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Boehner, McCarthy and the big bad media

Learning the news through the prism of the 24-hour cable news channels is rapidly becoming an exercise in futility. For the most part, you are neither learning, nor getting the news. I'm actually starting to yearn for the good old days when Dan Rathe ...

MRC: Journalist spreads WH 'propaganda'

A prominent news anchor on PBS is taking heat for mocking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on her Twitter account. When it became known that the Senate wouldn't have enough votes to override a presidential veto on the Iranian nuclear deal, P ...

Why was Fox News so eager to make up with Trump?

On Tuesday night for at least a third time, Donald Trump told a story about a phone call he received from Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, to clear the air after Trump accused the cable channel of treating him unfairly in the first presidential deb ...

Sports network sued for religious discrimination

Fox Sports has been put on official notice that it's now the subject of a lawsuit dealing with religious discrimination. The case involves a former NFL Pro Bowler and college football analyst. Craig James was hired by Fox Sports Southwest on August 3 ...

Jihadists in America: The Media's Foolish Narrative

Shortly after the terrorist attack in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015 and before the dead were even interred, the mainstream media commenced their time-honored search for clues as to what could have possibly caused a young Muslim man from an affluent fa ...

Shhhh...Most Networks Avoiding Abortion Video Scandal

A media critic is accusing the broadcast TV networks of deliberately hiding the evil of Planned Parenthood. ABC, CBS, and NBC did report on the undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood executive explaining how partial-birth abortions are done to ...

Is mainstream media finally losing its credibility?

A new survey reveals that the news media has hit a low point with Americans. In the Newseum Institute's 2015 State of the First Amendment Survey, 1002 adults were asked several questions, including one about the news media. According to the response, ...

Media desperate to protect Obama from Rudy's criticism

We've got a very serious problem in America when people, including a former mayor of New York, can't criticize the president without being publicly condemned. Rudy Giuliani's comments about President Obama at a private dinner last week in New York ki ...

Alabama chief justice schooled CNN host, says professor

An author and philosopher says CNN host Chris Cuomo needs a remedial lesson in American history after suggesting that America's laws come from man, not from a Creator. Cuomo made the comment February 12 during a testy interview with Roy Moore, the Al ...

Attkisson...who? Media ignores testimony of former CBS reporter

A media watchdog group is pointing out the mainstream media didn't think it was newsworthy to cover the testimony of a fellow reporter at last week's attorney general nomination hearing in Washington. Former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson spoke hars ...

  • "Obama already forgot about what happened in Paris. He's way too busy fixing the environment and taking away our guns..." Comment by wisbob
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  • "Obama is a tyrant, Hillary is a tyrant tyrants always take the guns of free [people and then put them..." Comment by joejackson
    Posted in Leaping to Conclusions
  • "Here is the problem, liberals are masters at playing the victim and making everyone else feel guilty for pointing out..." Comment by Jota_
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