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Save Religious Freedom at Christmas!

Decency, Christian charity, kindness. It used to be that people were a little nicer as Christmas approached. But apparently those days are long gone as consideration for one's fellow man has been thrown out the window in favor of looking out for numb ...

Go on Welfare, Live Large at the $1.2 Million Lake House

Must be nice. A Seattle couple is on welfare, food stamps, disability and housing assistance, and is living in a beautiful $1.2 million Lake Washington home. The couple received more than $1,200 in housing assistance meant for public housing vouchers ...

Big Brother is Watching YOU!

And reading your emails. And tracking you on your cell phone. And monitoring your internet browsing histories. Not to make you paranoid or anything. This, according to the Wikileaks latest document dump of 287 files that embattled Wikileakes leader J ...

The Entitlement Generation -- "Somebody Needs to Pay for All My Children"

Yes, Angel, somebody does.  Take a good long look in the mirror. Gone are the days of shame for having children out of wedlock, taking responsibility, getting married, being gainfully employed, getting your housing situation ready and then having chi ...

Centuries of Mayhem -- the Untold History of the Malleable Mexican-American Border Lands

The border is constantly in the news.  Between stories of terrorism, continual border crossings, illegal immigration, the campaign silly season, Operation Fast and Furious and ever rising unemployment.  But what is seemingly seldom discussed is how l ...

What Does Attorney General Eric Holder Have to Hide?

It has just been revealed that the U.S. Justice Department has sealed all files and court records associated with the "Operation Fast and Furious" murder of  U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  This means that both the media and the public will no ...

Redistribution Lottery

We have another WINNER!   That's right folks!  And guess what, it is a Kennedy! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s "green" company, BrightSource, received a $1.4 billion dollar bailout.  Was this a promising, thriving company that had a momentary bump in the r ...

This revolution WILL be televised

So in addition to commiting a laundry list of violent crimes, doing millions in property damage and hurting civilians and police officers, the "Occupy" Wherever forces are now coming into your living room armed with a television ad.  The ad tries to ...

Tea Party Protests vs. Wall Street Protests

Natasha Lennard, protesting with the leftists against Wall Street, corporations, capitalism and money in general, was wearing two hats the other day at the Wall Street protest.   She was not only stomping around with looney leftists like Michael Moor ...

In the poverty zone with an XBox360, a car, appliances, AC, DVD....

The newest generation has a rather warped concept of poverty. They are really roughing it if they have a couple of televisions, an XBox 360, a kitchen full of modern appliances, a car or two in the driveway, cable or satellite television service, mic ...

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