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Advice on Muslim immigration: Stop being PC

A U.S.-born Middle East expert says if the United States doesn't curb Islamic immigration, the whole of Western civilization is in trouble. He suggests putting political correctness aside and doing what's morally right. As reported earlier by OneNews ...

The Real Crisis

Some say the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants streaming over U.S. borders in recent weeks is a humanitarian disaster. Others say it's all going just as planned. Planned? Sadly, it may just be. Middle America, we submit to you the Cloward-Piven ...

Created crisis: Border problem orchestrated, says Judicial Watch

A public interest group that investigates government corruption is concerned about the humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, where thousands of children continue to cross into the country. "The administration's track record on immigration is ...

Manmade Disaster

It's a "humanitarian crisis," all right. That's what President Obama has called the recent wave of illegal Central American immigrant children spilling across Mexico's border into the United States. What the president hasn't disclosed is how it's a c ...

Sheriffs: Obama bowing to immigration pressure

Tough-talking Bay State lawmen are slamming a possible move by the Obama administration they say would "water down" a controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants, and they're accusing the White House of trying to score political points during an el ...

Amnesty would only benefit gangs, says FAIR

An immigration enforcement advocacy organization says the recent arrest of hundreds of gang members across the country illustrates the foolishness of those pushing a blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants. The Homeland Security Department has announc ...

Amnesty or else

Red lines aren't limited to the Syrian chemical arms sites. Illegal immigrants and others pushing for amnesty are laying down vivid red markers of their own, telling congressional Democrats that under no circumstances should they allow the enforcemen ...

Dream 9 ploy could backfire on immigration seekers

As somebody who's written a good bit on the subject, I used to go pretty regularly to panel discussions on immigration. After a while, I stopped, because I wasn't learning anything, and the panelists on both sides infuriated me. The anti-immigration ...

No border security, no amnesty

As mayor of Hazleton, Pa., I witnessed firsthand the impact illegal immigration can have on a community and its residents. We noticed that while our population had increased by 50 percent, our tax base had remained the same. As a result, there have b ...

Reagan lessons on immigration

In the heated debate over immigration reform -- especially now that House Republicans have decided to ignore the Senate bill and come up with their own plan -- the question that might be asked is "What would Ronald Reagan do?" It's a valid question b ...

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