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Walker, Bush, Carson lead Fox News poll, Clinton slips

As more GOP presidential candidates enter the fray for the White House, with former Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) becoming the latest entrant Thursday, three contenders stand on top, according to a recent poll, as Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton slip ...

GOP's libertarian wing sees opportunity to push for less intervention

The debate over whether the U.S. should launch airstrikes against Syria is testing the willingness of rank-and-file Republicans to get involved in another military conflict and giving the party's libertarian wing a chance to push the party toward ado ...

The growing irrelevance of polls

Anyone who reads a daily newspaper such as The Washington Times will regularly see references to public opinion polls. The polling data gathered from trends and insights has historically provided helpful guidance for consumers, academics and business ...

Save Religious Freedom at Christmas!

Decency, Christian charity, kindness. It used to be that people were a little nicer as Christmas approached. But apparently those days are long gone as consideration for one's fellow man has been thrown out the window in favor of looking out for numb ...

Hillary in 2012 = Frying Pan Hurtling into the Fire

One of the most candid and interesting articles of the day that is being discussed widely around Washington today, was written by Democrats Pat Caddell and Douglas Schoen for the Wall Street Journal. Caddell and Schoen actually propose the blasphemou ...

Obama, Rev. Al and our tax dollars at work

Obama jetting to New York City, yet again, in an attempt to galvanize an important part of his 2008 presidential election base for his 2012 re-election run! President Obama, with many critical issues piled up on his plate, will none-the-less come to ...

The new Gallup poll shows.....

....that Speaker Nancy Pelosi's approval numbers are at an all time low.  At this rate, Mrs. Pelosi's ratings are going to be in negative numbers by election day.   ...

Vote in our Poll: When the votes are counted, what will be the result of the November elections?

Everyone agrees that this will be a historic election but what will Republicans actually control? The House? The Senate? Both? Cast your vote and leave a comment to tell us why you think the election will turn out that way. <ilayer align=top width ...

Political rally in DC backed by radical groups

A few weeks ago Glenn Beck sponsored a rally in DC for God and country. There were no political signs and the huge crowd was family oriented. It shocked progressives into trying to outdo the size of that rally. It remains to be seen if they can by on ...

Obama's Louisiana numbers below Bush

You have to wonder if most of those in Louisiana who are polling so low on Obama today aren't former Obama voters. Apparently scales are falling from eyes at an unprecedented rate but still, 32% are happy with his response. One wonders why there are ...

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  • "We REALLY need to clean a bunch of trash out of the House and Senate ... trash with (both) R's..." Comment by vietnamvet
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