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Are threats to military families being downplayed?

A national defense analyst is angered by reports of Middle Eastern men harassing U.S. military families in two western states. In early July the FBI issued an alert to law enforcement agencies after getting reports that on numerous occasions, family ...

Honor guard nixed for church, OK for 'gay pride'

Author and Fox News reporter Todd Starnes is shedding light on the U.S. Army refusing to provide an honor guard for an upcoming "Faith, Family, and Freedom" celebration at a Baptist church in Georgia. On Tuesday's broadcast of "Washington Watch" with ...

Air Force tips off 'Pride' month, goes pro-transgender

The Obama administration’s legacy of normalizing homosexual behavior in the U.S. Armed Forces reached new heights by kicking-off “Gay Pride Month” with a new pro-transgender policy in the Air Force. Many in the military ranks are getting accustomed t ...

Navy to chaplain: You can't comfort dead sailor's family

An embattled Navy chaplain with a stellar 19-year career continues to take a beating from his superiors, who say his counseling isn't "inclusive" enough. Wes Modder has been a long-term Navy chaplain, a former Marine, and has received high praise for ...

Guards at Air Force base ordered to stop saying 'have a blessed day'

[caption id="attachment_35639" align="alignright" width="300"] Mikey Weinstein, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)[/caption] The American Family Association is pointing to yet another case of Christians in the military being punished for ex ...

Report: Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

There are reports this morning that the U.S. Army has now decided to charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion. Last night, retired Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer told Bill O'Reilly on 'The O'Reilly Factor' on Fox News that Bergdahl, who was released by the ...

Transgendered military vet at center of controversy

A conservative military watchdog believes the Obama administration has taken another step in advancing the president's radical social agenda, this time involving a transgendered civilian employed by the military. Late last month, the U.S. Office of S ...

Victory: Navy levels the field for homeschoolers

After easily passing the military aptitude test (ASVAB) to get into the United States Navy, a homeschooler from South Dakota was denied acceptance by an Armed Forces recruitment officer, who told him that his score was not high enough because homesch ...

A victory, for now, for religious freedom: Navy will allow Bibles during review

The spokesman for an organization that promotes religious liberty says he is grateful the U.S. Navy has reversed its decision that removed Gideon-placed Bibles in naval base hotel rooms. Ron Crews, executive director of The Chaplain Alliance for Reli ...

U.S. Navy booting Bibles from base lodges

A national traditional-values group is taking the U.S. Navy to task for directing that Gideon Bibles be removed from every hotel room on its military bases. A June 19 directive from NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Service Command) has resulted in housekeepers ...

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