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Caption the Photo!

North Korea is ramping up the rhetoric about missile strikes. Now we've learned that the country can launch a nuclear missile. What do you think John Kerry is saying to our South Korean ally? Jump in and give us your best caption. Keep it clean, and ...

If a picture paints a thousand words, here are fifteen thousand about President Obama! (political humor)

From The Political Commentator, written by Michael Haltman As the debt ceiling debate grinds on in Washington, this critical fiscal crisis is not the first time the President has placed American's backs against the wall! These 15 pictures tell some o ...

TSA 2011 pin-up calendar (viewer discretion is advised)

From The Political Commentator, by Michael Haltman If TSA had a pin-up calendar, this is what it might look like Thanks to Planck's Constant for the heads up. These pictures were actually made for a company called EIZO in Germany as a pin-up calendar ...

Caption the Photo!

Keep it clean and display your originality! ...

  • "What is in the homosexual resume that qualifies them to lead boys in scouting as opposed to what is in..." Comment by stuckinillinois
    Posted in Boy Scouts sign their own death warrant
  • "I am now going to identify myself as a trans-trans-gender, trans-racial handicapped individual named LaQuesha Rodriguez-Chang. have I covered..." Comment by canada3dayer
    Posted in The real cost of federal housing initiatives
  • "The reason for their destruction is that they always championed strong moral values, based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. The destruction of..." Comment by taxed2deth
    Posted in Boy Scouts sign their own death warrant

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