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A day to celebrate and reflect

A traditional Thanksgiving Day editorial usually celebrates the things we should be grateful for or treasure. This year, Thanksgiving arrives amidst stark realities of the division and dangers in our world. However while there is a lot to be wary of, ...

A review of state, federal mental health laws is justified

Numerous acts of violence committed nationwide by individuals with untreated mental illness have prompted state and federal officials to consider making it easier to force those individuals into treatment. We hope those efforts succeed. Members of th ...

Christian songs reason why Toronto axes festival

A Christian group has been denied a permit to hold its annual music festival in a prominent downtown square by the City of Toronto, which declares that singing the name of Jesus in a public venue constitutes proselytizing in a public venue — allegedl ...

Houston citizens finally get to decide 'bathroom bill'

A city in Texas that became ground zero for a religious liberty fight is finally putting a controversial issue before its residents. Voters in Houston will cast a ballot November 3 to decide if they want to approve – or stop - the city's controversia ...

'Climate resilience'?: More eco-pablum

In the annals of government gobbledygook, this just might be the gobbledygookiest. The Obama administration has announced that Pittsburgh and nine other cities have been chosen to participate in a pilot program "to support communities in building cap ...

Keystone XL: Get on with it!

An Associated Press report that the Keystone XL pipeline has been awaiting a permit decision five times longer than average for such projects makes the Obama administration's interminable, politically motivated hemming and hawing over it more inexcus ...

Biblical counseling axed from Ky. Juvenile Dept.

An ordained minister's volunteer credentials have been revoked by the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) because he couldn’t sign a statement vowing to refrain from informing juvenile inmates that homosexual behavior is sinful. Arguing tha ...

Seattle: Is this your arugula in the trash, sir?

An ordinance in Seattle bans people living in the city from throwing food and compostable items in the trash. Sanitation workers are required to look through garbage and report violators to Seattle Public Utilities. The Pacific Legal Foundation filed ...

Is having a latchkey kid now a criminal offense?

The parents were stuck in traffic and running late. So, as instructed, he hung out in the back yard until they got home. What happened next defies the imagination. As big government gets even bigger, Americans are realizing that their nation isn't wh ...

Incompetence at TSA has odor of political correctness

A national defense analyst says the Transportation Safety Administration should take a lesson from the Israelis if the federal agency is serious about airport security. But critics are suggesting the TSA is not serious about security after the agency ...

  • "Obama already forgot about what happened in Paris. He's way too busy fixing the environment and taking away our guns..." Comment by wisbob
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  • "Obama is a tyrant, Hillary is a tyrant tyrants always take the guns of free [people and then put them..." Comment by joejackson
    Posted in Leaping to Conclusions
  • "Here is the problem, liberals are masters at playing the victim and making everyone else feel guilty for pointing out..." Comment by Jota_
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