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Major networks strangely silent on polls about Obama

A conservative media watchdog says major news networks appear to be going out of their way to bury the news of President Obama's collapsing poll numbers. During the midterm election cycle of 2006, ABC, CBS and NBC reported regularly about President G ...

CNN feeds America's borderline personality disorder

Last week, while visiting friends who had CNN on in the background, I half-watched for about two hours. CNN's reporting was obsessive, speculative, hysterical, sensational and sadly lacking in context. The news show offered an endless loop, reporting ...

One newscaster's 'terrorist' is another newscaster's 'fighter'

A media watchdog says the left-wing media continues to pursue a course of moral equivalency when it comes to the conflict between Israel and Islamic terrorists. Since 1997, Hamas has been classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. ...

Liberals question Obama's reaction to immigration crisis

A media research firm is wondering whether cracks are forming in President Obama's support from the liberal media. After President Obama’s recent trip to Texas, many have questioned his decision not to visit the U.S.-Mexico border and gain a firsthan ...

MRC notices Associated Press propaganda piece

Using its massive news platform, The Associated Press interviewed author David Levithan in a question-and-answer format. Levithan wrote "Boy Meets Boy" in 2003, a young adult novel about a fantasy high school where the homecoming queen was once a mal ...

Media objective: 'Extricate' Obama from scandals

A media watchdog group has discovered that the "Big Three" television networks have given little coverage on the Veteran's Affairs scandal that has most of the nation talking. According to the Media Research Center, ABC, CBS, and NBC – in one month – ...

Leftwing Media Crying Again!

Another sob story in the left-wing media about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Yesterday it was the turn of The New York Times, under the headline, "Marathon Bombing Suspect Waits in Isolation." Needless to say, the ACLU is up in arms. Boo-hoo-hoo. And if he were ...

All the hypocrisy that's fit to print

It's long been known, The New York Times is a mouthpiece for the DNC. If you need any further proof, check out their latest propaganda piece the editorial board published Friday congratulating U.S. Sen. Harry Reid for standing up to "big corporations ...

Media enjoy roasting Gov. Christie

[caption id="attachment_20640" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]Memo to Chris Christie: They hate you. If you don't know who "they" are, you haven't been watching the news or reading the papers. Usually, it takes winning the GOP ...

Can anything awaken media to its role as defender of the Constitution?

Years ago, while interviewing Supreme Court Justice William Brennan for my book "Living the Bill of Rights," I learned a lifelong lesson as a citizen and reporter, while asking him a sort of schoolboy question: "What's your favorite part of the Bill ...

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