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Bug Bonanza: There's a movement afoot to reimagine protein

In the Gospels, John the Baptist, who wore itchy camel hair clothes under the hot sun of the Middle East, subsisted on a diet of wild locusts and honey. Today Jesus' gastronomically adventurous cousin would be just another foot soldier in a food revo ...

Cartoon Character a Terror Threat?

A world traveler who says he carries his son's Toy Story "Woody" cowboy figure with him everywhere he goes sent out a bemused social media commentary about his stop at Heathrow Airport, where he said security agents went a little overboard with their ...

Weird News: PETA wants roadside memorial for chickens killed in truck accident

We've all seen the wooden crosses and other roadside memorials to loved ones killed in automobile accidents. Three years ago, the Georgia Department of Transportation, deeming the makeshift memorials a distraction to drivers and a safety hazard, bega ...

Weird News: Realistic statue of man in undies irks Wellesley students

Some students at the all-female Wellesley College in Massachusetts are asking administrators to remove a lifelike statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear. The sculpture, dubbed Sleepwalker by artist Toni Matelli, was installed Feb. 3 near the c ...

Food Fight: Katie Couric vs. FLOTUS

[caption id="attachment_5534" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]First lady Michelle Obama is the patron saint of healthier kids. She launched the "Let's Move!" campaign and the National School Lunch Program to get youngsters to ea ...

Home invaders didn't expect to see a .357 pointed their way

Robbery attempt of armed man fails. 3 suspects in custody, 1 at large. Francis Muchanic, Erica Major, Dylan Brewer and Evan Hess thought they had the robbery planned. They didn't anticipate the .357 Smith and Wesson revolver in their target's hands. ...

Public sours on unions

SACRAMENTO -- Even in deep blue California, where Democrats dominate, organized labor is losing public popularity. That's a general statement, based on nonpartisan polling. Specifically, public employee unions are tarnishing all labor, according to t ...

Choosing your preferred pronoun in the land of make believe

OAKLAND, Calif. - The weekly meetings of Mouthing Off!, a group for students at Mills College in Oakland, Calif., who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, always start the same way. Members take turns going around the room saying their ...

N. Mexico police fired at van full of kids driven by uncooperative mother

State Police are investigating an Oct. 28 traffic stop gone wrong south of Taos in which an officer fired at a van as it sped away with five children inside. A video of the dashboard camera, which appeared on CNN, ABC and other national media over th ...

Not everyone happy with retailers opening on Thanksgiving

"This is awful," Brad Schuhmacher said from his comfortable home in Canton. "If it were happening while I was still in it, I'd get out; I'd just have to find something else. Imagine, Thanksgiving is now just another day in America." Now retired from ...

  • "The churches today are just another business. And these are good measures of the success of a business. ..." Comment by Bobinms
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  • "Speaking to a reality condition of far too many churches ... they have a board of directors or deacons or..." Comment by rustypat
    Posted in Barna: Many pastors wary of raising 'controversy'

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