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ObamaCare hits all-time low in poll

Does ObamaCare need to be deep-sixed? Apparently a majority of Americans are leaning that way, according to various polls. Approval for President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act has plummeted to an all-time low, with 54 percent of Americans opposi ...

Another broken promise: ObamaCare in the ER

Add reducing expensive emergency room visits for routine care to ObamaCare's list of broken promises. Heartland Institute editor Justin Haskins recalls President Obama's 2009 assertion that "if everybody's got coverage, then they're not going to the ...

California's potential medical bill for illegals

A new report from the California Senate says extending healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants could cost the state as much as $740 million a year. According to The Los Angeles Times, the analysis from the California Senate affixes a price tag to a ...

Prominent M.D.: 'Gender confusion' a fleeting mental disorder

Throwing another monkey wrench in homosexual activists' claim that there is a "gay" gene — that homosexual behavior manifests from a biological condition rather than from a choice — a prominent psychiatrist argues that gender confusion is a temporary ...

Former Sen. Coburn dispenses some tough talk on medicine today

It says something telling about the current regulatory state when a longtime physician such as former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn has no interest at all in returning to the profession, even for a little while. Coburn, an obstetrician who has delivered more ...

Small penalty coming for ObamaCare but wait until 2016

Beginning this April, most people living in the U.S. without health insurance will face a tax penalty. The Affordable Care Act requires virtually all Americans carry some form of health insurance. Those who can afford it but choose not to buy it must ...

Small business dilemma: Keep costly health care coverage or lose talented workers

Regina Weinhardt briefly considered dropping health coverage for the employees of her family-owned plumbing business when she learned recently that her premiums were expected to jump 80 percent. She decided against it, because the Delaware County com ...

Obamacare and your taxes

One quirky twist in the Affordable Care Act is that millions of uninsured people could need a year-end tax checkup, if they want to avoid headaches and penalties when they file their tax returns next year. Sure, taxes are already plenty confusing. Bu ...

Ebola fears, rational or irrational, could cause an economic fallout

Stephanie Kelton is supposed to fly to Dallas next week. She already has her plane ticket. But she's seriously thinking of driving instead. "I don't want to be irrational, but at the same time, I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of getting in ...

A little panic may be helpful if it prevents spreading a deadly disease

WASHINGTON - Now, now, let's not panic. Yes, we have a second Ebola patient infected after treating the Liberian man who apparently concealed his exposure to this often- fatal disease, but this is no reason to panic. Indeed. It's actually terrible ne ...

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  • "We REALLY need to clean a bunch of trash out of the House and Senate ... trash with (both) R's..." Comment by vietnamvet
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