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Candidly Speaking: Obama is abandoning Israel

[caption id="attachment_5453" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]In the midst of a bitter war – one that Israel sought to avoid – the statements and initiatives from US President Barack Obama and his inept secretary of state, John ...

The Chevy Volt: Short-circuited (again)

Leftist elites who see Europeans as more "progressive" than benighted Americans have some explaining to do now that General Motors' plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt is an even bigger sales bust there than it has been in the United States. Introduced abroad ...

The UN, Hamas, and Alice in Wonderland

The UN Human Rights Council's vote to launch an international inquiry into alleged Israeli war crimes in "Occupied Palestinian Territory" has a distinct quality of déjà-vu. Indeed, close to 40% of all UN Special Sessions have been condemnatory of Isr ...

Warning goes forth, again, over ratifying UN treaty

A U.S. Senate panel has advanced to the full senate a treaty that could pose a danger to parents and to preborn babies. After a contentious hearing this week, the Judiciary Committee advanced the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons wit ...

Heads are literally rolling in Iraq

As America looks on in a state of paralyzed shock, Muslims are slaughtering Muslims in Iraq, with reports that the heads of those decapitated are literally piling up in the streets. A headline to an article in the Daily Mail reads: "'They lined the s ...

Americans Shocked And Angered By Iraq Conflict

"What we were looking for was an Iraq that was secure, stable and self-reliant, and that's what we got here, so there's no question that was a success." Those words were spoken by Denis McDonough, then Deputy National Security Adviser, in October 201 ...

America's had enough of take-me-hostage tourism

What would it take to persuade people that North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran are not the Best Three Places to Visit in Asia? How many American hostages will it take to persuade the U.S. State Department to clamp down on travel to those countries? Las ...

The Real War on Women

Kidnapped. Coerced into religious conversion. Denied an education. Forced into marriage. Sold into slavery. Relegated to second-class citizenship. Western society, take note -- this is what a real "war on women" looks like. The terror campaign being ...

Could kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls been prevented?

Help for Nigeria in light of the kidnapping of Christian and Moslem girls by terrorists may be too little and too late in terms of rescuing them. The terrorist group Boko Haram has abducted 280 girls, 276 of them after raiding a school for girls, and ...

Vladimir the corrupt

[caption id="attachment_13641" align="alignright" width="300"] (File Photo)[/caption]Reaping tens of billions of illicit real estate, energy and kickback dollars for himself and his cronies, Russian President Vladimir Putin proves why "corrupt" almos ...

  • "It's not called acting white, it's called being right." Comment by gentlemanjim
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  • "These kids have to learn the difference between "acting white"and acting RIGHT, and frequently there is no difference. ..." Comment by diamondjim
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  • "What ever happened to the Mau Mau terrorists who murdered Whites in Kenya during the 1950s. Did we find some..." Comment by middleground
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