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A contrast in worldviews at Nat'l Prayer Breakfast

At yesterday's National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, attendees heard a contrast in messages - one from the president ... and one from a NASCAR legend. NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip gave the keynote address at the gathering and talked ab ...

Right From Wrong: Je suis Charlie Brown

If there is any "cause and effect" involved, the cause is the Koran (whether or not by interpretation) and the effect is world domination through the sword. The late, great illustrator Charles M. Schulz – creator of the famous comic strip Peanuts – i ...

Blogger Raif Badawi is brutally silenced in Saudi Arabia

[caption id="attachment_12729" align="alignright" width="300"] Protesters call for the release of Raif Badawi outside the Saudi embassy in The Hague, Netherlands. Photograph: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto/REX[/caption]This is the time to cherish free speech ...

Editorial Board in Las Vegas Shreds Obama's Appalling Behavior, Policies and Benghazi Buffoonary

It is quite simply, a must read. The city that President Obama escaped to within hours of the slaughter of four Americans, also is home to a brave band of editorial writers who sentence by sentence, shredded the complete lack of decisive action, tota ...

Did Hillary put out a 911 before the attack in Libya?

Well, well, well. The chickens are certainly going to come home to roost on this little bit of news today! Obama and his team may know more than they are saying regarding Benghazi and requests for additional security. New York Times best selling auth ...

Egyptian elections are coming! Egyptian elections are coming!

Egyptian elections are called for November with the Muslim Brotherhood not as unpopular as some might have you believe! Remember Egypt? Remember Hosni Mubarak and Obama administration insistence that he step down? Remember the Muslim Brotherhood? Wel ...

Imminent war with Iran!

From The Political Commentator, written by Michael Haltman Is war with Iran a foregone conclusion and sitting right around the corner? As U.S. foreign and national security policy continues to wallow under the weight of benign neglect, Israel may be ...

What is Obama's endgame in reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood!

President Obama reaches out to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood! For those of you still operating under the assumption that the Obama administrations handling of the Middle East "Arab Spring" has in some way been for the purpose of driving the ideals o ...

Is Pakistan slip sliding away from our grasp? or...

Is it impossible to lose what you never had? Slip sliding away, slip sliding away You know the nearer your destination the more you slip sliding away (Paul Simon, 1988) or If you dance with the devil you have to pay the piper (Unknown) Pakistan Throu ...

Obama, Jews, Israel and the transitive property

Obama Muslim outreach speech at the State Department just the latest red flag from a President who is no friend of Israel or of the Jewish people I live in an enclave of liberal and far-left people of the Jewish faith, and I am understanding enough t ...

  • "Either Chris Woodward, the author of this article, is really stupid, or just trying to create controversy. Since when would..." Comment by wisbob
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  • "Liberals always excuse themselves from what they seek to force on the remainder of the nations citizens." Comment by Think About It
    Posted in So - would Hillary 'topple' herself?
  • "Just who does Hillary Clinton think she is fooling with her claims to topple the wealthy elite? Hillary like..." Comment by ltpar
    Posted in So - would Hillary 'topple' herself?

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