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Battering religious freedom with abortion

In its latest attack on religious liberty, the American Civil Liberties Union wants to force Roman Catholic organizations to provide contraception and abortions to unaccompanied immigrant children pouring over America's southern border. The ACLU is s ...

Colorado Democrats Want to Force Schools to Drop Indian Mascots

[caption id="attachment_32778" align="alignright" width="300"] Democrat Mascot[/caption] A bill that passed in a state House committee Monday could force nearly 50 Colorado public schools to part with American Indian mascots. Local schools that may h ...

FL city spies a church being a church, demands business license

[caption id="attachment_13217" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]After sending a city spy to report on church activities in order to collect incriminating “evidence,” the City of Lake Worth in Florida is now demanding that church ...

Uncertainty, frozen Internet predicted re: 'net neutrality'

The issue of "net neutrality" is not going away anytime soon, regardless of the FCC's vote in favor of controversial rules. The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday in favor of new rules that supporters say will make Internet service prov ...

Seven Homeschooled Children Become Prisoners of the State

Seized from their home by police more than a month and a half ago with a promise they’d return within 72 hours, seven homeschooled children in Arkansas were just allowed last Friday to visit their parents at home for four hours before returning back ...

Homeschooled children seized by authorities still in state custody

What began as an investigation ignited by an anonymous report turned into a nightmare for an Arkansas homeschooling couple and seven of their children last week – and it's not over yet. Arkansas sheriff's deputies in Garland County have "stolen" seve ...

Commissioner Likens Christian Baker to 'Slaveholders and Holocaust Perpetrators'

A cake decorator who turned down an order for a homosexual "wedding" is wondering if a Colorado court will respect his religious objections. Jack Phillips politely declined the wedding job in 2012 based on his faith, then the two customers filed a co ...

Houstonians wait: Will their voice be heard?

Residents of America's fourth-largest city will soon learn whether a trial will be held in their quest to overturn a pro-homosexual anti-discrimination ordinance passed by their city council. After the Houston City Council passed the ordinance in May ...

Christian expresses biblical worldview, gets sacked by mayor

A fresh campaign has been launched on behalf of an official with the Atlanta fire department – a Christian – who was fired after making public his biblically based views on homosexuality. Kelvin Cochran, chief of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, w ...

FL state capital OKs Satanic Christmas display

With annual lawsuits contesting the constitutionality of Christian Christmas displays around government buildings becoming as much of a winter staple as Black Friday and photos booths at the local mall with Santa, many are finding the decision of off ...

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  • "Sadly, the "children" of some gays and lesbians are those youth they can recruit to their lifestyle and that is..." Comment by middleground
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