout.  Was this a promising, thriving company that had a momentary bump in the r ...

Marie Antoinette's World Tour

Would you like to take a half million dollar vacation?  Michelle Obama did, with your tax dollars.  And that was just for the flights for her African vacation this summer.  She spent a cool thousand bucks on snacks for the plane ride over.  Must have ...

Regardless, the USA AAA is going away!

From The Political Commentator, written by Michael Haltman Regardless of the outcome of the political debt limit dance taking place in Washington, the USA AAA bond rating is going to be going away! While the Washington version of Ringling Brothers Ba ...

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